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Being More Mindful & Home Practice – Shamash Alidina

Practical Tips On Being More Mindful & Setting Up A Home Practice

Shamash Alidina is a bestselling author, speaker and mindfulness teacher. He is the author of the international bestselling Mindfulness for Dummies series and The Mindful Way Through Stress. Shamash runs courses and workshops on mindful living and speaks on mindfulness at conferences around the world. He has been teaching the benefits of mindfulness to both adults and children since 1998 and now is also a mindfulness teacher trainer.

In this interview and meditation session with Shamash you will explore…

  • How to create a strong foundation for your mindfulness practice.
  • How mindfulness brings the realisation ‘you are not your mind.’
  • Important attitudes to embody as you practice mindfulness.
  • How letting things be as they are brings us peace and serenity.
  • Advice for those who are just starting up a home meditation practice.
  • How to be creative with your own mindfulness practice to see what works for you.

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Show Notes

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Purchase a full access pass to unlock downloads for the full interview transcripts, audio, video and separate audio meditation tracks.

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Purchase a full access pass to unlock downloads for the full interview transcripts, audio, video and separate audio meditation tracks.

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269 Responses

  1. Gerard O'Brien

    Shamash is such a great person and has such a great attitude. I want to get there! Thank you so much Melli for taking care of all the work necessary to organize this summit and for picking such wonderful speakers.

  2. Christy Smith

    In general I much prefer the daily speeches that are 30 minutes or less. Even though I am retired I have a full schedule and an hour or two in front of my computer just is too much. Thankfully, I find time throughout my day to do my own practice of mindfulness.
    I have really enjoyed Melli and several of the peaceful, gentle speakers.
    One of my favorite quotes is…”Kindness is the highest wisdom.” from the Talmud.
    Thank you,
    Christy Smith
    Bainbridge Island, Washington

  3. Nana Nantambu

    Totally grateful for this interview with Shamash and how you facilitated the conversation Melli. The experiential was such a gift to me… i was deeply relaxed and very aware of the sensations in my body. I loved the idea of putting down the past and future bags. Peace & Gratitude :))

  4. Maria Anagnostellis

    what a delight – thank you! i am loving the emphasis on being true to yourself and doing what works for you .. and I think that is the such an important message because one tends to equate meditation and connectedness with people who are calm, serene and speak slowly etc and it is good to see an example of someone mindful who is lively and effusive in Shamash. Really really enjoyed this and related ..thank you!

  5. Jessica Pape

    Thanks for another wonderful interview! This really made my day:-) Feeling so much better and relaxed after the practice. Looking forward to the rest of the summit! Excellent work Melli!!

  6. Shira

    what an incredible talk. so generous of Shamash to share his new wise insights….. thank you! it’s inspiring and hopeful to know there are such kind wise souls out there…. ☯❥

  7. Adrian Linack

    Wow I loved this interview. So light and inspiring. Thank you so much Melly for putting this beautiful summit together and thank you Shamash for sharing your insights.

  8. Bonnie

    Oh so happy to hear that sleep is a form of meditation and mindfulness. I always fall into a deep relaxing refreshing sleep when I meditate while laying down. But I love this because I feel sublime when I awaken. I also use a spoonk when meditating, and my body feels so good. Thank you for sharing these many thoughts with us as it gives mindfulness a whole new perspective for me. Spread the love

  9. Jane Sloan

    A wonderful interview Melli. Shamash is adorable and from now on I will walk around with the corners of my mouth turned up just that little bit. My what a difference to my outlook that little change makes. Thank you so very much for this magical summit xx

  10. Stephen Johnston

    What a wonderful introduction to mindfulness from Shamash! This is what would encourage those new to mindfulness to practice, practice, practice and then some more practice. Really enjoying the whole summit Melli and deep appreciation of all your efforts. Mindful thoughts, Stephen in NIreland.

  11. Beena Parekh

    Fantastic! Such an authentic talk/ discussion. I missed his talk and so glad to catch ut by donating to this great cause. Thank you Melli and Shamash. Many wonderful reminders of what is important in life. Loved the t shirt as well!

  12. judith boerema

    Fantastic how Shamash advises to be comfortable. And that you should be kind to yourself, so also when you fall asleep thats ok. I am a mindfulness teacher since this year and I’ve noticed that fallling asleep is perceived as a problem you should fix. I love how Shamesh explains that sleep is something our bodies need because we often don’t get enough of it.

    Meli I love how you told about lying on the floor and looking at the clouds. i started mindfulness when I was having too much stress in my life. And one way I noticed that was that I could see figures in the clouds anymore. My immagination was just gone. As a child I loved lying in the grass and looking at the clouds. And then I forget how to do that for a couple of years. But now I picked it up again. Great interview. Thank you both so much!

  13. kim holloway

    Wow! One of the best interviews about mindfulness and the practices. Melli you are so calm and serene throughout. Thank you so much for this amazing summit. It has given me a plethora of information, a variety of practitioners and so much mindfulness I don;t know where to begin! Loving every minute of it!

  14. Heike

    Very nice talk but during the meditation too much emphasis on the “bad” parts – repeating of “past and future” and uncomfy body postures just led me away from relaxing and his voice.

  15. Laurie

    I thought the videos were free to watch for this month. Yet when I click on any except today’s I get a pop up window stating “The free period to access this video and audio content has ended. You can unlock it to stream and download 100% of the content for the summit immediately when you donate to mindfulness charities by upgrading to a full access pass.” How long is the free period to access each video?

  16. Dennis L.+Vanin

    I want to Thank You for teaching me ………… I very much enjoyed how you thought me about the kindness factor with my thoughts. That is helping already so I will take it with me for the rest of my life !!!! Namaste

  17. Linda Kong

    as Jane mentioned; the best way to describe Shamash is “adorable”. His enthusiasm is contagious and he’s one of the first speakers that I felt could be a friend. The chemistry between Melli and Shamash was great, observing this talk was more like dropping in on two professionals having a conversation rather than an interview. I really appreciate the variety of speakers and the talk formats: interview, conversations, presentations,..etc.

  18. Christian Arpa

    From Argentina – Excellent interview, I could sense through the distance the empathy and how much Shamash enjoys Mindfulness, i think it is all about, be present and enjoy. Thank you so much

  19. Eugene McCreary

    Very infectious, very down to earth. I’m so glad to hear someone whose focus is not on merely oneself because the greatest part of our lives is interacting with others and the world around us. What a fine person.

  20. Jacqueline Callaghan

    Thank you, Shamash, for the permission to sit or pose any way I want to meditate. 😉 I was doing my own thing anyway, it was nice to hear it’s up to me! Thank you for one of the best sessions ever. I’m starting to think about how to reach that ‘critical mass’ in the USA, Melli!

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