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Learn To Cultivate Real Happiness & Ease The Voice Of The Inner Critic With Sharon Salzberg

Learn How To Cultivate Real Happiness & Ease The Voice Of The Inner Critic With Sharon Salzberg

During this masterclass with Sharon Salzberg we explore what it means to find ‘real happiness’ and Sharon describes the obstacles that most people get caught in that keep them from this kind of happiness.

You’ll also discover tips on how to ease the voice of the inner critic, and draw on your innate capacity for courage, resilience, compassion and kindness when times get really tough.

May this video support you in your unfolding journey to mindful living. Enjoy!

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Want to learn more about Sharon Salzberg?

Sharon Salzberg is a world renowned meditation teacher, New York Times bestselling author and co-founder of the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, Massachusetts. She’s been teaching meditation retreats since 1974, and has truly been a pioneer in bringing Eastern wisdom to the Western world.

You can also find her books, meditations and more resources here: https://www.sharonsalzberg.com

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Show Notes

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Melli: G’day, it’s Melli O’Brien here from The Mindfulness Summit and I have to say I’m so pleased to have this opportunity to reconnect with you all at The Mindfulness Summit community because it’s been some time hasn’t it since The Mindfulness Summit? And we have a really strong intention to continue to support you and nourish you in your unfolding adventure into mindful living.

So this another free masterclass with one of the world’s leading experts in mindfulness meditation. And I have to say, this one is so important for all people interested in conscious living and actually all people in this day and age. Why? Because what we’re exploring in this masterclass with Sharon Salzberg is what is real happiness.

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  1. Lisa Momsen

    Such a lovely gift today. What a pleasant surprise, thank you. Sharon’s meta practice was divine. I enjoyed her perspective on where happiness resides. I am always being told what a happy nature I have, and I see that somehow I was one of those lucky young people who “got” it, about how to be happy. I think Ken Keyes’ book Handbook to Higher Consciousness was a big help, as was Grist for the Mill by Ram Dass. I will enjoy reading Sharon’s book, thank you so much for today.

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