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The Biggest Obstacle To Mindful Living Part One

The Biggest Obstacle To Mindful Living (and a Short Powerful Exercise That Will Help You Overcome It)

This is a short audio session of the Mindfulness Summit Journey. These 5-15 minute sessions are an exploration into some aspect of mindful living where I’ll share with you a poem, quote or story and then I’ll unpack the wisdom within it and give you an easy method to integrate that wisdom into your life.

In this episode we explore what is often referred to as the biggest obstacle to mindful living and I give you a way to begin to break free from this obstacle in your daily life.

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I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences with this exploration so feel free to share them with me and the community on Facebook & Twitter. I always love hearing from you.

This quote below, to me, speaks powerfully of the cost of getting caught up in this obstacle to mindful living. Please share this around (share links below the image) as a potent reminder of the preciousness of life and the importance of living today fully.

First i was dying to finish school and start college. and then i was dying to finish college and start working. and then i was dying to marry and have children. and then i was dying for my children to grow old enough for schoolso i could return to work. and then i was dying to retire. and now i'm dying.... and suddenly i realise i forgot to live -anonymous

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G’day, it’s Melli O’Brien here and I’m going to say it feels so great to be reconnecting with The Mindfulness Summit community again in this way and to feel a sense of continuing journey.

Today I want to talk to you about something that’s often spoken about as being the biggest obstacle to conscious living, to mindful living. And this is something that we’re actually going to explore in the next month in various ways through interviews with experts, through blogs and little mindful reminders and also through ways that you can begin to explore this at home, in your own life and in your own mind.

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  1. Jane

    This is so timely. I say to myself I would be so happy living in Florida. I say it all the time. Do I want to be the person who in the end of life wonders why I wasn’t happy or satisfied? No, I do not want to be that person. So yay Mellie for today’s mindfulness reminder. There goes Florida living and I am happy. Deep breath, there it goes, and I am here in the present and content. Thank you.

  2. Mike Fox

    It’s great to hear your voice again, Melli, and hear you offer more wisdom about mindfulness. It’s been a while since October last year and it will be good to have a few reminders – thank you so much

  3. Cyndi Miracle+Gudapati

    Thanks, Melli, so much for continuing to share ideas and insights through this new short audio format! What a great way to keep the thread alive and continue the teachings and sense of community established during the Mindfulness Summit. I look forward to many more moments with you and others in our “little” community.

  4. Lisa Katz

    Thanks so much Mellie! Great to be sharing the journey again and thank you for your genorosity at doing this all for free. It’s so helpful to feel part of a community and have something happening weekly like this. Your summit changed my life really in that I have become completely dedicated to mindfulness on a daily basis ever since. And what a happy journey!

  5. Carol Humphreys

    I can see what you are saying and I say cool tho i do think that the constant reference to Buddha limiting. We do not have to be a Buddhist to practice Mindfulness right? and lots of other faiths deal with exactly the same issues as you have described . I am commenting I think maybe this emphasis on Buddhism is unintentional and maybe you don’t actually notice you have slipped into this…or maybe you have noticed. I just think its a shame because many people will feel what you are saying is not for them..when actually Mindfulness is for everyone…atheist..Jew …Christian..whoever. What about being inclusive?..or maybe actually non denominational so that nobody is left out…

  6. Parkash T.+Mansukhani

    Reminds me of a quote from Walden by Henry David Thoreau: “I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.”

    So very true! Living Life in the Breath of the Moment…

  7. Trish Kilkelly

    Very well spoken. You have an amazing gift at speaking in such a way that is thought provoking. This message is very timely to me. Thank you! I am looking forward to hearing more moments such as this.

  8. Jennifer

    Thank you. I needed this connection. I’ve strayed from my practice – or run from myself, really, would be a more accurate description. This made me feel more grounded and ready to dip my toe into being present again. I had a lot of trauma at the end of last year, and it’s become a habit to hurl myself through life rather than risk feeling anything. So thank you for this little nudge toward conscious living and a self-loving practice.

  9. Sonya

    Thank you for this Melli, I really enjoyed your wisdom. Welcome back, it’s lovely to hear your voice again. I’m looking forward to hearing more of you. I need to get back into my mindfulness practice.

  10. Allison Shayne

    Wow,thank you so much for this short mindfullness reminder..for me its the Key to my sense of happiness and how easily i forget!!!!
    Thank you for the reminders and your your clear wise way of delivering the message! You so Rock!!!
    I would love to take an online class from you..I am in Salt Lake City,Utah.We have the beautiful mountains that remind me to come home to myself.
    I just retired and have been struggling to feel “happy”.I have even contemplated taking antidepressants to feel..better…Now I understand its just another craving to want something different..I can see what stories i have been telling myself…THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME SEE WHATS REAL..NOW
    I notice exercise and meditation help but it has to be combined with mind trainning and awareness! THank you,Mellie.with all my heart!!! Ally

    1. Madeline Loder

      Thank you, Allison. You so well expressed my story. I’m in Massachusetts and it’s beautiful here, too. I’m not fully appreciating all I have. I’m practicing, though, and that’s what it takes……….practice, practice and more practice.And thank you so much, Melli!

  11. Donna Grasso

    Thanks again for the opportunity to be enlightened and to grow Melli. You have a way of speaking that is so soothing but also thought provoking. I am so looking forward to this new journey!

  12. Kathleen Shiflett

    Thank you Melli!

    I cannot express enough the gratitude I have for you, as well as the teachings and offerings you have given the WORLD through this summit. Shine on!


    Wonderful to re-connect with you, Meli and your calming presence and wisdom. The message is clear and potent, and I appreciate its simplicity. Looking forward to next week’s offering!

  14. Carol Piros

    Melli, so good to be back in touch and reminded to “just be”! Every morning when I look out my window to my flower garden I try to get centered and start my day with gratitude. Love these little sound bites. Appreciate you immensely! Have a great week.

  15. Marcelo Ceará

    definitely there is a consciousness shift going on around the world.. maybe a transition moment from human beings to realized beings.. I have been struggling with these pattern thoughts for a while, and now I also realized I can’t find fulfillment in the future or anywhere outside.. but I still didn’t quite get rooted in the present moment and get taken away from thoughts and emotions throughout the day.. I fell like I am in a limbo many times, not completely asleep but not awake!!
    but I am relaxed in general, letting it happen naturally..
    thanks for sharing your perspective.. sending good vibes from Brazil!! 🙂

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