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Question & Answer With Vidyamala Burch

Question & Answer With Vidyamala Burch

Join Melli and Vidyamala to hear the answers to the top ten questions submitted by summit viewers. These questions are quite deep and profound in nature and will be beneficial for anyone interested in deepening their practice and gaining more insight. Vidyamala answers…

  • Do skilled meditators still find themselves in moments of disconnection? Do they still slip into autopilot?
  • I don’t know who I am any more. If I am not my thoughts, Not my emotions, not my body then who am I? I feel disoriented and confused about this? What is my self?
  • I’ve had what feels to be a genuine shift of consciousness into awareness but since then I’ve become completely preoccupied with mortality and the impermanence of things and feel afraid a lot of the time. Is this just a stage I need to push through?
  • In mindfulness, when do we ‘lean in’ and really experience a feeling and when do we ‘tune out’? Is there a space for doing both when you’re in pain?
  • When I feel restless and there is a strong urge to move during meditation what should I do? Should I gently move or do I have to stay perfectly still?

And more…

In the second video, experience a mindfulness practice with Angel Kyodo Williams, Founder of the Center for Transformative Change, senior mindfulness teacher and author of Being Black: Zen and the Art of Living With Fearlessness and Grace.

Listen to Vidyamala Burch here

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Listen to Angel Kyodo Williams here

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Show Notes

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If you’d like to find out more about Vidyamala Burch go to www.breathworks-mindfulness.org.uk

For more on Angel go to her website here angelkyodowilliams.com

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Purchase a full access pass to unlock downloads for the full interview transcripts, audio, video and separate audio meditation tracks.

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Purchase a full access pass to unlock downloads for the full interview transcripts, audio, video and separate audio meditation tracks.

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197 Responses

  1. Lilian Wissink

    Dear Melli and others involved….thank you so much for all your hard work that you have put into providing such an amazing summit that I feel will continue to produce a wonderful ripple effect around the world for a long time to come. I have personally been gifted so much from all the talks and enjoyed your warm, natural interviewing style Melli.Thank you again…

    1. Tom Dietvorst

      I, too, feel very gifted by what has been presented. I have made pages and pages of notes and look forward to listening to the presentations again via the pass. Thank you very much Melli and the Mrs. Mindfulness team.

  2. Shantelle Bates

    Another wonderful session, and filled with insightful and relevant information, I’m grateful to those who’ve put the questions forward so that we had the opportunity to learn and grow further.
    Thank you Melli and Vidyamala for sharing this with us, and helping to provide us with the tools to strive forward with a more mindful view on ourselves and the world around us.
    Looking forward to tomorrows session, I know that I will miss this community once the summit is complete, but am looking forward to exploring my opportunities to learn more. Thank you helping me take the first steps

    1. Chantal Bélanger

      Shantelle, your words express how I feel. I’ll miss those daily meetings, the connectionwith the commnity and I am so grateful for all the tools we received during the summit. Goodbye from Montréal, Canada.

  3. Lawrence Simpson

    Fantastic session today. Thank you Melli, Vidyamala, Angel and everyone who has offered teaching, guidance, and those who have left supportive and helpful comments. Namaste

  4. Marti Ledyard

    Thank you to both of you. This was lovely – I want to say it was the best one, yet there have been so many lovely presentations. I look forward to what you do next with this, Melli. Thank you again. Marti Ledyard, St. Louis, MO

  5. Diane Rosen

    Thank you, Melli, for conceiving and organizing this wonderful summit. It has offered me tools to enrich and broaden my own practice, and for that I am very grateful. The information, guidance and support offered here allows me, and I am certain many others, to foster the skills needed to continue on the path toward an ever deepening practice. The knowledge that the community of people who are on this journey is so large fills me with hope. My deep appreciation to all the speakers who gave their time and shared their acquired wisdom and experience.


      I agree with you. I started doing Mindfulness and did a 6 week training class on line that my school district offered to all employees. It’s really helped me and am going to start another training to teach children. This month has been very incredible and I am so glad I have downloaded everything so I can go back and relisten and relearn.

    1. Bryan Caranto

      That’s okay! It’s a lot better than not having found it at all 🙂

      Thanks to everyone involved here and Melli and the speakers! Also thanks to the PAIN that we have. I really think that without the pain we won’t all be here in one way or another. And I think that most of the speakers won’t be involved in what they are doing right now if they didn’t experience the pain or the need to cure the pain.

      As Rumi put it, “The cure for pain is in the pain”.

  6. Nuria

    Thank you Vidyamala and Melli! This was one of the best sessions of the summit. I hope this initiative can continue. It has been very interesting to hear from mindfulness teachers around the world.

  7. nancy king

    Thank you so much for this wonderful Summit on Mindfulness. Your speakers were varied and always so knowledgeable and informative. The links to other sites have also been so helpful and has led me to other options in terms of my professional studies. Thank you thank you and THANK YOU.

  8. Shira

    indeed what an incredible set of questions…… so beautifully precious to see the becoming of mindfulness in people….. absolute awe. and again – unbelievable achievement for you Melli!!!! you are making a difference in the world. know that.

  9. emily aitken

    I agree that it is the best summit with the best people I have found. I got on yesterday through a Facebook ad. I plead with you to run it again in November. I’m sure it would be profitable. i will recommend it. The thing is that yes I can buy the program, but I won’t use it. It’s the timeliness of being able to look at only one every day and then it’s gone that really motivates me. I’ve been following mindfulness for a couple of years and used it for pain and breathing. Please please run the program again in November.

  10. Mahshid Poursartip

    Dear Melli and the supporting crew,

    Thank you so much for this unique and revolutionary way of spreading love and compassion. You have touched our lives very deeply.

  11. Marta Knowlton

    Thank you Melli and team for this truly extraordinary event. I have laughed. I have cried. I have loved every single speaker. As my own understanding grew each day, the next speaker was more meaningful, over and over again each day. Each a favorite! And the comments! Each so good. I meditated Sant Mat for many years until I became un-grounded. I prayed for a meditation practice that would ground me. This Summit has been my immersion, and I love it. Saki’s meditation yesterday and Vidyamala’s answers today gave me a glimpse of how I can be grounded daily and from that ground, still access the richness of mysticism. I have ordered Saki’s book “Heal Thyself” to give as Christmas presents to the doctors who took care of my husband. And I will order Vidyamala’s “The Art of Mindfulness in Your Daily Life.” There are no teachers nearby. I am studying alone. I hope this community can stay together under your guidance, Melli. This Summit is a historic event. Thank you.

  12. Jennifer pepping

    Thank you Vidyamala and Melli for this session, it was very helpful. I definitely agree about being cautious about going off medication if you have mental or other health issues. A year ago I went off my medication for mental health issues, and I embarked on a journey of self discovery, awareness, and mindfulness. I embarked on this journey alone, in isolation for the most part. About a month ago, I got myself into a very confusing and frightening state- a mind trap almost. Now I’m back on medication and trying to get to a more grounded state. I realize it’s all part of the journey, but yes, it’s important to realize that the mind is very powerful and can get away from you if you’re not careful. I used to think that medication and meditation couldn’t coexist, but now I’m realizing that all these things are tools that can help human beings navigate through life in a healthy way.

  13. Marta

    As a person in chronic pain I found Vidyamala’s answers amazingly helpful and reassuring. I now believe I can actually have a life exercising my mind rather than my body. Thank you Vidyamalla. And thank you Melli for giving me the opportunity to meet all the “gurus” of mindfulness.

  14. Helena Saray

    Thank you Melli and Vidyamala for the Q & A, wonderful session.

    (I was looking forward to the meditation part, however, was unable to listen to Angel’s meditation video, it had allot of static and the sound kept fading in and out. Attempted the audio only, and that section was Kaira’s meditation video.)

    But no worries, the entire experience has been full of enrichment…

    Thank you again and again Melli and Team! Bravo!

  15. geri thomas

    Thank you Melli for all of the work, organization and sheer vision you had to put this valuable summit together. Your authenticity inspired so many experienced and gifted teachers, researchers and others to share of themselves within your created space…for us. I have personally gained a lot of insight and understanding about my own formal and informal practices of mindfulness and feel very ready to commit to a regular practice. I am ready to commit to my own development, self compassion and ease. I am inspired with practical tools and resources…thanks to you and all of the stellar participants. Thanks also to those speakers who reminded me of the importance of seeking out a sangha to support my practice.

  16. Helen Grogan

    I really appreciated the questions and answers today. The insight they provided was tremendous.
    Thanks also for putting this summit together Melli. It is fantastic how many different talks were presented and how the subtle differences in focus provide a greater understanding of the topic. I found this very helpful as a relative newcomer to mindfulness.

  17. Kristin Naujoks

    Thank you so much for this wonderful session full of warmth and wisdom!
    I can genuinely say that this amazing summit has already changed me and how I relate to myself in a profound way. Thank you and all the teachers for sharing their skills and wisdom so generously! Good-bye from Germany

  18. Aswini Raveendran

    Choosing to participate in this summit is downright one of the best decisions I have made. I have learnt so much about mindfulness and its benefits. I am committed to practicing mindfulness each day and slowly bringing into my everyday activities. Thank you so much to Melli and all the wonderful speakers of this Summit!

    It has been a truly enriching learning journey!

    Thanks so much once again,
    Warm Regards,

  19. LEC

    What a great session as we (nearly) conclude this summit. Many heartfelt thanks to Melli and her team for this huge undertaking, and thanks to Vidyamala for her generous, kind, thoughtful answers to today’s BIG, important questions (thank you, questioners!). Since I’ve begun my mindfulness practice I’ve struggled a lot to come to terms with the matter of impermanence (this struggle has been paralleled by several significant losses during this time), so the discussion on this subject was especially comforting to me. Thanking you sincerely!
    P.S. So buoyed by the idea that there may be some kind of continuation of the summit… yay!

  20. Ang Kaufman

    Thank you for every day of the summit Melli and everyone involved. I have looked forward to every session. I have set my alarm so as not to miss tomorrow’s..last day. What a wonderful difference you have made to the world.. changing our own worlds from the inside out. Hopefully this will have the ripple affect.

  21. Sue Fisher

    Just fabulous, the entire summit. I’ve been meditating off and on for many years, experienced five or six silent retreats, but this has pulled so much together, the shared knowledge, the wisdom and compassion of all the speakers, the daily practise of sits and learning, Melli your sweet loving presence, it’s been profound. I am so grateful, yes my world has changed from the inside out. With love.

  22. theresa hardman

    thank you Melli for this beautiful month of mindfulness. i too have changed (and am continually changing) from the inside out…

    and thank you Vidyamala for your playful, curious, tender, easy way of sharing mindfulness with us. things have really deepened for me… i love the way you demistify the concept of mindfulness and help us weave it into our daily lives.. where it’s really important.

    sending love from port elizabeth
    south africa xxxx

  23. Wendy Holladay

    Thanks for 30.10.15 question and answer session. Thoroughly enjoyed it and found it extremely useful. I have bipolar and have to agree that I have found since starting mindfulness my use of medication has decreased and my sense of self has increased. The last question intrigued me. When I was a child I was always asking myself this question “who am I if not this body” for a child under 10 to ask this frightened my family as they had no answer however I found the answer within myself, it was something I could never put into words however 40 years later Meli, Vidyamala and The mindfulness summit have given the answer and the words I could not find. THANK YOU so much, I’m looking forward to being able to dip in and out this summit during the next few months.


    The whole summit has been amazing. Thanks Vidyamal, I managed to get two of your books whine London which I now will read cautiously. As a physiotherapist I feel that I have a lot to benefit understanding pain, not only for me but for my patients also. I promise that we will meet one day on one of your courses! Thank you Angel also! Your meditation practice has left me with a smile and peace in my heart. I am so grateful!

  25. Martine Large

    A very inspiring session. Thanks very much to the people who asked the questions, to Vidyamala for her insight and of course to Melli for making the whole thing happen.

  26. Darlene Brooks

    Thank you so very much for this extraordinary 31 days of Mindfulness. Thank you to the presenters. I have learned so much. The insights of Vidyamala and others has been inspirational. I have added a lot of books to my library!

  27. Reinhilt Weigel

    Thanks Melli and Team for this questioning day. Wonderful questions!! Vidyamala, I so enjoyed the way you answered them, clear and natural. I feel more conneced to the world after listening, thinking of everyone on this “awareness-journey” with similar questions, worries and discovering new horizons of joy.

  28. Harvey sales

    I really enjoyed the mindfulness summit I listen to the speaker every morning on my way to work I learned not to believe every thought you have because sometimes it’s not what it seems and u over work for nothin

  29. Sophie Jayamaha

    Thanks Mellie and Vidyamala for this inspirational conversation with profound wisdom. I am glad to be part of this community and I cannot thank you enough for your initiative to bring this wisdom to ordinary lives like mine. I will be joining you to take this wisdom to near and far away places in our world. My contribution to mindfulness begins with my own practice. Getting access to these wisdom conversations with experts is one of the ways I can contribute to my own development and to others. I will be so happy to buy full access and thank you Mellie for your wonderful creativity, presence and kindness for bringing this program to us. I thank all experts for sharing their wisdom.

  30. Megan Spencer

    Truly wonderful – I feel as if I have just experienced a masterclass! Another one! Vidymala burch is truly a gifted teacher. And the meditation practice was so lovely also. Thank you again : )

  31. Vijay B.

    Thank you for such a nice & inspiring summit. Mindfulness has changed my life!! I have a request for you:
    Can you please filter all the audio meditations because there is a huge amount of noise in the background and it is not very convenient to meditate. I am sure a lot of people might have felt that. I would really be grateful to you if could do this simple thing!!

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