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3 Insights That Arise From Practicing Mindfulness & Cultivating Kindness

The 3 Insights That Arise From Practicing Mindfulness And Cultivating Kindness

Timothea Goddard is recognised as a pioneer in bringing MBSR to Australia over the past 11 years and is an accredited teacher through the Center for Mindfulness, UMass Medical Center, USA. She is the founding Director of Openground – an Australia-wide network of clinicians and teachers offering MBSR and related mindfulness programs, workshops and retreats for individuals, organizations and schools.

In this video, Timothea talks about the three deep realisations that come from practicing mindfulness over time and how they help us to live a more rich, intimate and meaningful life.

Eva is a psychotherapist, mindfulness teacher, a co-director with the Mindfulness Training Institute of Australasia. She has also designed and teaches the Living with Compassion workshop. In the second video below you’ll experience a ‘cultivating kindness’ meditation led by Eva.

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Show Notes

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Purchase a full access pass to unlock downloads for the full interview transcripts, audio, video and separate audio meditation tracks.

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131 Responses

  1. TC

    I was taken off by her first remarks about dogs barking and “people barking at the dogs”. I am surprised by some animal lovers that seem to insult humans so freely while they speak so highly of animals. I am concern by those who will not pay attention or are affectionate to their parents, elders or children and make such a display of animalistic affection and disregard people by saying they are “barking”.
    Mindful meditation is trying to make us more human helping us to get deep into our inner selves. I hope mindfulness helps us also to embark in better relationships with the members of our family, our neighbors, our parents, our elder…

    1. Oriel

      I found it rather interesting that TC reacted unfavourably at the phrase “people barking at dogs”. It did not bother me, and strangely enough I found it rather funny (funny “ha ha”, that is, Perhaps part of the dfficulty lies in the fact that as TC so aptly puts it TC hopes that mindfulness helps us to em…BARK in better relatonships … LOL!!!

      1. Oriel

        I loved your coments, both Mary’s and Judy’s. Since “brevity is the soul of wit” I will say no more, at least as regards this subject. I don’t want to be barked at…

    2. Jennifer

      TC, is it possible to see the use of the word barking as referring to a mindless act? Dogs bark at nothing and humans also often respond loudly at nothing.
      I can see you really believe this was an insult but I do not think it was meant like that. More an expression rather than a real linking of humans to animals. And if you, like me, are not Australian it is useful to remember expressions are cultural. With much kindness Jenn

  2. Maile Sandmann

    I loved this talk. I am just beginning to explore Buddhism and I greatly appreciated Timothea’s beautiful guidance through the first three noble truths. I also loved interspersing brief yet profound practices throughout the talk. Thank you!!

  3. Arline Vitale

    I found myself not wanting Timothea’s inspiring session to end. I have adopted a new mantra, “Life Sucks, Everything Changes, Don’t Take it Personally.” These words are very liberating! I love that every day of The Mindfulness Summit is different. Thank you Melli and everyone involved in this wonderful event!

    1. Oriel

      I am amazed to find how each of us can react so differently. It would never occur to me to say “life sucks” as a mantra lest it becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy, But as far as I am concerned, life is a blessing, something to rejoice over, a manifestation of the Divine. And yet, Arline, I scarcely make it to the end of the month, but since “this too shall pass” good times may well be, or are just around the corner. Life does not suck ieven if I live in a country with one of the highest inflation rates in the world, where crime is on the rise, where corruption runs rampant…need I go on?

  4. Tucker Rogers

    thank you!!!!!!! Thank you for the delivery, the points, the inspiration ad the moments that we reflected together throughout the talk. The last 6 minutes were a very powerful wrap up and I felt a welling up of possibility in me. I feel at this point in the Summit that i’ve become comfortable with the tool of meditation and begun to seek perhaps more of a sense of purpose in the mindfulness for the future. you hit the nail on the head: break down the us and them experience, feel the call to respond collectively, and utilize the training as a fierce agent of change. thank you. this is where i’m at right now and you have helped to give me something to bring to my practice that i was kind of looking for. The Thunderstorm at the end was extra potent in this regard.

  5. Tucker Rogers

    thanks as well for the loving kindness meditation! I feel it was compelling perfectly paired with Timothea’s talk and practices. Reaching out to yourself is indeed the first step to being able to reach out to others. thank you1!!!!

  6. Caer Weber

    oh that was so wonderful. the best yet for me. I loved the 3 insights and the focusing on pleasant and unpleasant sensations. that was extremely helpful and it gives me courage that I can face the unpleasant things with a little more curiosity and wonder and be open to simply what occurs. thank you so much for your time and thank you Melli for this.

  7. Alicia Caldwell

    This was absolutely my favorite talk (thus far) in the Mindfulness Summit! Timothea beautifully and effortlessly spoke of relative and ultimate reality. And, wove that with MBSR and the larger Dharma context. She also made the teachings accessible and so tangible to our everyday lives. As a practitioner and as a MBSR teacher you addressed concerns I have (i.e. “I’m here to get something specific”) as well as answered questions that I didn’t even know I had. Thank you so much for this offering!

    I, unfortunately, didn’t have time for the 2nd video.

    Melli, thank you so much for this summit!

  8. Helena Saray

    And thank you Eva for that wonderful guided meditation with such a pleasant voice and guidance. With deep gratitude.

    Thank you Melli and Team for your commitment in presenting these continuous daily inspirations.

  9. mary a

    EVA.. thank you so much, love your voice..what a wonderful Loving Kindness meditation..this has made my afternoon, as I gather my wits to go out to work tonight. You have left me feeling particularly centred and very forgiving to all of the 10,000 joys and 10,000 sorrow that were mentioned. Bless.

  10. Cecelia

    Another very good presentation. I liked the referral to our lives as a revolving door! When doing the practice with her I could not get bad thoughts out of my mind, as I was experiencing those feelings coming into the talk. Knowing they will pass i am able to get through them. I have been hearing a common thread about that listening to all the talks. Looking at life as the good, bad and ugly, as all those things do happen to us, and knowing that, that is life, it will happen! And then knowing it will pass, let it go as best you can, and we can always start over if we choose. Loved this talk! Cecelia

  11. Aziza Sami

    Thank you for taking the time to respond to comments Timothea..for sharing the titles of the two intetesting books you are reading..and for your graciousness and presence.
    And thank you again Eva for your beautiful meditation….Timthea’s talk and your loving kindness reflection make one want to listen to them over and over again…perhaps daily..your presentations have been truly inspiring to me…and heart-opening.

  12. maxinethomas160051

    One of the best talks on the mindfulness summit yet so thank you. Unfortunately I missed the Loving Kindness meditation, as I did not have time to watch both.
    I am loving the variety of talks, some of the people I am familiar with yet others I have never heard of . Until today I did not know of Timothea but I will certainly be looking out for her in the future. Thanks you Timothea for an amazing talk so glad I didn’t miss it.

  13. maria

    This was so rich. I really appreciated the depth of Timothea’s insight and sharing. I am looking forward to exploring the question – If I’m sad, is my awareness sad… Can I step into wholeness in that moment? Can I recognize the process of what I am and be more with the fluidness. Wonderful session. Thanks so much.

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