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How to Make Mindfulness Sustainable In Your Life: A Mindfulness Masterclass

How to Make Mindfulness Sustainable In Your Life: A Mindfulness Masterclass

Do you find it a challenge to sustain mindfulness in your daily life? Do you sometimes find yourself falling back into old unhelpful ways of thinking and living that don’t serve you? Even with all the mindfulness teachings and tips out there, there is very little guidance on how to really make mindfulness sustainable in your life.

That’s why I created this masterclass with Dr Elisha Goldstein on how to make mindfulness stick in your life. During this masterclass we discuss the things that will make the most profound impact when it comes to truly integrating and sustaining mindfulness into your life. Elisha is a psychologist, author and speaker who synthesizes traditional psychotherapy with mindfulness pracaddtoanytices.

This masterclass is short, punchy, and contains practical tips that have the power to make a huge impact on your life.

Click below to watch it now. Enjoy : )

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Melli O’Brien

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Show Notes

Elisha Goldstein has spent the last 15 years immersing himself in the world of mindfulness, and has written numerous books and articles on the topic, created programs and workshops for adults and teens, and trained therapists, educators, and business executives on how to integrate mindfulness practice into their homes, work, and day-to-day lives.

He has a real passion for this topic, and has recently launched a six month mentorship program on it. It’s called “A Course In Mindful Living”.

During this mentorship program you will work on consistently integrating mindfulness practice into daily life, step-by-step with the support of a progressive curriculum delivered by Elisha Goldsten, 13 other mentos, and a bonus 12 interviews with mindfulness experts such as Dan Harris, Dan Siegal, Sharon Salzberg.

You will also become part of an accountability group that will help strengthen and deepen your learning experience, and most importantly to ensure you develop a truly self-sustaining mindfulness practice.

This course has been built on scientifically proven methods that integrate modern science, mindfulness, compassion and years of Elisha Goldstein’s own experiential learnings. Upon completion of this course you will receive a certificate of completion from The Center For Mindful Living.

Elisha Goldstein comes highly recommended by myself, Jack Cornfield, Dan Siegel, Sharon Salzberg and many more.

If you truly want to live a more fulfilling and sustainably mindful life, I recommend taking a look at what this course has to offer and how it can support your unfolding journey into mindful living.

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