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Dawa Tarchin Phillips & Melli O’Brien – How to ‘Live Your Truth’ & Become A Mindful Leader In The World

Dawa Tarchin Phillips & Melli O’Brien – How to ‘Live Your Truth’ & Become A Mindful Leader In The World

We live in tumultuous times don’t we? But each one of us has the capacity to take a stand, in our own lives, for what really matters. That’s being a mindful leader, and the world really needs mindful leaders right now.

I believe mindful leadership is perhaps the most important skill we can develop today—for our communities, our planet, and ourselves.

To me, to be a mindful leader means to connect with, and live from, a deeper sense of peace and purpose. It means taking empowered and kind actions each day that nourish and uplift the world around us. Would you agree?

Because we believe this is so important right now, myself and my dear friend Dawa Tarchin Phillips created this video below to give you some guidance and support on how to become a mindful leader. In it we share three key principals each on mindful leadership.

May this video support you in being your fullest and truest self. Enjoy!

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Show Notes

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Melli: I’m Melli O’Brien, co-founder and host of The Mindfulness Summit and a mindfulness teacher. And I am here having a conversation today with my dear friend, Dawa Tarchin Phillips.

Dawa, do you want to say hi to everybody?

Dawa: Yes, Hi everyone. My name is Dawa Tarchin Phillips. I am the co-founder of the Mindful Leadership Online Training Conference and also I write on mindful leadership and I’m a long-term practitioner and teacher of mindfulness and meditation. Hi Melli. Great to see you.

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3 Responses

  1. Girardeau

    Hi, Melli, I haven’t seen you for a while!
    This conference and exchange with Dawa is on purpose and incredibly urgent for me, because, in a drama, course that I follow, I just “dropped out” from the “scene”, and took the naughty words that my partner said to me, right inside me, and my EGO was so shocked , that I couldn’t answer, or say anything…So the teacher was angry with me, , he asked me what I thought about my partner, and I replied::” she plays perfectly”…

    and he went on giving her felicitations, and I went home very, very sad, not knowing what to do, or to change..
    I invented a scene with naughty words, and angyness etc… melting them, and I thought it was funny…I sent it to my teacher asking if it was the way to talk, and behave, but he took it for him and them, and said I could no longer be in the course, he couldn’t follow on teaching to me.

    I am so sad and disarmed, now that I really think I have to change my habit to be true, in being more mindful of what I write and of what I say., and probably how I say it.

    I lost a good teacher, his confidence and a very good place to learn.
    I really must get out of my comfort zone, in supporting not to be good, anytime, supporting the teacher’s critics, and being more mindful about what I think, write and the way I say it.

    i have a lot to change in my behavior.

    I thank you for these conference and I’ll follow the Days of mindfulness to come in March.

    Sincerely yours

  2. Amy

    Thank you Melli! You hit the nail on the head as usual. So helpful and inspiring for me particularly in my role as a homeschooling mother. Just what I needed. <3

  3. Liz H

    Ah it’s great to have another summit. I am stating my Lenten promise to study more around compassion & love & this will give me the best start. Thank you 😊 I love that you say the comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing grows there. My aim is for a Lenten transformation and u am now ready & armed to embrace it ❤ om shanti

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