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Florence Meleo-Meyer – Mindful Communication

Florence Meleo-Meyer – How to Practice Mindful Communication & Forever Change Your Relationships

I’m really excited to share with you the third masterclass following on from The Mindfulness Summit last year, which is with Florence Meleo-Meyer on mindful communication.

Have you ever noticed that the moments when your ‘buttons are pushed’ or when you’re most reactive is when you’re in communication with other people? It’s certainly true for me. Would you like to be less reactive and more skillful and loving in the way you speak and listen? This is what this masterclass is all about!

During this masterclass Florence teaches us a skill called ‘Insight Dialogue’, which is a form of mindful communication. It’s a skillset that brings the tranquility and insight from meditation directly into our interactions with others – giving us the capacity to be more skillful, kind, loving and authentic in our communication with family, friends, co-workers.

Florence is the Director of the Train-the-Trainer program of the Oasis Institute for Mindfulness-Based Professional Education and Training, and has taught meditation for over 30 years. She is certified as a Siddha Yoga meditation teacher as well as a senior MBSR (Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction) teacher. Florence holds degrees in education and psychotherapy and is a licensed family therapist.

I’m sure you will find this interview with Florence an incredible support in your ongoing journey into mindful living. Enjoy!

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Want to change the future of your relationships forever?

I’d like to share with you another powerful tool for more mindful communication. It’s called NVC (non-violent-communication). Sounds true currently has a free online training course on NVC. This course will give you the tools to resolve even the deepest conflicts and transform your relationships, leaving you with a sense of self-fulfilment and with your self-respect intact.

Dr Marshall Rosenberg pioneered the work on Nonviolent Communication and has spent over 40 years traveling the world teaching people how to resolve conflict peacefully and compassionately. I find it amazingly helpful in my own life and I’m sure you’ll love it too.

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Melli: G’day and it’s Melli O’Brien here from The Mindfulness Summit. I’m excited to be bringing you the third masterclass following on from last year’s Mindfulness Summit. These masterclasses are designed to continue to nourish and support you on your unfolding journey into mindful living. And this particular masterclass is something I’m really excited about because this masterclass is about mindful communication. 

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  1. Lisa Lippincott

    Attended class with Florence Meleo- Meyer at Oasis this summer and of course the first summit with Mellie,
    how exciting to receive this e-mail with both together.
    Thank you thank you

  2. Amy

    Thank you! I very much enjoyed this master class. Looking forward to applying these principles especially in family life. Thank you for your positive influence and support. How grateful I am for you Melli and the mindfulness summit <3

  3. Eva Musby

    What a thoroughly enjoyable interview! Thank you Meli for your gentle presence and your generosity with all these resources you give us. Florence, I could listen to you for ever. Your whole being shines through and brings out the best in me.

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