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Question & Answer With Shamash Alidina

Mindfulness Question & Answer With Shamash Alidina

Join Melli and Shamash to hear the answers to the top ten questions submitted by summit viewers.

Shamash answers questions like…

  • Is there room for striving for improvements when it comes to mindfulness?
  • What is the biggest obstacle to living your life mindfully?
  • Is Present Moment Awareness the same thing as mindfulness?
  • How do we relate mindfully with people who bring negativity?
  • What do we do with the bad memories or feelings that are coming up during meditation?

And more…

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Show Notes

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Purchase a full access pass to unlock downloads for the full interview transcripts, audio, video and separate audio meditation tracks.

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Purchase a full access pass to unlock downloads for the full interview transcripts, audio, video and separate audio meditation tracks.

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118 Responses

  1. Marijke Lembcke

    Thank you so much, Melli for all you have done to help myself and others to learn about this way of living. When November comes I shall be missing this enjoyable daily lesson I’m sure.

  2. Ngaire Ashdown

    Thank you both for a great session. I have some great tips and ideas to try this coming week especially sending kindness and also how to deal with negative people.

  3. nancy simon

    Thank you, thank you Shamash! I love listening to you and would love to hear more about “surfing the urge”! Please help to show me how exactly to do that. Thanks again Melli….

  4. Barbara +Vallis

    I have listened to these speakers on Minfulness and was so pleased, happy, feeling really excited about the mindful summit. However due to unexpected events that came up, I could not listen to Ruby Wax and the next 3. I felt so sad when I tried and and was asked to pay for them. I wanted to go through the 31 days before deciding on such a commitment. Is there any way that you could get me these? Thanking you in advance. Barbara

  5. Paul Elischer

    I love Samash’s approach to all aspects of the practice. the humor is so refreshing and reminds me of my teacher Will Kabat-Zin. A Dharma talk about the practice in your everyday life with a touch of Buddhism and a dash oh humor makes for a pleasant evening.

  6. Helena Saray

    Thank you so much Melli for organizing the Q&A session. Having a Q&A session is of such great value and importance; it helps so much to broaden our understanding. Also, no matter how long we have been on this journey in our own lives, tuning into these daily positive talks are transforming, enriching, and uplifting.

    And thank you Shamash, you have a great sense/wisdom/knowledge and a wonderful practical way of offering the answers with clarity and joyfulness.

    You are both a delight to listen to. With gratitude.

  7. Stacy Elsey

    Absolutely brilliant! Shamash seems to take all of the seemingly complicated aspects of mindfulness and make it light-hearted and completely understandable. His insights have been so tremendously helpful that I would love to give him a giant hug!

  8. Maria T+Calva

    Thank you for this great session, Shamash is a great teacher, I love the way he explains all. I would like to see him more!! Thank you Shamash for being such a great person, your kindness, compassion, happiness, wisdom are evident!! thank you Melli for this great Summit!!!

  9. Natalie blacker

    Thank you for answering these very interesting questions. I’m absolutely loving the quality content in this summit, so many perspectives and insights, and am looking forward to starting my own mindfulness journey. Many thanks 🙂

  10. Wendy Weiss

    Just listened to Q & A. Second time I tuned in and Shamash was your guest. But I have listened to four sessions. He has an easy way of explaining mindfulness – awareness in present moment, with kindness and compassion. I like the surfing the painful or negative feeling analogy…as well as as taking the worry (future tripping) and bringing it toward the present moment (he brought his hands together as in prayer or meditation). This has happened to me in my (new to) mindfulness practice a few times and I feel these are indeed moments of enlightenment or peace. And Shamash you have such a warm, almost infectious, smile. Thank you for presenting.

  11. Rona Lewis

    Thank you very much Shamash and Melli. For the first time since I started meditating, this morning it lead to an horrific flashback episode that lasted a couple of hours. I’m still feeling a bit shell-shocked from it, but then I watched and heard that last question and response which was so timely. I think I tried to push it away this morning. I’ll try to treat these messages like a friend and show them some kindness in future. Sending my best wishes. Thank you.

  12. Steve Forbes

    I am not a doctor and new to mindfulness, but I think if you are getting a good nights sleep and still so tired the next day that you fall asleep in meditation there be some potential medical concerns that you should discuss with your doctor, especially if very tired through out the day regardless of meditation.

  13. Petra

    How does mindfulness relate to flow (as per Mihály Csíkszentmihályi) – seems like flow is the opposite – you are completely absorbed in what you’re doing, not ‘observing’/mindful. Yet it seems like a very desirable state – any thoughts?

  14. Wendy Holladay

    Wow, question 5 really clarified some things for me. The sorrow when a child is born into the suffering of this world and the celebration when the soul is released from this world. Totally understood that, as this how I have felt my entire life only I could never express it to others in a positive life affirming way, therefore I kept it to myself and thought I had a big problem with life. THANKS for helping me feel less weird in the outside world and more accepting and trusting of my inner self.

  15. Teresa Gray

    Thank you for another 40 minutes of great questions and answers. As always learnt a bit more through new ways and angles of approaching mindfulness. Among st the 10 questions my favorite was:” How do we relate mindfully with people who bring negativity?” I can relate to Shamash answers. Since starting this summit I have been trying to be mindful in such situations and realized that if I let the negativity “ride the waves” I often have a smile on my face due to the visualization in my mind of the scene and the person often softens her attitude by saying “I was probably being silly, don’t worry” I will do something else! The outcome can be quite different and fun!

  16. Shamash Alidina

    I’m very touched by all of your kind words, dear friends! What a beautiful community we have here. Let’s keep supporting each other.

    If you still need help and don’t know who to ask, message or tweet me. I’ll do my best to help for free. I’m not a therapist remember, but can help a bit with practice of meditation, mindfulness and self-kindness.

    Yes, Melli and her friends/colleagues have done us all a great favour – they’ve worked very hard to make this happen! Much gratitude to them all.


  17. Chris Hunter

    wow not a single question about the validity/efficacy of mindfulness as presented here, a practice that has been completely stripped from its spiritual roots and environment such as monastic living- from what I have heard so far the studies that show any significant correlation in terms of brain changes and mindfulness were done on Lamas and others some of whom had been in retreat for 12 years – Mindfulness as being sold here surely bares no resemblance to full immersion in a lifetimes spiritual practice as per the studies done

    1. Kyla Ball

      I can honestly say that not all of the people studied in those tests were not Lamas or people who lived separate from society. They all were long term meditators but were not living monastatic life. I practice Zaze and have for years so for me, meditation/mindfulness is not separate from Buddhism.

  18. Martine Large

    Shamash is such a wonderful advert for mindfulness; so full of joy. Also, so full of understanding and compassion for the obstacles to mindfulness, and generous with his advice. He has given me a different – non-judgemental, non perfectionist way – of approaching practice. Thank you.

  19. Girardeau

    Shamash is so Funny, Experiential and Curious of life, so Free, Tender, kind Encouraging and Gentle , Human in the way we’d like to be !
    and as we say ‘ in french’ : “plein de Bon Sens”

    thank you for your positiveness vision of our efforts, errors and every things…

    we really feel accepted as we are, and we better accept ourselves also

    thank you for existing, giving time for us all over the world
    thank you Meli to share your beautiful friends with us all.


  20. Dolores MacNeil

    The question and answer session is very powerful with lots of good tips provided. Gratitude to you both for continuing to offer your knowledge. I really liked the definition of mindfulness as present moment awareness without judgement , then cultivating warm compassion and kindness to yourself and then to others.

  21. Anne Roberts

    Such a gentle spirit. We are all aspiring to be more present and the journey is filled with challenge and reward. Allowing the space for all of life to show up and being curious is much healthier than being agitated by it!

  22. Diana Jackon

    I can’t thank you enough for this wonderful summit. Having battled with depression on & off for many years; I am now learning that it is not unusual & that there is a way of controlling it. I am 60 & I am so pleased that mindfulness is now so well known that young people with. Anxiety, depression or pain can learn earlier in their lives. It is helping me so much. Thank you to you all

  23. Rose Chan

    So wonderful to see Shamash again on the summit, I have heard of Samash from a catholic priest in Hong Kong and to see you here is just fantastic , I love your ease and quick response to the questions . Thank you so much Shamash for your generous sharing and Melli and summit team for your big hearts in making this happen.

  24. Chitra Krishnamurthy

    Shamash communicated so much of the words kindness and compassion and i found a lot of authenticity when listening. I think it is a very important component which we miss often. Thank you both of you.

  25. Gia Young

    Thank you so much to everyone who submitted such thoughtful, useful questions. Until I heard them answered, I had no idea how much I needed those answers. Thank you to both presenters for an informative and entertaining session.

  26. amy mak

    is anyone experiencing moments of no audio during the whole interview? kept needing to restart moment to moment during a lot of parts of the interview
    thank you melli for this generous gift and initiative. so grateful for your big heart _/|\_

  27. John Mark+Earle

    One trick that I use to stop thoughts that seem to keep invading my practice, is to simply pause and write it down with the intention of dealing with it when I am finished. It also guarantees that the important things that come to mind during meditations aren’t forgotten.

  28. Ann Rogers

    Thank you so much for these questions. They were really insightful and useful. Much appreciated.
    I love the way Shamash explains things, and his demeanor of love and kindness shows through as a great example of what to remember, and to extend that towards yourself as well.

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