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Question & Answer With Vidyamala Burch

Question & Answer With Vidyamala Burch

Join Melli and Vidyamala to hear the answers to the top ten questions submitted by summit viewers. These questions are quite deep and profound in nature and will be beneficial for anyone interested in deepening their practice and gaining more insight. Vidyamala answers…

  • Do skilled meditators still find themselves in moments of disconnection? Do they still slip into autopilot?
  • I don’t know who I am any more. If I am not my thoughts, Not my emotions, not my body then who am I? I feel disoriented and confused about this? What is my self?
  • I’ve had what feels to be a genuine shift of consciousness into awareness but since then I’ve become completely preoccupied with mortality and the impermanence of things and feel afraid a lot of the time. Is this just a stage I need to push through?
  • In mindfulness, when do we ‘lean in’ and really experience a feeling and when do we ‘tune out’? Is there a space for doing both when you’re in pain?
  • When I feel restless and there is a strong urge to move during meditation what should I do? Should I gently move or do I have to stay perfectly still?

And more…

In the second video, experience a mindfulness practice with Angel Kyodo Williams, Founder of the Center for Transformative Change, senior mindfulness teacher and author of Being Black: Zen and the Art of Living With Fearlessness and Grace.

Listen to Vidyamala Burch here

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Listen to Angel Kyodo Williams here

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Show Notes

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If you’d like to find out more about Vidyamala Burch go to www.breathworks-mindfulness.org.uk

For more on Angel go to her website here angelkyodowilliams.com

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195 Responses

  1. Oh my gosh, second last day of the summit! How are you all going? I hope these question and answers above have been helpful for you. I can tell that many of you are having a deepening of practice from the types of questions and comments coming in. Make sure you join us for the live-stream this weekend. It’s so special to think we can all ‘be’ together as a community. Love and respect – Melli x

    PS We are hearing many requests for this summit to continue in some way, and to continue to support the community that has grown here. We are thinking about next steps and will keep you posted.

    1. Emma King

      I’m gutted I’m not able to afford the price to have full access to the talks and interviews as there’s some I’d like to listen to again. Maybe some sort of concession for those who are unable to afford the full price? Just a thought….

    2. Elena Sanchez

      I can’t thank you- and all your team- for providing us this wonderful opportunity. To me it was more than expected. I am a beginner and willing to truly embrace this practice. I already introduced it in my school; therefore, I am excited for the gradual changes that will occur thereafter.
      I would love to continue with this summit in whatever form it may take. I think that you have taken the positive advantage of the power of social media, and it’s a stepping stone toward positiveness massively spreading.
      I will continue to share with my community of ‘newbies” because I do believe that we are experiencing a transitioning period in which people are looking for a way to make this world a better, compassionate and more fruitful. Thanks again.

    3. Susan Favreau

      Thank you so much, Melli, for the incredible gift you have given us with this summit! And thank you, too, to all of your wonderful presenters for sharing their time and expertise through your summit. I am so impressed with all the good that is being done. Thank you for your generosity.

      – Susan

    4. Jim Bright

      Please add my request for the summit to continue in some way to the list Melli !!! I shall deeply miss this when it ends and would absolutely love for it to carry on. I have no mindfulness community where I live and no one to talk to about mindfulness. This online community means a lot to me and lets me connect with other people who practice. It’s done me the world of good.

    5. Marie Vaillant

      Great Summit, Melli! It was a great experience and much thanks to all your speakers. I have learned a lot of great things and for me it’s a big, big, gift. Merci beaucoup!

    6. Bindu

      Just wanted to thank you Melli and your team. I have been practicing for many years and only recently came to know this process was called “mindfulness” I would love to see some permanent community after it is all finished. I have learnt a lot. The mindfulness practices, question and answer sessions and the views of the diverse community having mindfulness in common has been enlightening. Thanks once again and hope to be in touch.

    7. Eleanor

      Melli, that would be amazing if you could keep the summit going. It has been such a fantastic resource for someone new to mindfulness. Can’t thank you enough for taking the time to put this together! You have reached out to Scotland, UK xx.

    8. sandy engelman

      Mellie, thank you so much for having this summit. I leaned so much from you and your guests. I would like to know how I can feel better about starting to meditate at the ripe age of 58. I have been practicing for about 6 months and can’t tell you all the positive changes that have happened since then–with me and those around me. It’s awesome. But when I hear teachers talking about meditating for 20, 30, 40, 50 years and still gaining insight, it’s a little depressing. I don’t have that kind of time left. Also, it wasn’t really touched on–about how to find a teacher. Yes, I would love to have Joseph Goldstein or Jack Kornfield be my teacher, but there’s an expense attached to that, that makes it impossible for me. I do feel a little alone in this process.

    9. Lynne Mullins

      Mellissa, I am so pleased to hear you may continue this material for your huge community (all of us). You have my email and please use it to let me know if this becomes a reality. Thanks to my lovely daughter spreading the word about this summit, I took the leap of faith and have resumed meditation practice after off and on decades of hit and miss. Many thanks to the inspiring speakers who generously donated their time and perspective. Thank you all, Namaste.

    10. Ed Reifel

      Melli, I want to thank you so much for putting this all together. A Herculean task! It has been so wonderful and has deepened my mindfulness experience so much – exposing me to so many different viewpoints. I’m really REALLY going to miss tuning into these everyday, but feel like I have so much more of a resource pool now. So, my most heartfelt thanks to you. Sincerely, Ed Reifel.

    11. Mark Wiseman

      This has been eye opening and mind expanding! What a great way to learn something new everyday! I echo what the others have said, this summit has been a gift and I am most grateful. I too would like a way to access some of the content for a lower ‘entry’ price. Perhaps a pay by the month option? IN any case Congratulations on a great event!

    12. RoseMary

      Melli and Vidyamala – thank you for your insight and answers to questions. I don’t have the words to express my gratitude to you and all of the speakers and your team for bringing this wonderful program to the world. I am hopeful for a continuation of this program. Also, the show notes have been so helpful in helping us to connect to the many resources that are available. Namaste, Rose Mary

  2. virginia huber

    I’m still here and will continue. Your suggestion to practice twice a day to find what was the best time to practice was helpful to me. I found I like to practice twice a day! And I’ve also added the short one minute practices. I have shared your website with a friend who would like to travel the month on CD. I shared information about teaching mindfulness to children with our daughter who is an elementary school principal. So thank you so much!

  3. Mhairi

    A most humble thank you to the whole Mindfulness Summit team and contributors. What I have learnt is enormous. All previous knowledge has been reading and doing a 8 week course from Full catastrophe Living. You will see I missed some basics.
    1. Never understood breathing in parts of the body till I did the fist exercise Breathing is to relax the body.
    2.Mindful wedge image excellent when looking at choccy biscuit that space before impulse becomes reaction.
    3.I enjoyed watching thoughts meditation the best it brought me to expansion quickest and now I know this is actually a good practice.
    4.Discipline of showing up everyday non judgementally meant I did some practice everyday without fail.

    What i would share is joke I heard years ago and didn’t fully get. Buddhist monk leaving monastery ask the Master ” what should I do if I see a bus at the bus stop and I would have to run to catch the bus”. the Master answers ” Get the Next Bus.” Never rushing has been this months motto to try to squeeze in everything and it does seem to help me get everything done. When I rush I lose mindfulness and other emotions are in the driving seat. Focus I suppose.

    Again a heartfelt thanks to everyone involved. A very worthwhile month and course.

  4. Tracey Neal

    Melli, that would be fantastic if you could keep the summit going in some way. It has been such a fantastic resource for someone fairly new to mindfulness. Can’t thank you enough for taking the time to put it all together! From a very wet & windy UK.

  5. mindy fisher

    I have been fully committed for the last 29 days and have felt many of the benefits of the summit. However, this morning the quality of the guided meditation is very poor and extremely difficult to listen to this morning. I am going to have to turn it off as I cannot block out the audio disturbance! I hope you can adjust or fix this. It sounds like it would be a great guided meditation.

      1. Cheryl Clark

        I have really enjoyed the summit and am looking forward to the meditation with Jon Kabat-Zinn on Sunday (Aus time). Thanks so much for making all of this possible Melli!
        As Donna mentioned, the sound quality was very poor during Angels meditation, which was unfortunate. I have had a few speakers where the audio wasn’t perfect but nothing like this. I haven’t noticed any other comments on this so I wonder if it is a recording problem or if it is only happening with some of us?

        1. Emma Selander

          I had the same problem, couldn’t listen to more than a minute because the sound quality was terrible. Pretty sure it has to be a recording problem since the quality at Melli’s end was good. Too bad, was also looking forward to the meditation!

  6. Neita

    Please continue this in some way. Such a richness of hope, inspiration, and knowledge. I could not squeeze everything in, let alone allow time for reflection. It would be such a shame to not have this material available.

  7. Hana Tichá

    Wow, wow, wow. Amazing session. I really loved what Melli said at one point: that when you start catching yourself being on autopilot, which means you’re actually becoming more mindful, you might actually feel worse for a while, just because you fully realize how mindless you are all the time. That’s exactly how I’ve been feeling over the past few weeks. So, mindfulness can be really painful at the beginning. Moreover, I still can’t get rid of my judgmental thoughts and as a result, I criticize myself for being judgemental. It’s a vicious circle indeed 🙂 But thanks to this summit, I’m really optimistic. Thanks to people like Vidyamala, I know that it’s perfectly natural and human.

    1. Åsa Holmberg

      Exactly! This is exactly how I feel. Right now it’s pretty painful discovering how often I switch to autopilot. Good to know that this is just part of the process. 🙂

  8. Lisa Katz

    Thank you Melli and Vidyamala…I am curious and looking forward to hearing your ideas about continuing this community. This really has been an awakening experience for me and changed the course of the way I am experiencing my life! Thank you Melli!! And thank you Vidyamala for some really good explanations.

    1. Åsa Holmberg

      I’m hoping for a closed Facebook group for all us “alumnis” from Mindfulness summit, where we can peptalk each other and share our progresses. I will really miss all of you in this fantastic community.

  9. Susie Hopkins

    I think that distraction that is chosen is about not turning your back on yourself or your experience, that’s why it’s compassionate 🙂 Still hanging in there. One (of many) benefit(s) of having a little bub, in and ready for bed early (nearly) every night!

  10. Kara Webb

    These questions were really helpful and the whole Summit has been wonderful. It hasn’t been easy sometimes to keep up every day, but I’ve heard a lot of the sessions. It’s so generous that you’ve all created this Summit – thank you so much to Melli and all the speakers, and the participants who came up with great questions/comments. xx 🙂

  11. Mandy Humphreys

    Thank you for this summit. I have listened every day and I have been so impressed with the speakers and their expertise. I feel so inspired and I now want to develop my career with mindfulness teaching. I have already been in touch with Breathworks as u live in the UK. I work with adult clients day to day and my approach has shifted somewhat. I have always been very compassionate but now I feel I can use this compassion to inspire others. I have truly loved this experience and thank you from the bottom of my heart. Xx

  12. Shannon Checklin

    Me too Christina! Thank you Vidyamala.you really did a great job and responding to these questions. I love your approach. A kind, tender hearted warrior. Yes! I truly want to keep up this this great new community I’ve stumbled upon.

  13. Leslie Carleton

    You are a bright and loving light and I will miss the daily connection. You have given so much in facilitating this amazing summit and bringing forth so many astonishing voices. I am so grateful.

  14. Agustín Prieta

    Thank you for the wisdom and clarity of Vidyamala answering this really good questions.
    The noise in the bottom prevented me from enjoying the Angel Kiodo meditacion

  15. Sara Wander

    I’d love to donate to the charities, but can’t necessarily afford $70+. Is there a way to donate a different amount?
    This has truly been amazing! I will miss it in the mornings when I start my day off, but it has definitely inspired me to deepen and habituate my practice more.

  16. Rachael Garside

    Thank you Vidymala. I really enjoyed the explorations and ideas in response to the interesting questions. And Melli, you’ve done a fabulous job! Sincere thanks for such a rich summit. I have loved it. x

  17. terry

    Thank you so much for this month of mindfulness! Also, thank you for answering these questions and the reminder to be gentle with oneself with our awareness of when we are not mindful, and seeing it as a good thing!

  18. Charu

    Thank you again Mellie! yes please keep this community connected. Thank you Vidyamala for such insightful answers. They really helped clarify a lot of things and you are truly motivating. Also I love your name! It means something lovely in Sanskrit/Hindi (garland of widsom/knowledge) and that is perfectly suitable for you. Thank you SO much! 🙂

  19. agi smith

    Meli, this has been an incredible journey. I will not miss tomorrow, I can’t wait! Yes, I would love to see a continuation of this program. So beneficial, inspiring and soul refreshing. Grateful indeed! Agi

  20. Tobias Schreiber

    Wonderful. I have enjoyed the daily process of listening, focusing, and sitting with new awareness. Thank you. The questions that arise in consciousness are often about comparison with some imaginary other or am I doing it right and is my experience the same as others. All of us are having experiences that are both similar and unique. We are the raindrops in the ocean or snowflakes in the snowstorm gently floating and settling. From wandering to stillness. In breath, out breath. Questions arise and subside it is the space that recreates the question. Thank you Melli and Vidyamala.
    Thank you Angel for the practice.

  21. Vanna Harvey

    I have a lady in my Qigong group who struggles with meditation and is really hard on herself, I think your explanation of being aware the mind is wondering is a very good point as it shows that you are present in the fact your awareness is showing the wondering mind, I will have to share this with her I think it might make her feel a little better. Thanks for the insight!

  22. Violeta

    Wow, I am so impressed by Vidyamala Burch…I feel so grateful for having the opportunity to listen to her wise and compassionate words…Thank you, Melli, from the bottom of my heart! Blessings!

  23. jan webb

    I have learned so much from this summit, and I am hopeful that we can all continue to practice what we have learned here. The many pages of notes I have taken will be a helpful addition to my ongoing practice. Today’s audio was very distracting ,but I attempted to use it as a tool instead of a hinderance. It reminded me of a story I read many years ago about a monk sitting high on a mountain meditating in quietness until a annoying noise began down below from the town. At first he was very agitated, and feeling like this should not be happening , that is until he realized that this non acceptance of what is at this moment was interfering with the idea behind meditating and non judgment.
    Thank you so much for all of your hard work and I look forward to tomorrows live stream with Jon Zinn

  24. Fabio

    Melli, thank you for doing all this work. I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every talk. I have not missed any one of them. It would be wonderful and nourishing to continue doing this every single day to invite each and every one to be able to make a pause and embody the traits we need to develop to a higher and conscientious state of mindfulness. It is so refreshing to do this every single morning to help start our days afresh and anew. Thank you again and to the speakers that have agreed to participate in this wonderful initiative.

  25. Karen Kempf

    What a wonderful way to end this journey we have embarked on within ourselves. Vidyamala is the perfect interpreter for us! Thank you Melli for assembling all of the wonderful speakers and meditation leaders.

  26. Florent

    That was the best talk you guys did. I enjoy that you two talked in the moment and with your own experiences. It makes it real when you share your own experiences. With that said thank-you for today.

    All the best

  27. Tania

    Hey Melli, a question from South East Asia ). Will the live event on 31.10. be available only on those mentioned timings or you will keep the records of it for some time so we can watch it later on…? As we all have here 3-4 a.m.;-) Kind regards, I am very pleased to take part, thank you so much! Tania

  28. Daniel LaPlante

    There is still a part of the last question that I don’t understand and I don’t think was answered. When you meditate you have a feeling of detaching from your thoughts and emotions and you can view them from afar. But if that is the case then who is this person that is not these thoughts and emotions? I understand the confusion. We always feel that we are thinking this or that, or feeling this or that, but when you detach from it and realize that they are separate from this other person it is a very odd feeling. So what makes this self that is observing the thoughts and emotions? Who is this person, and what makes them who they are if it isn’t your thoughts and emotions? Just like Paul Gilbert said; you are not your thoughts, so who is this person?

  29. Len Moskowitz

    This was a very Buddhist Q&A. So much so that I wonder if the presenters and participants realize that there’s a lot more to mindfulness than just the Buddhist version of mindfulness that puts impermanence, no-self and suffering at its center.

  30. Jennifer Bracey

    Brilliant. I have loved every moment of this summit and am not looking forward to it ending. Will be great to continue somehow. Thank you Melli for being such a great host, for being personable and kind. It would be great for someone to interview you, I’m sure it would be fascinating and beneficial. Much thanks and love to you all.

  31. Jackie Dixon

    Such beautiful wisdom shared. Such presence and connection felt through a video streamed online! Thank you. I was particularly moved by Vidyamala’s response to the question about impermanence. Her explanation of opening to the present moment to feel all the wonder and newness that is there, as well as the loss or changeability of things, is so very helpful and calming for me. I often look at my children’s faces with awe and adoration and hope the moment will never pass and feel a bit of sadness that one day I will forget this beautiful experience. But I can also sometimes allow myself to shift back to the feeling of awe and realize that each new moment has the same potential for wonder, though it may be different. Thank you so much for this summit, Melli and all of the speakers and teachers. What a gift.

  32. Alejandra Almada

    Enriching, this summit has enriched my life in my aspects: deepening my own personal practice, feeling more kind and forgiving towards myself and others, felt an incredible joy of the thousands that gather for this, hopefully creating that critical mass that Meli talks about, learned simple resources and skills, be part of what is happening in many fields around the world, got answers to many questions through many different people, a sense of awe and aspiration that this can be done, put together¡¡¡¡ THANK YOU team.

  33. Mike Phelan

    Fabulous session today!

    I’m enjoying the full access pass. I’d be happy to pay/sponsor a pass for someone who needs one.

    Not sure how to make the mechanics of that happen…

  34. Laurie

    Fabulous session and summit. Very much looking forward to seeing it kept alive and growing and evolving. I’ll be with you every step of the way. Thanks so much to the team.

  35. Dianne LeBlanc

    Thank you so much Melli and your team, as well as the presenters, for making this possible and accessible to all. What a great mindful experience this past month has been. I hope that I will be on your list if you keep this mindful community alive!

  36. Christine Evans

    First of all…I love the word “percolating”…yes, please do that! I would live to be part of an evolving mindfulness community. Thank you for your work of putting together this summit. I feel incredibly blessed that I came across it at the age of 51. All moments previous to this have been alchemy to bring me to the here and now of mindfulness! I find myself naturally becoming mindful throughout my day and at other times inviting it in as in, “now would be a good time for some mindfulness” and then I pause and make it happen. Wow, what a gift! All in all I feel as if I had been wearing blinders and now they have been stripped away. Thank you over and over again and I will continue this gratitude by sharing my journey with anyone who will listen. Namaste.


    Melli and team thanks again so much for this great gift you have given us. as Vidyamala said it is evident that it is offered from a generous place and not as a commodity to be traded. It has been great to get guidance from such experienced and knowledgeable practitioners and to have so many questions answered.It is also very gratifying to know that any funds raised may help to bring the practice to people who may not otherwise have had the means. Well done!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Jessica

    Excellent question and answer session! Thank you Vidyamala, Melli, and those who submitted these thoughtful questions. What a lovely way to bring our learning and reflections together as the summit comes to a close. I feel very inspired to continue on my mindfulness journey. It has been wonderful to know that so many others have been participating in the summit in so many different places throughout the world. Warm wishes from Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada.

  39. Rona Lewis

    Thank you Vidyamala and Mellie. This talk was so enlightening and helpful for me as someone who lives with chronic illness and a lot of (ignored/shut out) pain. I plan to listen a couple more times throughout the day – as well as checking out the mindfulness practice.
    Sending a sincere thank you to Mellie & team for …. everything. Best wishes.

  40. Jo-Anna Roberts

    Thank you so much for everything, Melli and all. I think thanks to you and your speakers there are many more people around the world living with renewed courage to be warriors with soft, open hearts, in this moment now. I have loved the Q&A sessions, a great addition to the interview/presentation/practice format. Learning from the questions others have asked has been a deepening experience and great to encourage us to question, learn, and reach out.

  41. Lesley Rojahn

    I can’t believe it’s almost over! 31 days has flown by and I have learned so much. I am fairly new to a mindfulness practice and feel very encouraged by all of the information given to me that I’m not doing it wrong. I feel blessed to have been a part of this community and hope that we will be able to remain together in some form. I will miss seeing Melli daily and look forward to seeing the great things she will continue to do in the future

    Peace and love to everyone.

  42. Anne

    What a great Q&A – thank you so much Vidyamala for your kind, calm wisdom. so helpful to be reminded of being kind to yourself and to use the breath to help you when you are in a pian flare up, so much good advice and guidance here.

    And may I add my huge thanks to Melli and your team for this summit – it has been a wonderful journey and I will miss it greatly when it is over – I do hope you find a way to keep the community going in the future even it it is only via a weekly video or monthly session – just something to remind us and keep our practice fresh. Deep thanks.

  43. jenny doyle

    Thank you thank you thank you 🙂 feeling truely nourished, blessed and gratefull to have shared all these insights and practices into becoming more mindfull in our daily lives…….Please keep percolating :)…….Looking forward to Jon Kabbat-Zin tomorrow….he was my 1st introduction to Mindfulness ( prescibed by my doctor) he helped demistfy what mindfulness is and convey that it is an act of love to oneself and all of existence……just what the world needs now……Thanks again Mellie, and hope to see you again soon Jenny x

  44. Monique Frigault

    The 24-hour availability of the presentations was a blessing for me – it really forced me to set an hour aside each day to ensure I did not miss a presentation; otherwise I’d let life carry me away and I’d have missed several, I am sure. It’s been a rough month with many things going wrong, but to know I had an hour of “me time” scheduled every morning was something I looked forward to.

  45. Darren

    “I want to be a warrior with a soft and open heart.”

    “We can’t be mindful, if we aren’t as well being loving. We can’t be loving, if we aren’t being mindful.

    “It’s all about the breath.”

    ~ Vidymala Burch: Mindfulness Summit Q&A

    There are two schools of thought relative to life-recovery. We argue over spirituality, but there is a movement of spirituality that is part of the world. Along with the Mindfulness Summit, I’ve exposed myself to philosophy this month. I’ve exposed myself to a very strong model for addictions recovery, also a gift from Down Under. I was blessed to find courses as well that touch on Spiritual Ecology, Mindful Leadership and a deep introduction to Buddhism. I was blessed as well to be invited into a local mental health group, where Mindfulness is the core skill we are learning for managment of our challenges relative to emotional well-being.

    We argue with one another over issues related to spirituality. Both sides of the debate are guilty of keeping this fight alive, if we’re truthful. We think we live in separate worlds, the secular and the spiritual. We really don’t.

    Secular society can adopt principles of the spiritual, by simply acknowledging we do have a self (a part of ourselves) that seeks to self-actualize (a basic psychological term). Spiritual society can adopt the same understanding, accepting ourselves as human.

    We know we are carrying a self-image that is somewhat less than accurate, and we have an inner-pull towards learning to express ourselves, as we really are, deep down inside: the best part of ourselves.

    In terms of living life more spiritually then, for those not wishing for anything ‘religious’ or ‘spiritual’, we can still allow ourselves to come into awareness with our authentic self, a self that is willing, at the very least, to abandon (for minutes at a time) any constructs we’ve created over our lives up to this point for self-protection, which comes to us from perceptions of threat, threat that often in the world only exists in our own minds.

    “The voice in my head is an asshole.” Thank you, Dan Harris. This is, in my head, absolutely true.

    This voice is critical. It is a triad voice, a trinity of three voices in one: The Voice of Judgement (of self and of life-experience). The Voice of Cynicism (a voice clinging to negative perceptions of our self, others and the world). The loudest voice of all, supporting the words directly of the other two, is the Voice of Fear. I approach Fear with an acronym: False.Evidence.Appearing.Real.

    Fear, then, in my experience, is delusional. Fear approaches reality with unacceptance. Fear seeks evidence to support being Judgmental and Cynical. In terms of spirituality, Fear points two fingers in two directions.

    First, for some, Fear points a finger of Judgement and Cynicism directly towards spirituality. Second, for some, Fear points a finger of Judgement and Cynicism directly towards secularism. Both sides, it would seem, are therefore living in Fear of one another, erecting a disconnect that is now acting, in many cases, as a wall placed in front of many of us that attempts to paradoxically both embrace, and to deny reality.

    When we are pulled away from reality, it’s then, in my experience with mental health challenges, that we are truly lost.

    When it comes to Mindfulness, this is the most helpful tool I’ve found in 20 years of life-recovery to help us engage, fully, with reality. When I’ve sought ‘spiritual’ experiences, I’ve felt my imagination create anything around me to be interpreted as a spiritual experience. As I started with, there are two schools of throught being tossed around, specifically I refer here to the self-help, new-age movement and industry:

    One: “I am a human-being seeking a spiritual experience.”
    Two: “I am a spiritual-being seeking a human experience.”

    There is a clear need in treating mental health conditions with the additional tools added to care-plans of Mindfulness. In order to overcome any such condition, we must learn to embrace concepts of ‘Radical Acceptance of Reality’: Reality ‘as it is’. Reality ‘in the present moment.’

    When we argue spirituality, we aren’t ever attempting to undo the concept. What we’re doing, in reality, when we challenge any point-of-view that might sit contrary to our current belief system (a psychological construct) is simply attempting, individually, within ourselves, to come to a decision. We are asking only ourselves any such questions at the end of any day:

    “Am I a spiritual being, seeking human experience?”
    “Am I a human-being, seeking spiritual experience?”

    Whether spirit or human, we are tasked with one, common goal: Learning to simply, ‘BE’.

    This is the take-away, all arguments pushed aside, from the Mindfulness Summit for me:

    “I’m in this life to grow comfortable with Being in Reality: Whatever That Reality Entails.”

    I’m in this life to experience Being. Mindfulness is in the end about embracing Being. I doubt any of would have any arguements left inside about that.

    Thank you Melli. Thank you all guests this month for bringing practice of a deeply helpful and moving discipliine into the fold of human life.

    Be Well, All.

    Lets leave this Summit committing to a discipline in which we keep on Learning To Mindfully Be.

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