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Dan Harris – Taming The Voice In Your Head

From Skeptic To Meditator. Dan Harris Shares How He ‘Tamed The Voice In His Head’ & How You Can Too

Dan Harris is co-anchor of Nightline and the weekend editions of Good Morning America. He is a correspondent for ABC News and regularly reports for 20/20, World News with Diane Sawyer and weekday editions of Good Morning America. He has travelled extensively as a news correspondent including Iraq and Afghanistan.

He is also the bestselling author of 10% Happier: How I Tamed the Voice in My Head, Reduced Stress Without Losing My Edge, and Found Self-Help That Truly Works.

In this interview Dan talks candidly about his own journey into mindfulness and how he went from being a skeptic to being a very public advocate of meditation.

You’ll also learn about…

  • How the voice in your head can be ‘tamed’ through mindfulness practice.
  • Why meditation won’t make you lose your edge. How it makes you more focussed and productive
  • The practical benefits of mindful living (that every A-type needs to hear).

Language warning. There is a bit of swearing in this one.

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Show Notes

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Together with Joseph Goldstein, Dan has created a mindfulness app for every day people which you can check out here

His book can also be found here




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Purchase a full access pass to unlock downloads for the full interview transcripts, audio, video and separate audio meditation tracks.

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302 Responses

      1. tonya lambertz

        I’m with you 110% on that. I think you must be ready for them though. If he was talking about A New Earth maybe he can try again another time in his life.

        1. tonya lambertz

          I meant im 110% with Saras comment above. I too love Eckhart Tolles book A New Earth. It has changed my life in much the same way it seems as meditation has changed others. its funny that really it is the exact same thing. Eckhart shows you how to practice being present throughout the day, which brings the same learning situations into the light. He also explains a lot about why people think the way they do and and how to notice your own thughts. Maybe his teachings have more of a spiritual aspect to it than meditation does, but either way you really cant help but know a deeper power is helping the world to become a more peaceful place.

    1. sunita

      I love Echart Tolle too. His calmness and ability to be in the moment at all times is what draws my attention most.
      Thank you Dan for sharing your ideas. I am hopeful that soon mindfulness will be mainstream and this world will be a happier, calmer place to live in.

      Thank you as always to our lovely host, for doing this.

  1. Cecelia

    Great interview with Dan Harris! I really made me think about that voice in the head I could so well related to. I loved what he said about mediation.! Especially if you only do something for 5 minutes, just stick to it everyday. Great advice.

  2. Jim Bax

    Really enjoying the summit. Each speaker has been useful in different ways, I’m enjoying the variety. Also enjoying Melli’s presentation, her enthusiasm and humility. Thanks so much.

  3. Tanya Khetarpal

    Thank you Dan for being so honest about your experience. Since we are all energy and the law of cause and effect is at work (since energy is not lost) it is easy to see that a shift in the energy we bring to our relationships can change our world – and that of others. We have a responsibility to ourselves and to those who come in contact with our energy field to practice mindfulness and kindness. It is the path.

    Looking forward to reading your book, Dan. Thanks again for your contribution here!

  4. Maria Anagnostellis

    Thank you .. i enjoyed this and think it is great to get a different angel from angle from someone who is still in his ‘reality’ but using mindfulness to his advantage and is so open about his path.

  5. Zara Ellis

    Rather poignant testimony by Nightline co-anchor and ABC News Correspondent Dan Harris, on overcoming personal frailty in a public setting, particularly when reporting from locales with admittedly higher religious journeys (Hadj), that exemplify or reward life after death. Respectfully, Zara Ellis, QUALLA BOUNDARY

  6. Elaine Swenson

    Good job with this interview with Dan Harris. It certainly is more friendly and intimate with the give and take of two people and there were far fewer interruptions on the part of the interviewer. Not an easy task. Well done.

  7. Liz Shon

    Thank you for sharing your ideas for alternate titles for your book. “The Voice Inside is an Asshole” is one that many of us and our clients can relate to! And Dan’s wife’s idea of 90% Still a Moron speaks to how it takes time and practice, and with persistence, it as Dan says, gets incrementally better.
    I also appreciated the conciseness of the talk today, so us Type As can get back to work and the enjoyment of the weekend!

  8. christina wat

    Truly believe that mindfulness practice will be able to calm the world, allowing us to make better decisions and treating ourselves and others in a better way ! Thank you for Day 3 !

  9. Cinzia Russo

    Summit is great! My Saturday was much more relaxed than usual and I’ve got a feeling it’s to do with all the great ideas and concepts these talks are providing . well done to the team that organized this!! And thank you !!

  10. Mae Reeves

    Seeing that Dan was gonna be in on this is what made me sign up! I’d read Tolle, Dyer, Thich, etc & about 4mo ago came across his book & read it and laughed bc it’s the exact path I was having – catalyst event, read into meditation and mindfulness but skeptic and struggling to accept it. It was his book that got me back into the process again & has helped me to re-embrance the process. Loved this interview & thank you melli for providing us with this interview with Dan!

  11. jennifer garza

    I was very excited about this Mindfulness Summit. I am on day 3 and can not make it though any of the videos due to the interview techniques of Melli. All the extra noise is so distracting!

  12. Aswini Raveendran

    This is such a great one, a really honest take on the whole practice. It clearly highlighted the potential benefits: Being able to interact better with your thoughts, have more control over your reactions. It again emphasizes the continual nature of the meditation practice! Thank you very much, it was a wonderful!

  13. Ellen Cedergreen

    Good talk, thank you. As a Type B I was initially assuming there would be nothing here for me, but that was not the case. I’m glad mindfulness is reaching the mainstream and Dan is proof of that. It takes courage to make those changes. Appreciated his candidness and intelligence and dedication to his own practice. Loving this summit. Many thanks!

  14. Debbie Gardner

    definitely enjoying the summit so far ✌however logging in hasn’ t been user friendly a little confusing at times
    Namaste to folks who have previously posted some how to instructions ????

    1. Jean Hand

      This has happened to me as well. Not sure why but decided to try sitting right next to the wireless router and this has worked, The recording has not cut out so far. Was laughing with the thought of it cutting out during one of the meditations and I might remain deep in meditation for a bit of time.

  15. Jennifer Hawkins

    Hi. We only have 24 hours to view these and during that time we are supposed to be able to see the transcripts and what not. However, I live in the US and am trying to stay within that 24 hours, but for example, it is 3 October where I am, but all of the comments on here say 4 October. Also, it’s giving me a hard time accessing transcripts and what not – as if I’m past the 24 hour period. I think that maybe the system that is being used isn’t calculating in the international dateline, so people in my part of the world are coming up as “outside” of the allowed time when we actually aren’t. I was wondering if anyone could help.

    1. Paul Monopoli

      As someone who has had panic attacks (fortunately not on live TV) I understand where you are coming from and I am glad you found peace. You met Eckhart Tolle, have you read any of his books? His books were helpful to me.

  16. Carol D

    Thanks for the “Voice in my head is an asshole” comment Dan. It immediately clicked a shift in my own thoughts and provided a different perspective. Thanks for your honesty and your path.

  17. Dana Kenneth+Lewis

    Melli & co: G’Day! Loving this immensely. Each day has been remarkable in its own way, of its own voice. This is a great and noble thing you are doing Melli, one step closer to the ‘tipping point’ where mindful people are of such a number that the world changes (for the better), ‘peace with every step’ as Thich Nhat Hanh says. Loving the dialogue approach, split-screen (though some commenters don’t like it) and imo Melli’s authenticity and mindful speech come across very well to me. Looking forward to the next one! From Newark, Delaware USA.

    1. Laurel Hays

      Yes you are right. One of the best definitions of mindfulness comes from Jon Kabat-Zinn, the founder of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction. Kabat-Zinn said that mindfulness is, “paying attention on purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgmentally, to the unfolding of experience moment to moment.” So mindfulness meditation involves paying attention to the breath and body and thoughts that arise and nonjudgmentally bringing the meditative focus back to the breathing

  18. Rhodeena

    I would read a book entitled, “The Voice in my Head is an Asshole.” Where 10% Happier just passed by without my even noticing. Thanks for sharing Dan’s path.

  19. tawnya

    I just finished the 10% Happier course from Dan and it was amazing. I also loved the book. He is so honest and down to earth. Thanks to Dan for giving me the incentive to finally sit down and do this.

  20. Cheri LaRochelle

    I have read the book and it lead to my practice. Happy to see Joseph and Dan back to back here since Joseph was one of his teachers. I had not heard the “90% still a moron” or the original title “The Voice in my head is an Asshole.” I think Dan’s “swearing” adds to the authenticity and I appreicate his cussing! I will strive to ask myself on the 17th time a rumination comes into my head if it is useful.

  21. josie scott

    Thanks Dan and Melli, hearing you clearly in NZ! It occurs to me how wonderful it would be if instead of tuning in to the news the same number of people listened to a broadcast like this once or twice a week…

  22. Helena Saray

    Day 3: another informative talk, truly enjoyed listening. Thank you Dan for sharing your experiences of your journey and your take on meditation and mindfulness. And once again thank you Melli for the dialog, love your style and engagement. And thank you so much for allowing the past talks to be available for us to access anytime, I fined myself going back and reviewing them. Gratitude from California, USA.

  23. Sandra Macher

    my voice in my head is an ARSCHLOCH too!! But while meditating I get a good distance to it and I can handle having it on board, as I encounter all the other positive aspects of my being at the same time…thanks once again to the summit-team, I have joined in every day from Switzerland and I wish more people in my country will also choose the mindful path.

  24. Sylvia Mascarenhas

    Thank you Sounds True for this wonderful Summit. It is heartening to know that when each of us make change in some small way, the whole world could change. I like when Dan Harris says “happiness should not be confused with complacency” and that” commitment to meditate is an important habit- even if for a few minutes”. It as helped me curb judgment, resistance & useless chatter in my mind & instead I find myself being more accepting, compassionate & at peace.

  25. Edith Nolan

    This was the best interview so far. Thank you Dan for your honesty and down to earth style. I enjoyed listening and learned a lot as well. I will definitely check out the book.

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