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Mindfulness For Addictions – Dr Judson Brewer

Mindfulness For Addictions Video: A Masterclass With Dr Judson Brewer

I’m excited to share this brand new video with you. It’s a masterclass on mindfulness for addiction with Dr Judson Brewer. Jud is the Director of Research at Center for Mindfulness and an internationally known expert in mindfulness training for addiction. This masterclass builds on the previous presentation Jud did for The Mindfulness Summit back in October (which is currently unlocked for one week only for you to enjoy)

Do you know what the most powerful thing about this session is? Jud isn’t just teaching us about how to stop smoking or overeating (although those are important and included). He reveals something deeper. He shows us how this seemingly simple practice of using mindfulness for addiction, can also teach us how to untangle ourselves from what is said to be the biggest obstacle to mindful living – our attachment to craving.

He is teaching us how to become MORE present in the face of craving, instead of getting caught up in it. This is big.

This is a must see masterclass for anyone who wants to live a more mindful life.

In this session you will also learn…

  • The science behind how addictive cycles begin and how we can use mindfulness to break the cycle
  • Why human life is often characterised by a constant sense of wanting more (The buddha called this state ‘samsara’ which means endless wandering) and what it means to find a deeper sense of contentment and happiness
  • A four step process for how to use mindfulness the moment a strong urge or craving arises
  • Where you can find further tools and apps that can be there to coach and support you the moment craving arises

I’m sure you’ll find this video both deeply insightful and very practical.

Enjoy!… and may it bring you more ease, peace and freedom.

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Want more from Dr Judson?

Check out Dr Judson Brewers apps. Craving to Quit is especially designed to help you quit smoking and Eat Right Now is focused on creating healthier eating habits.

You can also find out more about Jud’s work here http://www.umassmed.edu/cfm/about-us/people/meet-our-research-team/brewer-judson/

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Show Notes

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Melli: G’day and it’s Melli here from The Mindfulness Summit and I am delighted to say that the journey is continuing.

So this is the first interview in a series that we are going to release to you, as well some audio episodes as well. You know our intention really is, we got such an incredible outpouring of gratitude and a lot of requests for more after The Mindfulness Summit last year, and we just really want to continue to nourish you on your journey into mindful living.

Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Judson Brewer.

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8 Responses

  1. Girardeau

    Thank you Melli,
    It is such a pleasure to see and hear you again.
    Your sharing is so generous.
    I enjoyed very much this interview with justinand as I continue my searching upon how to be in my life,i would ask:, as I ask myself:
    Do we need EATING to survive, or is it also an addiction???

    Aster are vegetarians, liquidarians, respirians…?
    OK ?

  2. Elisbeth Allen

    Thank you Melli, for continuing to share the wisdom from the Mindfulness Summit. The concept of “samsara” as the basis of craving makes perfect sense and Jud’s RAIN exercise as it’s antidote is inspirational. I am so glad to be a recipient of your mindfulness teachings. Elisbeth.

  3. Jamie Armin

    Thank you Melli ?
    Wonderful discussion! I attended Dr. Brewer’s presentation to UMassMed MBSR graduates here in MA (I am a graduate) when he was launching his app! Fabulous! Will help me as I spy the choc chip ice cream!
    Looking forward to hearing more about how it’s supporting addiction treatment & mindfulness! Hoping to connect my middle school students researching mindfulness & addictions with Dr. Brewer!
    And Melli, just hearing your voice relaxes! Hope to visit Australia one day & attend a mindfulness session with you in the future!
    Have a fantastic week!
    Health Educator & MBSR Grad

  4. Keziah

    Thank you Melli and Judson.

    I teach mindfulness as part of training in Psychologically Informed Environments. At the moment we’re training several cohorts for an addiction charity in the north of England, and I always point them in the direction of Judson’s work 🙂

    I was really appreciative of your emphasis, Judson, on addiction/craving not simply being a psychological process but also a biochemical one, and on the need for more research on how mindfulness interventions affect the physiology of addiction – I’m especially intrigued at how this might work in highly physiological addictions such as opiates. My personal belief is that these interventions can be helpful and that the mind does affect the body, and I would love to know more about any research which is being conducted into this.

    Keziah Gibbons, Mindfulness and Creative Associate at Your Business in Mind

  5. Samantha Kemp

    Meli you really are amazing! This was another superb listen. You are a clever bunny and thanks for the links.
    I teach mindfulness to school age children, teens and little ones (4 up) as well as adults and I have to say your site is superb. Thank you so much. A present moment of gratitude to you and hopefully you will take a breath when you read this and feel that gratitude from others to you – if that makes sense.
    Samantha Kemp Petersfield, Hampshire, England

  6. Dianne Jackson

    Thank you so much! This will be so invaluable for me to use in my groups. I work in the drug and alcohol field as a counsellor so am always looking for new material and hear others approaches. Very much appreciated

    1. Latha Hapugoda

      I was really touched by this presentation. Thanks so much Melli & DR Brewer. I am a Consultant in Public Health Medicine in the UK. I retired last year before the retirement age to serve people through mindfulness interventions. I am very concerned by the damage caused by alcohol addiction among young and middle aged men (due to early deaths, suffering of family members & loosing their jobs etc) in my home country. I am determined to do something about it. I am determined to get trained well in this area and do voluntary work to rescue young lives and families from this disaster. Any advice, educational materials and case studies from you all (including those who commented wd be much appreciated). My email is lathahapugoda8@gmail.com – Loving Blessings to you all, Dr Latha Hapugoda

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