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Technology, Mindful Business & Leadership

Dr. Dan Siegel & Caroline Welch on Technology, Mindful Business & Leadership

Daniel J. Siegel, M.D is an internationally acclaimed author, award-winning educator and a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the UCLA School of Medicine. He is also co-director of the Mindful Awareness Research Center. He is the Executive Director of the Mindsight Institute, an educational center devoted to promoting insight, compassion, and empathy in individuals, families, institutions and communities.

Caroline Welch is chief executive officer at Mind Your Brain, Inc. Her experience in law, mediation and mindfulness has led her to be an invited speaker, most recently at the International Business Mediation Conference in Admont, Austria and at CIMBA’s Executive MBA Program in Asolo, Italy.

In this interview join Dan and Caroline as they talk about how mindfulness affects your brain and therefore your life. You’ll learn…

  • How technology addiction and digital overload can affect our brains.
  • Practical tips on using the technology in your life with more wisdom and skill.
  • The handy model of the brain. An easy and fun way to understand how mindfulness affects the brain.
  • What happens when you practice mindfulness over time
  • Why mindfulness is anti-aging
  • Why mindfulness in business is important and what the true meaning of mindful leadership is

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Show Notes

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Purchase a full access pass to unlock downloads for the full interview transcripts, audio, video and separate audio meditation tracks.

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Purchase a full access pass to unlock downloads for the full interview transcripts, audio, video and separate audio meditation tracks.

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109 Responses

  1. Today is a very special day for Matty and I. It’s our 17 year anniversary (we got together when we were 19!). It’s an amazing time for us right now combining our passions and our skills together to make the ‪#‎mindfulnesssummit‬ happen. I feel like the luckiest gal in the world to be with such a smart, fun and bighearted man. I am very much in love
    smile emoticon

    Today is made even more special by the fact that we’re sharing today with over 200,000 of you joining us for the summit!

    Oh, and speaking of luurve, thank you for all the comments expressing gratitude and warm wishes towards us both. We have been very touched by the many messages we’ve received.

    Enjoy today’s presentation!

    1. Anthony Hurdidge

      Congratulations to you both, you’ll need a well earned break when the summit finishes

      Doing some catch up today, so have 2 talks to listen to. A huge thank you to you both for all the hard work that has gone into preparing and delivering this informative summit. I am learning so much about myself and about the journey ahead, as I’m sure, are thousands of attendees.

      We have so much technology around us these days, it hard to have “quiet time”, so I’m looking forward to listening to Dan and Caroline.

      Have a great weekend everone

    2. Miguel Prohaska

      Good morning (in Toronto, Ontario) Mellisa:

      You have been blessed by the fact that the most important person in your life shares your passion for mindfulness.

      This leads to this question: how do we share what we learned about mindfulness with our significant others when they do not seem at all interested?

      Wishing you all the best.

      1. Sharon Hanna

        Miguel – I think many people have this “problem” or consideration. I have found the best thing to do is demonstrate – in other words, walk the walk…..and see what happens. Often it has been my experience that when I did workshops and seminars etc. – the rest of my family got better 😉

      2. Hi Miguel,

        Well, for many years Matty actually did not practice mindfulness in the formal sense even though i was very devoted – he was not interested at all so I completely relate to what your saying -although mindfulness as a natural trait in Matty seems very strong.

        I heard Eckhart Tolle talking to a woman in his audience on day at a retreat and she asked the question you just asked. He replied “How many people does it take to make your life into a spiritual practice…only one”

        When I heard that i relaized I has not been accepting things aka Matty as he was. I had a huge sense of relief and love wash over me. I decided he is perfect as he is. Practice or no practice. I decided also that what i wanted was to be with him, not someone else more ‘spiritual’ and i remembered that love is a verb. So I loved him as he was and honestly completely let go of ideas of him having to be different. It felt so much more intimate.

        Then later for his own reasons, he decided to give it a go. I hope this little story is helpful in some way for you.

        1. Demetria Huntley

          Thank you for this wonderful summit. My husband and I have been married for 30 years and the more you accept the more you grow and the more your surprise each other.

        2. Judy Stone

          Happy anniversary, Mellie. This has been one of my favorite talks, not just for the content but because I so enjoyed you all interacting and your happy, open faces.
          A very nice way to end the evening…Appreciate the tips, too, about my internet addiction.
          Are there references for some of the scientific studies you allude to posted anywhere handy, or that you might send out? One of the things that drew me to this was how Jon Kabat-Zinn approached this scientifically, as well as the awesome retreat I went to with him ~26 years ago…
          Thanks for putting together this program, Mellie, and congratulations on your achievements.

        3. Anna K

          Thank you so much Melli for sharing your story! I had the same question, just didn’t had a chance to formulate it here. But was so happy to find your answer here in comments. Your words is such a relief for me) it feels so true! Thank you! And Thanks so much for organising this amazing event! Thanks for all the insights and incredible atmosphere you create by your own Presence.

        4. Miguel Prohaska

          Hi Sharon and Mellisa:
          Thank you very much for taking the time to share your experiences and in detail. They strongly confirm what I thought: practice what you learned and then others might get interested.

    3. Kathie Campbell

      Congratulations! What you have created with this mindfulness summit, my 1st exposure to the concept, is wonderful. I feel there is a whole new world of experience and peace waiting for me as I develop a daily practice.

    4. patty

      Happy Anniversary!! This Summit is such a gift. Huge thanks. I loved Caroline’s and Dan’s presentation today, and I’m excited about the resources all the speakers have made available. Thank you so much!!

    5. marina bresciani

      Congratulations! Every day the Summit is soe interesting and inspiring. It give me the strong feeling I am in the right way and I am sharing this with a larger and larger amount of people.
      Thank you for that and thank you for this amazing moments!

    6. peggyohare9977

      Congratulations, Bravo, Chapeau and all in between to you both for having the vision to create this Summit. I am 75 years old, live in England and have had amazing experiences on my spiritual journey. Worked very closed with Deepak Chopra. I cannot recall such excitement and wonder with which I approach each day’s teachings.
      I have purchased the entire package and have a deep knowingness that the material will enrich not only my life but the lives of my students, colleagues and family. Thank you, thank you.,

    7. Tanya Khetarpal

      Congratulations and wishing you many more years of mindful love! Thank you for all the great information presented here. I am so glad I was invited by a friend to watch and listen. Enjoying it thoroughly!

    8. Katja Fleck

      Happy Anniversary! I hope you guys had a fabulous celebration.
      Thank you for this summit. I really start to wonder how I will be able to carry on without listening to one of the talks daily. At least I can carry on practising 😉
      Have a lovely weekend everyone!

    9. Chris Keppie

      Thanks for sharing that! I love the simple humanity that you and others share in this, as well as the lucid science / spirituality. It makes it even more powerful! Nice to see how in love Dan and Caroline seemed too 🙂

      And thank you so much for this truly awesome summit. It’s been beyond my expectations – and they were pretty high! If I can implement a tiny fraction of all the wisdom and compassionate insight I’ve noted, I’ll be very happy.

      200,000 now… Wow! Here’s to the critical mass…

      Very best wishes to you all. Chris (Stroud, England)

    10. Margaret

      Thank YOU Mellie! Congratulations on both your anniversary and on this wonderful initiative. I have been loving my early morning sessions each day and have gained so much from them. Love and light to you and your 200,000 fans!

    11. Terri Ferraro

      Congratulations Melli on both your anniversary and the mindfulness summit! May you both share many more happy years together. Thank you so much for organising this amazing summit. The timing is perfect for me , I’m approaching my 50th birthday and need to make significant changes in my life to improve quality and prevent disease. I began meditating at the beginning of the year, however did not continue. This summit has given me so many reasons to commit to not just meditation but to living the ideals of mindfulness daily. The guest speakers are fascinating and the information they share is inspiring my commitment to mindfulness. Thank you so much! ????


      Congratulations! and thank you for your gift to us. The Mindful Summit has been so fulfilling-like what your union sounds like–it emanates from both of you! Wishing you continued love and happiness!

  2. Iris Wieman

    I’m very grateful that technology has provided me with another fascinating interview. I very much share Caroline and Dan’s concerns about digital overload, but the internet opens a lot of doors for me when it comes to mindfulness. Keeping up my meditation practice (which can be a real struggle) wouldn’t have been possible without the support of podcasts, videos and websites from all over the world. So, once again, thank you Melli and thank you Dan and Caroline!

  3. Jenny Hoolachan

    The argument that it’s so important to have a break from technology each day is definitely one I agree with although it’s frustrating when you’re with people who disagree! I’m also in love with the idea of including mindfulness in the workplace. I work in a very stressful busy environment and I often think that the atmosphere would be so different (and healthier) if people took more time to look after themselves physically and mentally during the day

  4. Anthony Hurdidge

    Wow… what an interesting and humours talk from Caroline and Dan. I’m saddened by the huge numbers of people, especially young people, whose seem to be unable to live a moment without a gadget attached to their ears or in their hands.

    We seem to have lost the ability to view the world around us, watching the clouds passing, listening to the natural world, watching the stars. I agree with both speakers that we have to manage our time with technology otherwise we will have minds like closed parachutes, missing out on what it really important to us.

    Our time is precious on this planet, lets manage it wisely.

    Have a fun weekend

  5. Ian James

    Really enjoyed today’s interview with Dan and Caroline, I have been following Dan’s work around MIndsight and Brain Science connected to Mindfulness I find very insightful and useful in my work here at Cotswold Natural Mindfulness. I am running a Mindful Leadership course next week for senior managers in the UK’s fastest growing mobile network provider, so this interview and others have been great preparation for that. Thank you Melli and your team once more 🙂 Ian Banyard UK

  6. Josephine Sweeney

    Happy 17th Anniversary Melissa & Matty…………Your message brought a tear to my eye and a warmth to my heart as you share such an important day with us all….I hope it is full of Romance & Memories!

    I’m looking forward to the learning that will evolve in the talk today with Dan & Caroline in particular, because, we have had allot of issues over the past couple of years with our 15year old son and his beloved phone! We are hands on parents and try to teach our son to be mindful of the constant “interruptions” on his time, from friends posting messages on face book and to make a choice on when to respond rather than feeling the need to react when his phone goes “ping” with another message. We also don ‘t allow him to have access to his phone during homework/study time, and night time. This has gone down like a “lead balloon” and has caused lots of conflict within the family, and I do believe, he has, in the past, been addicted to the constant need to respond to messages. We have however remained firm with our boundaries and united in our quest to help him. This has helped enormously and I am delighted to say that for the first time in (3 years) he is reading again at night. So anyone else who is struggling with “teenage” technology, my advice to you is keep grounded and a united front.

    It’s a beautiful sunny day here in the West of Ireland, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to be part of this revolution…….may you all be happy …….may you all be well……….may you all be free of suffering needlessly…..

    1. Wow, that’s awesome Josephine. Good advice. Beautiful blessings. It’s sunny here in Byron Bay today and we are both feeling pretty energised today. I sprung a surprise on Matty last night. I pretended we were going to a restaurant but i had set up a beautiful candle lit picnic under the stars in a secret place in the forest! We fell asleep under the stars and to the sounds of crickets and ocean…ahhhhh refreshed!

  7. Michael Cowley

    Simply said:
    – Mental hygiene is as important as any other hygiene.
    – integration promotes healthy self-regulation
    – meditation promotes activation
    I get the thought that to strengthen the pre-frontal cortex can strenghten my life to flourish wherever I am …

  8. Feyza

    I’ve been following this summit since the beginning and i gues today was extra lovely and enjoyable. I simply adore them! Thank you everyone and thanks to you specially Meli! You guys are awesome..

  9. Darren

    “Our dreams and stories may contain implicit aspects of our lives even without our awareness. In fact, storytelling may be a primary way in which we can linguistically communicate to others—as well as to ourselves—the sometimes hidden contents of our implicitly remembering minds. Stories make available perspectives on the emotional themes of our implicit memory that may otherwise be consciously unavailable to us. This may be one reason why journal writing and intimate communication with others, which are so often narrative processes, have such powerful organizing effects on the mind: They allow us to modulate our emotions and make sense of the world,”

    “Each of us needs periods in which our minds can focus inwardly. Solitude is an essential experience for the mind to organize its own processes and create an internal state of resonance. In such a state, the self is able to alter its constraints by directly reducing the input from interactions with others. (p. 235)”

    ― Daniel J. Siegel, The Developing Mind: How Relationships and the Brain Interact to Shape Who We Are
    (Courtesy GoodReads).

    A powerful take-away message we all need to get, is the necessity of sleep in our lives. Other coursework in neuroscience I’ve exposed myself to, along with courses on teaching and learning, accent the disconnect we’re living with from the necessity of sleep.

    This issue is bigger when the mind (the brain) is by necessity forced into being ‘ground-under-repair; (due to physical or psychological injury). Sleep’s purpose of clearing the brain of toxins-it’s a necessity we learn to appreciate this truth-we sicken our brains with toxic overload when we live sleep-deprived lives.

    Humans are an organism that is a part of a greater whole. This too comes through in this interview. Mindful Practice keeps us connected to the self, others, nature, the world. Thank you, for these lessons. This 31 days is helping me to ‘walk the talk’. The value has always been evident in the knowledge of such practices as Mindfulness. Putting the concepts into daily practice is what’s needed to experience the very real benefits, first-hand.

    “Presencing” is a concept in leadership, based on Mindful Practices (Mindfulness is integrated into this leadership education). A second gift that came my way this month, was an invite into a course in leadership that proposes Mindfulness Practice, and working through healing arts to become our authentic selves. As we become rebalanced physiologically, and as we heal towards a richer experience of authenticity, the benefits transfer in our work and home relationships, ultimately across the world.

    It’s by healing the relationship with self (using Mindfulness and other meditation practices) that we ultimately heal the world. Unconscious Living, Dan speaks to this clearly, has driven us collectively into an experience of putting the earth in jeopardy-we’ve caused so much harm by not being Mindful, by not living in full conscious awareness of the impact of our individual choices impacting the whole world along the chain of enacted Karma.

    Thank you all for the blessing this morning. Be Well.

    You are correct, Melli, I suspect: Mindfulness alone, shared with the masses, can contribute significantly to positive change across the globe.

    1. Eugene McCreary

      On sleep, Shakespeare said it best: “the gentle sleep, That knits up the ravelled sleeve of care, death to each day’s life, Sore labor’s bath, balm of hurt minds, Great Nature’s second course, chief nourisher in life’s feast.

  10. Tucker Rogers

    great pair to present for an interview on your anniversary! This is a supremely practical discussion but also very loving and an example of partners working together for a common purpose in two different realms as friends and significant others.

  11. christina wat

    Thank you ! Another great day ! Few key learnings I want to share ;

    1. Mental hygiene : Try starting the day with mindfulness practices.
    2. Use technoglogy wisely : Timing and non elctronic living

  12. Ginger Kenney

    Happy anniversary Melli! Loving the summit!!! Thank you so much for offering it for free. A true labor of love for which I am tremendously grateful! PS: please forgive the correction but your first sentence should have ended with “Mattie and me”. My mother was a grammar nazi and I’m afraid I inherited it from her.

  13. Eugene McCreary

    Especially good that Dan emphasizes this outward connection of mindfulness, to be aware of this whole wondrous world of which we are just a small part. And interaction with people is a huge part of our daily life, and we have to learn how to deal with spousal issues, issues with our children, issues with friends, all skills to be learned that mindfulness can help us with mightily.

  14. Nancy Kamm

    Congratulations Melli and Matty! This is a wonderful summit and I especially enjoyed today’s speakers. I’ve learned so much and am incorporating it to my daily life. I recommended this summit to my 50-odd tai chi students and was so pleased today after class when one of my students came up and expressed her appreciation in my recommendation and said she and her husband were getting so much out of it. This summit has truly been a gift! Thank you.

  15. Karen Maizel

    Happy Anniversary to dear Melli and Matty! I have been enjoying this summit each and every day! I am inspired and thank you for inviting “mwe” and putting this summit together. You are an angel.

  16. anicolville12478758

    Thank you so much, very happy Anniversary Mellie and Matty, just wonderful to experience the warmth and reality of this interview and it brings so much hope to our world, a deep bow

    ani xx

  17. Lucy Gore

    Ah, that’s lovely that you are very much still on the same journey together. What a happy day, and to plenty more in the future. Thank you for this gorgeous summit. I am loving it so much. The mindfulness practice has brought to light that I don’t breathe properly and my body has begun to feel the effects of it. I meditate and run already when I am very conscious of my breath but for some reason in rest or any other time, I am aware of how difficult I find it to breathe. Any suggestions please? Xxx

  18. Gelza barbosa

    Excellent class! You both are so cute. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us.
    Good luck with your mindfullness project that I also hope to be successful.
    Best regards from Brazil

  19. Bonnie

    I love the fact that a couple in a mindfulness relationship with life and each other are doing this summit. You could see the restive love they share. Thank you Mellie for all your hard work. I find being an older person who is exposed to all the techie information very intrigued and inspired. In retirement I am able to spend a great amount of time in both areas. Techie and mindfulness! What a blessing being exposed to all you lovely people through this little screen!

  20. Catherine Norr

    Learning more about our brains…and my brain…from the great talks & interviews has been very helpful. It is encouraging me to continue pursuing mindfulness, through meditation and listening to & reading more. Thank you. Good questions that draw out good responses! And Happy Anniversary! Catherine Norr, Schenectady, NY, USA

  21. Teresa Jennings

    Like many others I would like to express my gratitude for such an inspiring summit. I work in healthcare in the UK as a psychologist supporting staff. We run mindfulness based sessions for staff to attend at work and have recently started planning specific workshops for leaders on mindfulness. The feedback we get is so positive in that staff feel the organisation cares for them and this impacts on their wellbeing at work which in turn improves the patients experience.I have taken so many interesting bits of learning and experiences from each of these speakers and will feed it into the growing programme of mindfulness work we do for NHS staff. Thank you ! ???? Teresa Jennings

  22. Julie Sherratt

    I love that Dan and Caroline talked about the use of technology in balance, we sometimes see it as an enemy, but I am only on my current path because technology has allowed me to connect with like minded individuals who I would never have met due to my circumstances. It has allowed me to grow emotionally, spiritually and professionally. However I am strict with my own limits and also with my children, interestingly they were both listening to this talk avidly as they do sometimes struggle with the constraints on their screen time (they are 10 and 14). There is hope though as the eldest is getting better at handing me her phone when she needs to focus on her homework and she no longer uses the TV she had in her room for her last birthday. They also both recognise how much more creative they are than their friends as they have time to explore and enjoy other activities. I strongly feel that as a society we need technology to create the critical mass that Meli speaks of but that we have to ensure that we counter the ‘addictive’ rabbit hole qualities by maintaining our own personal practice to ensure we remain present and aware.

    Grateful thanks for the technology that has enabled this thought provoking, enlightening, critical mass building series to connect us all x x x

  23. Tricia Cox

    My favourite interview so far. Really resonated with me, especially mindless use of technology. My challenge now is to reduce use of technology and become more mindful when I do log on. This will change my life!!

  24. Ivar Rand

    I am from Edmonton Alberta Canada and a new student to mindfulness and I have learned a lot from your Summit. I would thank you for your efforts in providing this summit along with all the persons involved in this Summit.

    I wish you the best in your loving relationship.

  25. Teresa Leiva

    Congratulations to both of you! You are very lucky for being together. Thanks for your generosity. Lots of love send you for many more years of happiness from Spain

  26. ana cusi

    First of all, congratulations Melli and Matty!! Keep enjoying the ride!! (26 years with my hubby:)
    I just wanted to share that I really enjoyed this interview. I wonder though how is it possible to by mindful working in the medical field. Nurses always rushing, patients with huge needs and not enough time to be with them because the clock is ticking and the day has certain amount of hours…
    Because even when docs are present at the moment, they have so much on their plates that is really hard not to think about the next minute task…I am close to one and he struggles every day, trying to slow down, and it seems impossible…phone on, beeper, you name it!
    Meetings here and there, docs/patients/colleagues/staff calling or emailing expecting answers right away, and datelines everywhere.
    I want to believe it is possible! Any ideas?
    Thank you again Melli for putting together this Summit! It is super!

    1. I would love to hear some suggestions on this too. I think it’s not just nurses and medical staff but so many of us these days are under huge demands so we need to open up conversations about how to realistically bring mindfulness into our busy lives and also, i think, this conversation should include questioning wether or not these demands on us are good for us.

      I think many of us need to challenge our workplaces and our culture to open up more space in our lives. More pauses and more breathing room means we’ll all be healthier and happier.

  27. Shantelle Bates

    Happy Anniversary to you both, wishing you all the best for the many years to come.
    Thanks for an wonderful and informative session, showing just how much and impact that current technology and our world has on us. It’s very easy to fall into a habit and overlook something that seems so insignificant, something that we feel improves our lives, and yet has a bigger effect than what we thought.
    Thanks for the insight, looking forward to the next session

  28. ana cusi

    Congratulations to both and keep enjoying the ride!!
    Thanks again for this wonderful summit, it is great!
    My only wonder is how to help people in the medical field to be able to slow down and live more mindfully. Docs/nurses/staff always rushing. Patients with lots of needs wanting to know the answer as soon as possible. Meetings, datelines, emails, phone calls at any time because there is always something urgent!
    And I am talking about a doc, whom I know, and he lives his life as mindful as he can:) and still always feels behind…

  29. Sharon Fierro

    Very nice! I am sooo enjoying the diversity within this program. It is opening up so many possibilities for a rich, daily practice and interaction with others and our planet! With gratitude

  30. ilyana kadushin

    Melli, I loved this talk with Dr. Dan Siegel & Caroline Welch, they do incredible work. I have enjoyed every guest you have provided and in a different ways. Thanks again for providing such diverse and interesting teachers of Mindfulness Practice. Happy Anniversary!

  31. Rose Chan

    Happy Anniversary, so wonderful we can share and celebrate with you globally! Really enjoyed the humor and light hearted session today and receiving deep and practical teachings . Thank you for the posts of experience especially regarding teenagers with gadgets , I shared today’s talk with my 15 year teenage daughter but she was more interested to continuously hear the new song by One Direction out today!

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