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How to Live with Peace & Purpose in an Age of Disruption: A Masterclass with Jono Fisher


Hi friends,

September 11th is a day that both reminds me of the challenges, the insanity, the upheavals of our time – and also a day that reminds me of the importance of waking up in these troubled times. It urges me to try to bring more awareness, wisdom, kindness and peace into this world, as best I can. I know this subject matters to you too.

But what does it mean to ‘wake up in the world’ and how can we do that in the midst of our busy lives? That is the topic of this masterclass with one of the most inspiring, authentic and open hearted people I have ever met – Jono Fisher. Jono is a speaker, writer and founder of the Wake Up Project – an organisation dedicated to creating a kinder, more courageous world. He’s now the Executive Director of the Sounds True Foundation (more about the Foundation below).

Much of the wisdom Jono shares in this masterclass he draws from the speakers he interviewed for the soon to be launched Waking Up in the World, a free 10-day online event where 30 leading teachers, activists, and social visionaries share their wisdom and practical tools to help us flourish and and be forces for good during the challenges of our time.

Join us for the Waking Up in the World Online Event.

Waking Up in the World was created to support the new Sounds True Foundation.

The Sounds True Foundation’s mission includes funding scholarships for a new generation of mindfulness teachers in areas such as education, social justice, environmental activism, and youth work.

During the Waking Up in the World event we will be learning from some of the great spiritual teachers and social visionaries of our time to discover:

  • How turning towards our sadness, grief or heartache about the state of the planet can be healing and how it can be a gateway to our unique calling
  • Trainings in new skills to tap our inner resources to become a force for good
  • How to find new levels of connection with ourselves and each other and our communities
  • What it means and what it takes to be a changemaker at both a grass roots level and beyond 

Waking Up in the World is an invitation to explore new perspectives, reflect deeply, and join the ever-growing movement of people who are transforming themselves—and the world.  

Thank you so much for being part of this community.

With love and respect,


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MELLI: A natural place for us to start is that you’ve been through a lot of change in the last couple of years. And now you are doing this amazing new project called the Waking Up In The World Summit. I’d love to here about, not only what Waking Up In The World Summit is but why it matters to you? Why are you doing this, after all the changes you’ve been through this is what you’re working on? Why is that?

JONO: Well it’s a great question because I, in many ways, feel like I am in a kind of a surrendered position in my life right now. My wife and I had, as you know, we had a baby boy two years ago and his name is Max and he is a complete delight. And he kind of came like a grenade into our lives. Exploded. And many things exploded which really kind of disrupted our lives. But in a way the meaning of that is still becoming evident. And one one the things that I think that happened in that time is a realisation that I wanted to be working with other people in a different way. And this opportunity came up to come and work at Sounds True in Colorado. And you know we were living in Sydney and that was a long way to come. And it just felt like the right thing to do Melli. Felt like the right thing to do. And you know like we had kind of built a business over like ten years. We had a very large community with the Wake Up Project in Australia. And yet it just felt like, with the arrival of Max and this invitation to come to Colorado, it felt like the right thing for us to do. There was some logic behind it. Obviously there was some pre-thinking around it but it just felt like the right thing to do. And all the kind of signs were pointing here.

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