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31 days of mindfulness challenge

"We believe mindfulness has the capacity to change the world from the inside out, one person at a time. If we want peace in the world each of us must first uncover the innate peace within us."

Thanks for joining the mindfulness summit community! There are over 130,000 of us taking this 31 days of mindfulness together and we’re so looking forward to sharing this journey with you. (If you haven’t joined yet click here to get all the details)

During the summit you’ll hear from the worlds leading experts and mindfulness teachers, but the best way to truly understand mindfulness is by doing it. We invite you to take the 31 days of mindfulness challenge with us this October so that you get the very best out of your summit experience.


Here’s How To Take Up The ’31 Days of Mindfulness’ Challenge


Step 1. Commit

Make a commitment to practice every day for the 31 days of the summit. Research shows that committing to friends and family about a new habit helps you to follow through. So make a public pledge to do 31 days of mindfulness by clicking on the social media icons below. Not on social media? Email it to a friend below and tell someone you’re making the pledge.

Step 2. Prepare

You can prepare for your 31 days by choosing or making a little space in your house for your practice. Also let those who live with you know that you will be taking the challenge so they know not to disturb you during your meditation time.

Choose how long you’ll practice each day and stick to that. We recommend 10-20 minutes per day for beginners and 45 for long term meditators.

If you already understand the basics of how to practice mindfulness, you may choose to simply set a timer for your chosen length of time each day. If you would prefer to be led by a meditation audio you can download one of these meditations (we recommend one of the 20 minute practices but there is an option for a 6 minute practice too.)

A mindfulness meditation practice
from Melli O'Brien

A mindfulness meditation practice
from Melli O'Brien

Step 3. Watch For Weekly Mini Challenges Via Email

We will be emailing you ‘mindfulness mini-challenges’ throughout the summit which will help you integrate mindfulness into your daily life (where it matters most!).

Step. 4 Get Support & Connection

The summit is an interactive event so join the community by joining the discussion each day in the comments section underneath each video. You can ask questions there and share your own insights and experiences with the community.

Melli and our mindfulness experts will often be there chatting with you. You can also find community and support all the way through the summit on the MrsMindfulness FaceBook page here

Step 5. Share

Why not share your adventure into mindful living with a friend?

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