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Jon Kabat-Zinn – 9 Powerful Meditation Tips

Jon Kabat-Zinn – 9 Powerful Meditation Tips

In this short video series of meditation tips by Jon Kabat-Zinn, founder of The Center for Mindfulness Jon shares with us what he calls the 9 attitudes that create a strong foundation for mindfulness practice.

In each video Jon addresses each attitude and offers solutions on how we can cultivate mindfulness to overcome and address each attitude with more awareness and wisdom.

I’m sure you’ll find this series will enrich and support your ongoing journey to mindful living.

An Introduction to the 9 Attitudes

Cultivating Non-Judgemental Awareness

Part of Jon’s working definition of mindfulness is being able to pay attention in the moment, non-judgmentally. In this video Jon helps us discover just how judgemental and opinionated we can be, and teaches us how to overcome the challenge of non-judgemental awareness.

The Wisdom of Patience

Do you find that your impatience can sometimes draw you away from being present in the moment? (I know I do). In this video Jon suggests ways we can cultivate the wisdom of patience to be truly present in the moment.

The Experience of Life With Beginners Mind

Imagine experiencing the miracle of life in every moment. Jon explains that beginners mind is one that allows us to experience events as if for the first time and as it unfolds, as if it were fresh.

Trust Starts Within Ourselves

Jon describes having a deep sense of trustworthiness and trust within ourselves and our body can cultivate a profound trust in life. When trust is within ourselves we can shift our trust to others.

The Non-Doing or Non-Striving

In this video Jon explains the healing properties of allowing things to be held in awareness, the non-doing or non-striving of trying to get anywhere else – letting life unfold, moment to moment and without any agenda.

The Power of Letting go

Have you found yourself being fixated on something or an idea, or pushing something you don’t want away? Jon explains how the attitude of letting go or letting something be can set us free from pain and unhappiness.

Enhanced Interconnectedness Through Gratitude and Generosity

Jon explains how bringing gratitude to the present moment allows us to be aware and appreciative of the present moment, and not take things and life for granted. He also illustrates how the power of generosity and giving your time and attention to life and others enhances interconnectedness, and demonstrates that you care.

I hope you found Jon’s mindfulness tips as insightful as I did and if you have friends and family who would benefit from watching this series please share.

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  1. Olivia

    Thanks a lot for those videos. Watching them, I felt something I sometimes felt during the mindfulness summit, something I cant’ really describe that moves me. Maybe because I feel this is what’s true to me.

  2. Aida I+Rivie-Angley

    Thank you so much for this jewels of wisdom. I needed these reminders, especially the “letting go”, and the “trust” tips. So blessed to have signed up back in October of 2015! Blessing to you, Melli.

  3. Mhairi

    Thank you and your team for this wonderful resource.

    Recently I found a book in the library by Oli Doyle Mindfulness for Life – A six week guide to inner peace. As a follow on to your Summit I found this a very practical guide to moving the practice from theory to incorporating it in my life. I actually feel at the end of the 6 weeks a difference in my daily attitude to life and ability to notice mindful moments. Awesome

    He also offers an app or iphone app recording for each day — all free. Very generous of him.

    His meditation app A guided meditation – Staying present 44 mins…..Truly life changing .

    I strongly recommend other Summiteers to check out his work.

    But again thank you for setting the ground work that is enabling my practice to move forward.

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