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Being More Mindful & Home Practice – Shamash Alidina

Practical Tips On Being More Mindful & Setting Up A Home Practice

Shamash Alidina is a bestselling author, speaker and mindfulness teacher. He is the author of the international bestselling Mindfulness for Dummies series and The Mindful Way Through Stress. Shamash runs courses and workshops on mindful living and speaks on mindfulness at conferences around the world. He has been teaching the benefits of mindfulness to both adults and children since 1998 and now is also a mindfulness teacher trainer.

In this interview and meditation session with Shamash you will explore…

  • How to create a strong foundation for your mindfulness practice.
  • How mindfulness brings the realisation ‘you are not your mind.’
  • Important attitudes to embody as you practice mindfulness.
  • How letting things be as they are brings us peace and serenity.
  • Advice for those who are just starting up a home meditation practice.
  • How to be creative with your own mindfulness practice to see what works for you.

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Show Notes

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Purchase a full access pass to unlock downloads for the full interview transcripts, audio, video and separate audio meditation tracks.

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Purchase a full access pass to unlock downloads for the full interview transcripts, audio, video and separate audio meditation tracks.

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269 Responses

  1. nancy king

    I loved this interview and you can tell that Samash lives his practice because of his demeanor and the happiness that shines through him…………………wonderful and thank you

  2. Tucker Rogers

    Oh man, I love Shamash! What a genuine jovial guy. I love his story about Thich Nhat Hanh’s effect and his disciples; effect on the doctors in the hospital where he has been recovering. I’ve been following that closely and it’s potent to be able to draw from that current situation and bring a lesson from that into this discussion. so thanks Shamash! and thanks again Melli for yet another insightful and entertaining guest speaker.

  3. Claudia Wild

    I really enjoyed his natural care free friendly attitude and his concepts of mindfulness. Very refreshing, easy to follow and fun way to practice mindfulness meditation! Thank you for a wonderful interview and joyful meditation experience!

  4. Helen Mary

    Thank you Melli.. and thank you Shamash for showing us how mindfulness can be relaxing and enjoyable ~ that it does not need to always be stiff formal sitting. I loved what His Holiness the Dalai Lama said on your website.. that “smiling is more important than meditation.” It gave me food for thought.. how about a ‘smiling meditation?’ Now that would be very enjoyable. And think what good energy we’d be putting out all around us!

  5. ana cusi

    I have been listening to all the interviews and enjoying them all. This one in particular I liked it a lot. No control over the mind, let it be, and it will ease gradually more and more…IT IS SO TRUE!
    Thank you for this summit! I love to hear the different points of view, different stories. Being a counselor myself, I appreciate very much every input, every story and all the unique ways we all try to practice mindfulness.
    Thanks again Melli for your wonderful job!:)

  6. shirley burns

    Loved it…loved it…loved it…..agree with all of the comments above. Thank you so so much Shamash and Melli….I smiled throughout almost the entire content of the interview and my spirits were truly lifted. I cannot thank you all enough for your contributions to the Summit. It is without doubt an absolutely amazing experience to be part of and I feel so so fortunate to have found the link. You, Melli and all the speakers have been so inspiring.

  7. Sudha

    What fun! Just tuned in at the end of a long, busy day and had a relaxing session. I loved the attitude of friendliness towards the mind and will use it more in my practice, whether formal, informal or semiformal.

  8. Jennifer

    I’ve hesitated to begin a meditation practice of any type for fear of doing it wrong. Thanks Shamash for showing me that I’m worried about nothing!! Today’s presentation has been my favorite. Shamash has helped me see that mindfulness isn’t about controlling my mind rather than giving it freedom to actually be in the here and now.

  9. Michelle Taylor

    That was really special… to just sit and be, let go of my bags of past and future and just let go…I felt so released. I smiled and felt so free. Teary even. I have some pain at the moment and it was gone. Thank you for a wonderful meditation and all I am learning and gaining from your Mindfulness Summit Melli, it is so healing! Thank you too, Shamash… such a lovely happy soul.

  10. Robert Maxwell

    I enjoy all the speakers however it is so much better when the interview is absent. This happened with Tara Brach. With the interview and the same questions being asked around what is mindfulness becomes repetitive. There are only so many ways to describe awareness.

  11. Peach Darvall

    loved this interview. It is sooooo interesting hear everyones different take on Mindfulness.
    It has been easy for me to be critical of myself, prior to this moment, so hearing Shamash encourage such kindness and allowing and friendliness is exciting and very encouraging to me. I am going to get more creative about my mindfulness and stop being so ‘good’. because of course I inherently am!

  12. Elizabeth

    I truly enjoyed this entire interview and the ease with which it flowed. Enjoyed the practice and the tips for ding my own practice. Melli, you ask thoughtful questions with the rest of us in mind, including the interviewee, thank you. So enjoying this summit and feeling rejuvenated, invited even more friends to experience it for themselves!

  13. Schalk Lubbe

    Amazing! I find it really wonderful how the different speakers each has a slightly different approach, yet all of them are saying (and teaching) pretty much the same thing. And what might have passed me by when listening to teacher A, might just grab me when teacher B says it in slightly different words.
    Thank you, Shamash, and thanks, again, Melli, for arranging this for us.

  14. Christine Brown

    Just a thought about the difficulty of letting thoughts come and go. It can sometimes help to use a metaphor, eg siting by a river watching leaves floating down past and away. When we get caught up in the thoughts we’re in the river getting swept away and when we notic e can get out again. If this one doesn’t work for you then choosing another metaphor and doing what works for you.

  15. Melita Shalders

    Loved today’s talk, my favorite so far! Thank you for showing me not to take mindfulness so seriously. I knew I wasn’t supposed to be frowning during a meditation!!!

  16. Cheska Hawksford

    Wow – what a smile, what wonderful joyous contagious positive energy! I smiled the whole way through the interview. So amazing to be presented with such a refreshing approach… Thank you!

  17. Susan Spriggs

    Every day I watch Mrs Mindfu!lness Summit & think “wow ,this has been the best / most useful meaningful experience yet! & then I tune in the next day ………….”Thank you so much Melli for organising this Event! I know it will change my life forever:-D

  18. Steve Unwin

    Some real gems from Shamash. I love the comment that the only posture required is the slight smile, that really puts the approach in context. ‘Present moment – pleasant moment”. Shamash kept emphasising ‘Let it Be’ so I now have that great Beatles song running in my mind 🙂 Much of what Shamash said remined me of the approoach that Peter Russell suggests in his guided meditations ‘How to meditate without even trying’ _- I have found these a great way to meditate. So thank you very much Shamash for some great ideas.

  19. Sue Bolley-Smith

    Loved this talk. He was so calm & gentle. I have enjoyed all the talks I have listened to because they are all so different & have given me a lot to think about – mindfully!!
    Many Thanks

  20. Victoria Dawar

    Just beautiful, really don’t know exactly why but this interview made me cry. What an amazing guy & such a different way of looking at mindfulness, really helpful! Thank you

  21. tina lewis

    Hi Melli, I didn’t have a question to ask yesterday but I do today! How do you practice mindfulness when your partner isn’t into it, especially during an argument? And not only aren’t they into it but they take a little delight in sabotaging you when you try to be? Any insights would be amazing helpful.

  22. Girardeau

    Just beautiful, and useful : so many exemples of everyday non presence, and ideas for friends , and how to answer to my childish husband, when he insists and insists again and again with words and words of goodwill, but above all, ALWAYS with kindness and joy and hurtfulness!
    In my everyday experiences I meet so much concurrency, fighting for living, harshness, that it is good to fulfill with goodness.
    Meli, your encounters are an everyday support for me, I thank you Shamash, for your happiness. I don’t speak well english so I can’t say all that I feel, but you feed me everyday and I admire your so generous idea of sharing your wonderful friends with us, with the world.
    And when we make practice, I feel like the neighbors, practicing with me, and the whole world practicing together, it surprise me each time.
    I thank you

  23. Helen Gibson

    A totally absolutely loved today. What joy he exudes, it was catching. I loved the encouragement to have a little smile when beginning the meditation, it really made a difference to how I felt during the whole. Thank you.

  24. zoe9633

    I enjoyed that, thanks! – That’s exactly what I say whenever I lead a meditation or run one of my childrens parties. 🙂 I’m still laughing, and yes i really did enjoy that, thank you so much. xxx

  25. Claire Quinn

    The joy of not only living, but living with awareness shines through when Shamash speaks. Thank you for another wonderful informative interview & a great meditation. Namaste x

  26. Susie Hopkins

    Gorgeous! I love the sense of fun that comes through int his talk. Humour is really important to me in my mindfulness teaching and day to day. Sometimes it can all get a bit serious and this lightheartedness is so lovely. Melli, your cloud watching story is such a wonderful idea that I can’t wait to try 🙂 As a member of the Cloud Appreciation Society it’s nothing new to me but I’ve never done it as a formal practice, so tomorrow is the day. Yay!

  27. Melissa saxton

    What a wonderful discussion. I really found the beam of friendliness in the meditation helpful to let go. Also loved his analogy with the water glass. Thankyou Millie and Shamash for such an insightful discussion 😉

  28. Fran Baxter

    What a joy. I loved today’s talk. It felt so accepting and empowering and enjoyable. Thank you Shamash and thank you Meli. You are both Great examples of authenticity and genuine caring.

  29. Bill Overdyk

    This is such a wonderful event. Thank you so much for putting this on. It is a true wealth of resources for individuals looking to be more mindful and happy. And for those of us that are working on being more compassionate to ourselves, our fellow travelers in this event called life, and this beautiful home that is our world. I especially enjoyed this talk. It’s nice to hear an approach that is just a little more causal and a little more modern. Makes this wonderful process of coming into our true nature more accessible. Thank you again. This has a really wonderful experience.

  30. Martin Benny

    My question may seems to be a negative critic but it’s not my intention at all.
    How focusing on breathing and coming back again and again on breathing is the best way to manifest and develop openness, receptiveness, curiosity and flexibility? (Definitions below) At first sight, it seems really surprising! The practice doesn’t seem very open and flexible.
    Thank you very much and have a great day!

  31. Marisa Sim

    Best interview by far! Shamash makes mindfulness so simple and accessible with his humour and authenticity. My husband and I found it easy to be present listening and absorbing the information. Thank you Melli and team for putting this summit together and picking such great speakers! Much love from Ibiza x

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