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Mindfulness for Children, Teens & Those Who Work And Learn With Them

Guidance on Mindfulness for Children, Teens and Those Who Work and Learn with Them

Professor Katherine Weare is Emeritus Professor at the University of Exeter where she is working to develop and evaluate mindfulness in schools programs. Professor Weare is a dedicated mindfulness practitioner herself as well as a qualified mindfulness teacher. Her overall field is social and emotional learning and mental health and wellbeing in schools. She is known as an international expert on evidence-based practice and has written some of the leading books in this area and conducted several definitive reviews and led programmes which have informed policy and practice in many countries.

In this interview Katherine offers her expertise and guidance for conveying mindfulness to children, teens and those who work and learn with them. She discusses why mindfulness in school is important and shows how mindfulness makes learning more effective. You’ll also discover how mindfulness can change the brain and make us more compassionate and kind and less reactive.

This video includes a wonderful practice called ‘finger breathing’ which is a great one to share with children.

In the second video your practice session will be led by Dawa Tarchin Phillips. Dawa is a senior meditation teacher and the President/CEO of Empowerment Holdings, an international leadership training and consulting firm that trains business leaders and organizations on 5 continents in Mindful Leadership.

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Show Notes

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Here is the link to the Mindfulness in Education Network

If you want to find out more about the .b mindfulness in schools program go here

If you’d like to know more about Dawa you can find his website here

Find out more about Wake Up Schools here

Here is some information about the University of Exeter Mindfulness training here

And you can check out Sharpham where Katherine currently teaches here




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Purchase a full access pass to unlock downloads for the full interview transcripts, audio, video and separate audio meditation tracks.

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Purchase a full access pass to unlock downloads for the full interview transcripts, audio, video and separate audio meditation tracks.

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72 Responses

  1. Susie Hopkins

    Any suggestions Melli re: teacher training that a single mum could do? i.e. time and money are in very short supply right now 🙂 If I could I’d do MBSR training tomorrow but it’s simply not possible. I feel very confident in my ability to teach and my own understanding (experientially) of mindfulness but am concerned more about credentials in others eyes. I get very good feedback from students and have been a yoga teacher (qualified) for some years. What are others thoughts on this?

    1. Susie Hopkins

      Other’s! Ooops – I hate that! It’s late, time for sleep.. 🙂 Loved the mediation too! Lastly, thinking teacher training, am Australia, Melbourne based. Thank you, thank you, thank you again.

      1. Jeannette

        Ooops again. First, I’m wondering why it’s necessary to correct someone’s use of grammar in a public forum. Secondly, what do you hate? That you corrected a stranger’s perfectly clear and understandable English. Or do you really hate that they didn’t use ‘other’s’. Finally if you must be so out of synch with the summit, the correct use of the apostrophe here is ‘others’. It’s the plural possessive ‘the thoughts of other people’ rather than ‘the thoughts of one other’ which would be other’s.

    2. lizzie

      Hi Susie! Have you checked out Kristen Race’s program (Mindful Life Schools) for teaching mindfulness to kids? She was the summit speaker on the 23rd and here’s a link to her mindfulness training for teachers (and parents):



      The weekly wellness program is the least expensive – $99USD and it’s delivered in bite-size weekly lessons over the course of the school year. I work at Mindful Life, so I’m more than happy to answer any questions you have about it. There are other teacher trainings that Kristen offers, but this is definitely the lowest price point with the most value and the least time commitment. Hopefully this is helpful!

  2. Renae Bedells

    I have trained in the .b course that Katherine was talking about and also it’s sister program called paws.b for 7-11 year olds. They are both excellent. I am teaching then at schools and organisations in Perth, Western Australia. I highly recommend them if you are serious about trying to get mindfulness into schools

    1. Julie Fauser

      Hi Renae did you do the training in Perth? And if so I would love the contact details. I tutor primary school students and I use mindfulness to help them learn better in the classroom. Thank you Melli for the wonderful summit:)

  3. Su

    These interviews have provided so much important and useful information. Since participating in the summit I have noticed…that I notice …. and I feel so much more at ease, at peace and have developed more awareness of the things I have often taken for granted. I am learning to be mindful and am practicing several times a day for various lengths of time and this is really having a profoundly positive impact on my overall well being. I am also sleeping much better with the practice feel less anxiety and stress. Great job Meli O’Brian for putting this all together and making it available. Thanks to all the speakers and presenters for sharing and guiding us through the practice. This has truly been a blessing both personally and professionally. Thank you!!!

  4. Cerys

    Thank you again. I’m always intrigued by the different practices & insights of those with severe pain and other challenges Physical pain can be so restrictive and wearying. Today something has exacerbated my pain. So the finger exercise didn’t work for me it was actually painful. I’m very grateful Katherine gave space in her presentation to the idea of being adaptive that the finger exercise might not be chosen for some students. Appreciated the meditation too though I have always to go in adopting the at-ease, kindful expansion elements. But that’s why I love this summit – a lovely combination of familiar and new , retrace and stretch. May you be restful this day.

  5. Blair Schweiger

    I started my mindfulness practice (MBSR) after a serious illness over 20 years ago. I has helped so much, but I did not know many others that were aware of mindfulness so I felt rather isolated.
    This summit has helped me feel like there is a bigger community out there.
    One of my friends is a school principal (headmaster) and has brought mindfulness to his school. As I had not heard about this before I began thinking what I could do with my own son (he does not go to that school).
    I have been working (on myself) with my son through one of the web-based programs. Working with children is very different but utterly amazing. I am excited to see how this works for him, and maybe can bring my husband into the fold of people who practice mindfulness.

  6. mary barnes

    Hi I really loved this session with Katherine, however I didnt get to hear Dawas practice as when I returned it was no longer available. I was within the time frame but I wonder if it was affected by our moving the hour to DST? Thanks for all these great opportunities. Slàn. Mary

  7. Loretta Heimbecker

    Thank you Melli for this wonderful summit with such a range of different speakers, full of wisdom and compassion! I live in Vermont and I am so happy to be connected through this summit. I will take the advice to look for a sanga. Maybe this forum will evolve into a community! Thanks also to Matt for the amazing techno connections. Love and best wishes.

  8. Vijay B.

    Thank you for such a nice & inspiring summit. Mindfulness has changed my life!! I have a request for you:
    Can you please filter all the audio meditations because there is a huge amount of noise in the background and it is not very convenient to meditate. I am sure a lot of people might have felt that. I would really be grateful to you if could do this simple thing!!

  9. BVZ_Moskva_O

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