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Technology, Mindful Business & Leadership

Dr. Dan Siegel & Caroline Welch on Technology, Mindful Business & Leadership

Daniel J. Siegel, M.D is an internationally acclaimed author, award-winning educator and a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the UCLA School of Medicine. He is also co-director of the Mindful Awareness Research Center. He is the Executive Director of the Mindsight Institute, an educational center devoted to promoting insight, compassion, and empathy in individuals, families, institutions and communities.

Caroline Welch is chief executive officer at Mind Your Brain, Inc. Her experience in law, mediation and mindfulness has led her to be an invited speaker, most recently at the International Business Mediation Conference in Admont, Austria and at CIMBA’s Executive MBA Program in Asolo, Italy.

In this interview join Dan and Caroline as they talk about how mindfulness affects your brain and therefore your life. You’ll learn…

  • How technology addiction and digital overload can affect our brains.
  • Practical tips on using the technology in your life with more wisdom and skill.
  • The handy model of the brain. An easy and fun way to understand how mindfulness affects the brain.
  • What happens when you practice mindfulness over time
  • Why mindfulness is anti-aging
  • Why mindfulness in business is important and what the true meaning of mindful leadership is

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Show Notes

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DrDansiegel.com is Dan’s website and you can access the Mindsite Institute website here: www.MindsightInstitute.com




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Purchase a full access pass to unlock downloads for the full interview transcripts, audio, video and separate audio meditation tracks.

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Purchase a full access pass to unlock downloads for the full interview transcripts, audio, video and separate audio meditation tracks.

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109 Responses

    1. sunita

      Thank you so much for such an enlightening talk. I’m all set for this mindful revolution. Thank you for the resources.
      Loved that I began my day is such a positive way.

  1. Maria T+Calva

    Congratulations !! For your anniversary and all this hard work to put together this great Summit. I am more impressed each time someone tells his/her story or experiences, and how mindfulness change the way we look life… and how we can live it. Thank you for sharing and giving us this opportunity across the world!!!
    Ma. Teresa (Mexico).

  2. Thanks for all these very very sweet comments! We had a lovely anniversary celebration last night. We’re feeling very refreshed and energised after a restful evening falling asleep under the starts together. How great are Dan and Caroline! I love their practical bits of advice and their warm energy.

  3. Monica Cuevas

    i have been practicing Mindfulness meditation for one month and I feel very motívated to continue….It was very interesting to listen Dan Siegal talking about the relation between “awareness” and “saving the planet”. It is very hopeful to hear that…
    Thank you very much to Caroline and Dan for their comments and “típs” about tecnology…..very useful….
    With appreciation, Monica, from Mexico City.

  4. Sheri Lockhart

    I was very much enjoying Paul Gilbert’s session last night when I dozed off. Would like to hear the rest. Do I have to purchase the access pass for the entire program to be able to do so?

  5. karla eisen

    Very nice. This has been a wonderful and eye opening summit. I really commend you for putting it together. It’s a true service
    Might you consider a little warning for us should there be another talk over an hour? Just some advance notice might be helpful. Thanks

  6. Range Bayer

    Melli, thanks so much for the Mindfulness Summit! Dan Siegel mentioned that blue light from computer screens at night keeps us up. There is a free software program for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers, and iPhone/iPad at https://justgetflux.com/ to adjust the color of computer screens to change with the time of day–daylight colors (including blue light) during the daytime and it automatically removes the blue light in the evening depending on sunset time where you live. I started using it this summer for my Windows computer, and it helps.

    1. Josephine Sweeney

      Hi Range,

      Just wanted to thank you for the link to flux.com, really appreciate it. I have downloaded onto my monitor, my husbands laptop and my son’s phone and we are all really pleased with the “light” difference, especially at night.

      It was very kind and thoughtful of you to share this. Thank you.

      Warm wishes

      Josephine Sweeney

  7. Helena Saray

    Thank you Melli, that was a great conversation you had with Dan and Caroline. And a thank you to Dan and Caroline for their insight, wisdom, and knowledge; an amazing combination of education and mindfulness. Ideal!

    Congratulations once again to you Melli and Matt, your night out “picnic and stars” sounded so romantic…wish you both continuous celebration and love…

  8. Claudia Wild

    I enjoyed so much listening and learning from Dr. Siegel and Caroline. It’s so fascinating to learn how mindfulness can actually changes our brain structure and leading to better health . You inspired me and sparked my curiosity to want to learn more about ourselves deeply from inside out. Thank you so much! So grateful!

  9. vicki schneider

    Wonderful discussion. Very insightful and simple at the same time. I can relate to the crazy belief that multi-tasking is a good thing. It works – for a short while. Thanks for your time!


  10. Fernanda Krumm

    Thank you Melli, Dr. Siegel and Mrs. Welch! Bravo and well done!
    I have been carrying this nagging guilt for not having participated in the commentary more, since I am enjoying and getting so much out of the talks each and every day. Literally this commitment and action of, for me, waking up at 5:45am each day since day 1 to sit and watch these talks has transformed my life. It is exactly what I needed at this juncture to help me transition to the next level both personally and in my professional practice as a mental health professional.
    I am truly grateful for the time, effort, and talent you and all involved have put forth to make this possible. It truly is a beautiful (this website!!!) and amazing gift to the world and I am so truly grateful to Shamash Alidina (I do not know him personally) for sharing your event and helping me discover this in time to plan for the commitment and starting from Day 1.
    If you are ever interested in planning a Chicago event, whether a talk, retreat or workshop, I would be honored to assist you in such an endeavor. Both at the corporate level and personal, I am acquainted and have personal connections with many people here who have a opened their hearts to this type of message and the science behind it. It would be awesome to give back to them and the ever increasing interconnected community here through a Mindfulness Summit Live! Haha!
    All good things.
    Fernanda Cutrone Krumm, LCPC

  11. shirley burns

    Thank you…thank you…thank you all again…Melli, Dan and Caroline Mindful revolution here we come. Yet another truly inspiring session…as they have all been. Yeah Melli….Dan and Caroline were so great, full of warmth and good humour.


  12. Diane Smith

    I have been enjoying all the talks I have listened to so far so much and am finding the quality of the information and it’s presentation excellent. I am very busy at work just now and so not able to listen to everything straight away. That is why I have decided to donate and purchase all the material so that I can listen and take in everything as and when I can.

  13. Gillian Moon

    Fantastic discussion and love the fact that mindfulness is makings it’s way into corporate structures – this has got to be a huge step forward for human kind …… keep building the dream of mindfulness becoming ‘mainstream’ – I think the wellbeing of our planet Earth needs this to happen.
    Love and ljght

  14. Anthony Pantaleno

    Just picked up with SOME AWE today with Mellie, Matt, Caroline, and Dan after a ten-day absence. I missed the Summit so much and missed your anniversary as well. May there be many more to savor. I was wondering how to catch up with ten days of the summit, and realized in the next moment that there is obviously no need to catch up. I can sip this fine wine for months to come beyond our formal days together with my full access pass! Are we having a party on the last day? I’ll bring the singing bowl! it’s good to be home with my online family. See you all tomorrow.

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