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Mindfulness With Technology & The Power of Authenticity

Mindfulness With Technology & The Power of Authenticity – Lori Deschene

Lori Deschene is the founder and site director of the wonderful website TinyBuddha.com. She is also the author of Tiny Buddha: Simple Wisdom For Life’s Hard Questions, The Tiny Wisdom eBook Series and Tiny Buddha’s Guide to Loving Yourself: 40 Ways to Transform Your Inner Critic and Your Life.

Today listen to Lori as she describes having the realisation “I am not my mind, I am not my thoughts” and how it freed her from getting caught up in emotional reactivity and helped her cultivate self forgiveness and self compassion.

In this interview you’ll also hear Lori’s tips on how to use technology mindfully and why she believes mindfulness helps you be your true self.

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Show Notes

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Purchase a full access pass to unlock downloads for the full interview transcripts, audio, video and separate audio meditation tracks.

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Purchase a full access pass to unlock downloads for the full interview transcripts, audio, video and separate audio meditation tracks.

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83 Responses

  1. sue

    thanks for your website tiny bhudda , I have forwarded it to my niece. thanks for sharing your thoughts and self =thoughts via the video link , its been great being reassured other people worry naturally and imperfectly

  2. Belinfa Pringle

    So lovely to hear Lori speaking after being a Tiny Buddha fan for so long. Thanks Melli ! Extraordinary line up you have created and I’m learning and laughing with self recognition so much. And also, yes, the Tiny Buddha book is awesome, I have already started the October challenges.

  3. Susie Hopkins

    That is so lovely and freaky, Lori’s favorite quote is the same as mine, though I read it in Craig Hassad and Stephen McKenzie’s book, Mindfulness for Life – I wonder who said it first? 🙂

  4. christina wat

    Enjoyed this session. Truly believe that mindfulness practices will allow people to understand each other more. Love the advice on use of tecnhology : experience now and share later. Do not need to reply everyone instantly. Love the quote :Worry looks around, Fear looks back. Faith looks up. Guilt looks down, but I look forward !

    Thank you !

  5. Jim Bright

    Regarding the issue of having the phone on you in case of an emergency with a family member, perhaps an app should be made where you can put your phone in to “family emergency only mode” or something, so that you can have the space when you need it, with the peace of mind that if there is a real emergency you can still be contacted. Just a thought 🙂 Great talk today, I really enjoyed it.

    1. Leta Mosier

      LG has made this feature available. It is Priority Only in the settings menu. I usually only use it after 9 pm to 7 am or when at the spa for school or training. I think I may use it more often after learning so much in this
      Summit. I have taken at least a page full of notes every day of the summit. Great info! Thanks Melli, & your support team and to all the guests. It is a beautiful day here in Oklahoma City, OK, USA blessings to all.

  6. Jim Bright

    I was just reading a little more about Lori Deschene and Tiny Buddha on Wikipedia. What an inspiring story she has and what an inspiration she is ! Thanks Melli & Team for introducing another great source to learn from.

  7. Linda Breitenstein

    Many thanks for this wonderful summit and for today’s guest speaker. I am learning so much from all the wisdom being shared this month and am deeply grateful. I am 67 years old and very new to mindfulness and meditation. I find it both challenging and rewarding. I like that it is a practice. Lori said that we are not our thoughts and that one nugget of wisdom is something that will be with me forever.

    Again, I am deeply grateful for everyone here who is helping all of us have a more meaningful life.

  8. Elena Sanchez

    EXCELLENT and a MUST listen to young audience. Young adults should give this podcast a try! Thanks for this opportunity because this will hopefully reach this particular audience- who are, in turn, the future professionals and “shapers” of the world.

  9. Kim Douglass

    What an amazing interview. Lori, you are my kind of girl. What you said resonated with me 100%. It is funny when I watched this video, it was like looking into a mirror. You struggle with the same exact things that I do, and I can only hope to find more peace from my mindfulness practice as you have. I have never heard of your website, but I am excited to join the community and I can already think of a few friends that would enjoy your book at Christmas time! All the best!


    Loving the summit however disappointed in the decision to remove access to previous speakers if you can’t manage to access the talks at the allocated time. Think that many people will be excluded because of work and family pressures. When we are promoting non-striving and non-grasping it is unfortunate that there is a pressure of time regarding access. I know that a full access pass can be purchased which is an obstacle to those who are not in the financial position to buy the pass. Although it says a ‘donation’ clearly there is a price stipulated with no concession rate available. This is unfortunate as many people I know just cannot afford to pay.

    1. jeanette

      I agree. I really can’t afford to purchase the full access pass as I am on a very limited pension. I have been trying to listen to each speaker but last week was very busy and difficult for me so I missed quite a few – even if they could be left up for longer – 4 days perhaps or better still for the duration of the summit – til the end of the month. I just don’t have time to listen immediately – for instance it is 1.30 am atm where I am in Melbourne listening to this now.. For someone who was born before TV in this country the new technology is just amazing – but I also need to get out meet new people face to face and spend time with my family.

      1. Jolien

        I am also unable to watch a video every day. My solution has been to right-click on the video and click “Save video as”. I still have to go online every day to be in time to download the video, but now I can watch them at a later time. I’ve thought about buying a full access pass, but finances were indeed the reason for me not to do it.

    2. Christine Harrison

      This is very true. My sister suffers with chronic pain from arthritis. unfortunately by the time I realised she could benefit from the session about living with chronic pain, sharing it on FB for her to access and her actually trying to, the time had run out. Again unfortunate that neither of us is in a position to be able to ‘donate’ so this potentially valuable resource is lost to us.

  11. Linda V

    Again very distracting with the constant “mmm-hmm” “yup” “ah-haaaa” vocalizations and interruptions by Melli. Please allow the speaker to finish their thought before interrupting on an entirely unrelated tangent. It seems very inconsiderate.

    1. jeanette

      At first I found Melli very distracting even annoying – by practising mindfulness I’ve just been able to let it go and focus on the speaker and their inspiring talks – so not only does it no longer bother me but actually I feel I’m getting to know Melli as a person who is sincere and genuinely empathic. And we should all be so grateful that she has organized this informative and inspiring series of talks in this truly enlightening field.

    2. Chrisy

      This utterances I believe come about because Melli is truly in the moment. She is really listening and ‘with’ the other person. I’ve come to value her comments as much as the speakers…in today’s talk one comment of hers about seeing the chattering of the mind as a background radio was really useful to me.

  12. Kathleen Rutkowski

    Wonderful interview. Enjoyed very much listening to two very inspired women who use technology to connect and inspire worldwide discuss the need to use technology with intention and purpose. Great stuff.

  13. Darren

    “To love at all is to be vulnerable. Love anything and your heart will be wrung and possibly broken. If you want to make sure of keeping it intact you must give it to no one, not even an animal. Wrap it carefully round with hobbies and little luxuries; avoid all entanglements. Lock it up safe in the casket or coffin of your selfishness. But in that casket, safe, dark, motionless, airless, it will change. It will not be broken; it will become unbreakable, impenetrable, irredeemable. To love is to be vulnerable.”

    ― C.S. Lewis, The Four Loves

    That is what shone bright today-love-passion-calling-authenticity and Love. It seems every guest is living life from the inside-out, and that every guest knows the art of brilliant self-awareness, a key skill of emotional intelligence, I think, that allows us to open up to our passions; to focus our energy towards helpful service; service that brings intrinsic satisfaction with our contribution to the world-authentic living-it is worth the work to get there.

    This Summit: Brilliant and So Helpful. Learning to be Mindful is a gift we desperately need if we are seeking at all an experience of being alive, awake, open to possibility.

    Thank you, so much.

    Be Well

  14. Darren

    “If there is a state where the soul can find a resting-place secure enough to establish itself and concentrate its entire being there, with no need to remember the past or reach into the future, where time is nothing to it, where the present runs on indefinitely but this duration goes unnoticed, with no sign of the passing of time, and no other feeling of deprivation or enjoyment, pleasure or pain, desire or fear than the simple feeling of existence, a feeling that fills our soul entirely, as long as this state lasts, we can call ourselves happy, not with a poor, incomplete and relative happiness such as we find in the pleasures of life, but with a sufficient, complete and perfect happiness which leaves no emptiness to be filled in the soul.”

    ~ Jean-Jacques Rousseau

  15. Jo-Anna Roberts

    Thank you for another great insight into mindfulness that is both personal and practical. I have read many blog posts from Tiny Buddha and your chat has really made me appreciate more fully what a great resource it is.

  16. Donna

    so wonderful!

    what was striking me immediately in this talk is the same think that Melli commented on – how we are finding that different people approach this all differently – and how perfectly okay that really is

    she is so very different than me

    and yet so very much the same as me

    how beautiful to know this – to feel this

  17. Lynn Kampa

    Another great speaker. I am learning so much from this Summit. I wish, like others, that there were a day or so where we could go back and listen to a speaker that we may have missed. I understand the passes are a fund raiser so I’m not saying keep all the speakers open throughout the entire Summit, but maybe for 3 days or something like that. I miss the chronic pain speaker. I was in a car accident in January and I would love to be able to go back and listen to her. As luck would have it she is the only speaker that I’ve missed! I have been passing along information to folks unable to listen or who think mindfulness is bull— and cultivated an interest in some of them. So, Melli the number of people registered does not reflect the number of people benefiting from your effort!. Thank you

    1. Andrea Fleming

      Lynn, click on this website where you can see/read/hear several interviews with Vidyamala as well as her telling her story (scroll down to the very bottom). Hopefully, this will make up for what you missed when she presented on Day 14.

  18. Jean

    Thank you for today’s Summit. This week I have been visiting a friend who is hospitalized with a serious stroke and cannot speak. Being mindful has allowing me to be with him in such a meaningful way and to more ably put aside my tendency to worry.

  19. Maria Cristina+Silveira

    Brilliant interview! Lori summarizes the mindfulness ideas and benefits in a very simple way. I am a very sensitive person too and suffered a lot in the past. Mindfulness changed my life especially with the self compassion and acceptance, losing control. Thank you for this summit.

  20. vivianita171@hotmail.com

    Wow, I just love the way she detailed the real life situations you can find yourself mindless. I can see she is very authentic and I just love the examples of the way you can lose yourself when you are navigating in the Internet.

  21. John

    Thanks Melli for your vision and energy in putting this program together! The speakers contribution to the expanding positive impact of mindfulness is awesome. Your last question is an amazing one to consider. Although, we each run our days differently, I think we are all more alike than unlike. Through mindful practice, we do suffer less and become more self compassionate as Lori says. Imagine a world with less suffering and growing self compassion, for each other and for the earth! I think you’re on to something! Thank you Lori too for the great resources.

  22. Linda Kong

    I was laughing so much when Lori was talking about how she can sometimes mindlessly wander on the internet… She hit the nail on the head where she mentioned how you find yourself researching blenders and then it leads to reading about smoothies and then about celebrities who love smoothies. Thanks for the simple reminder: READ WHAT YOU NEED. Or I need to at least be aware “oh look I’m mindlessly wandering on the internet, let me do this for just 20 minutes” at least this way it will be intentional.

  23. Rose Chan

    Great to know Lori and the work she does, from this summit. I love Lori’s engery and smily face . I find Melli a great host at engaging so well with the speakers and never noticed any distractions friends had mentioned. Thank you for an another great day

  24. Emily Hanlon

    Thank you Mel &Lori, great tips on our practice, especially about needing control, really loving the summit Mel, you are excellent at hosting, love your acent, warm wishes Emily from Ireland xx

  25. Gabriela Turmel

    I can’t say thank you enough for the entirety of this summit. I’ve particularly loved today’s talk; it has allowed me to adjust my expectations toward the control and guilt about my thoughts through mindfulness. It was a wonderfully freeing message, a much needed reminder to me about letting things be.
    The tips about mindful use of technology were also very helpful for me, as I tend to have a problem of avoidance through mindless internet surfing.
    Thanks a lot again, looking forward to the next talks, and I am definitively going to get Lori’s book!

  26. Shantelle Bates

    Thank you Melli and Lori for another amazing session. It’s easy to feel that you are on your own when going through our individual life’s challenges, but then you hear others going through the same or similar thing and you realise that you’re not alone. The sharing of these sessions makes it so much easier to understand what they are trying to impart, and I for one am grateful for this, it helps bring it home.

  27. Gillian Moon

    Thank you this was a fantastic interview. Yes, yes mindful with technology. I am getting so much out of this seminar. Blessings of love and light from NZ

  28. Cristiane Benvenuto

    I can only thank you for such great summit. It does not feel like a heavy meeting, with lots of info. It feels light, smooth, but the amount of learning is impressive.

  29. Lisa Katz

    Melli, thank you so much. I think you are a great host too, warm and honest and engaging, and I am learning so much from this summit. I have also been talking to other people about it, and my mindful experiences are building every day. I feel very motivated and more peaceful!

  30. Melanie Beck

    Appreciate this Summit so much — any chance to bring back ONE of the most popular speakers ? Is this a possibility ?
    I missed Dan Siegel –so there – that’s my vote / request . Of course this is a GIFT and a fundraiser –
    But the biggest name ( one of many ) only offered on a FRIDAY – ugh – so sorry I missed it .
    Thanks again for this amazing informative , uplifting offering !

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