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The Mindfulness Summit Mini Series

Welcome to The Mindfulness Summit community! This Mindfulness Mini Series has been collated to provide you with the tools needed to start your journey into mindful living.

Day 1: The Foundations Of Mindful Living

Have you ever driven your car somewhere and arrived at your destination only to realise you remember nothing about your journey? Or started eating a packet of chips and then suddenly noticed all you had left in your hands was an empty packet? Most of us have!

These are some common examples of ‘mindlessness’ – A state we also often refer to as being on ‘autopilot.’

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Day 2: How To Practice Mindfulness In 5 Simple Steps (With A Free Audio)

Mindfulness is a very simple yet profound form of meditation. It invites us to be fully present in the moment and embody a kind of equanimity towards what is unfolding, both inside ourselves and out. It’s been shown to reduce stress and improve the quality of your life. If you are wondering how to practice mindfulness, it’s not really complicated. The following guidelines (and this free audio) can get you started.

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Day 3: Research Shows That Mindfulness Is the Secret to Happiness

Research has shed light on the pursuit of happiness—and most of us have been looking in all the wrong places. It turns out, happiness is not found in external things at all, but is a power we hold within ourselves.

Harvard researcher Matt Killingsworth created an app in attempts to answer the question “what makes us happy?” once and for all, and the results have been an eye-opener. According to Mr. Killingworth’s data, we’re happiest when we are mindful of the moment, and we’re least happy when the mind is wandering.

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Day 4: 11 Ways to Bring More Mindfulness Into Your Life Today

One of the most common questions i’m asked these days is “how can i bring more mindfulness into my every day life?”

So today i’ll share the 11 strategies I find most effective and commonly use to infuse mindfulness into my whole day.

I hope you try them out for yourself and experience first hand the transformative power of mindful living.

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Day 5: Jon Kabat-Zinn – 9 Powerful Meditation Tips

During this short video series of meditation tips by Jon Kabat-Zinn, founder of The Center for Mindfulness Jon shares with us what he calls the 9 attitudes that create a strong foundation for mindfulness practice.

In each video Jon addresses each attitude and offers solutions on how we can cultivate mindfulness to overcome and address each attitude with more awareness and wisdom.

I’m sure you’ll find this series will enrich and support your ongoing journey to mindful living.

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