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Tara Brach – Ending ‘The Trance Of Unworthiness’

Tara Brach On How To End ‘The Trance Of Unworthiness’ & Move Through Fear

Tara Brach is a leading Western teacher of Buddhist meditation, emotional healing and spiritual awakening. She has practiced and taught meditation for over 35 years, with an emphasis on mindfulness meditation. Tara is the senior teacher and founder of the Insight Meditation Community of Washington and author of several books on meditation and spiritual awakening.

In this video Tara gives a heartfelt talk about the ‘trance of unworthiness’ and how mindfulness can help us wake up into a more connected and loving sense of self.

She teaches about the essence of the spiritual path and how waking up to our true nature can alleviate our suffering, help us move through fear, and bring us home to who we truly are.

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Show Notes

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Purchase a full access pass to unlock downloads for the full interview transcripts, audio, video and separate audio meditation tracks.

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325 Responses

  1. Gillian Moon

    Thank you Tara for this moving and heart felt presentation – your words resonated deeply within me as I listened on my sun filled porch this morning. Somehow I have shifted more so today to a further realm of understanding and peace.
    Blessed be

    Gillian Moon
    Gisborne, First City to See the Light, NZ

    1. Anke Morgenroth

      Thanks Tara ???? Enjoyed your thoughts on “Feeling not being good enough” and your story about the young teenager and her mum. Yes self-compassion is so important. Looking forward to your 10 min meditation.

    2. Stefania

      Thanks for such an amazing speaker. I feel absolutely inspired after my 10 years of practice by Tara, as fresh air to what I thought (limiting believe!) it could only be found in ancient wisdom and not in current masters. Thanks again for the Summit and for bringing people so potent!

  2. I listened as I did my morning yoga today in my small meditation room. I honestly wept when I touched my heart space and and realised that I have not been gentle with myself this week. And so often in life. Thank you for deeply reconnecting me to myself and the boundless energy and creativity within, that I know is always there if only I pause to be truly present.

    1. Anne

      I too wept. I was completely surprised at this even though I had read your comments before I listened to Tara. I am now feeling less pain or rather the secondary suffering has gone. Tara and Vidyalma will now figure large as a I work my way through my muddle.

  3. Helena Saray

    Its a bit after 11pm Saturday night here; just finished listening to Tara Brach. With her soothing voice and the stories she told and being late at night and so quite, the entire session felt like a guided meditation. So, I just closed my eyes and listened!

  4. Tanya Manterfield

    Thank you Tara. This “conversation” with you really struck a cord. I’m going to go forward on this beautiful day in Cape Town with the words “pause..feel what’s here” thank you!

  5. latoya seawood

    Thank you Tara! I thoroughly enjoyed your talk today. It resonated with me while I felt a sense of understanding that someone finally gets me. Thank you for sharing I feel more compassion and understand of myself and my journey towards mindfulness.
    Latoya Seawood Stockton, CA USA

  6. Laura Stell

    Thank you, Tara, for this empowering reflection and practice of “pausing.” You helped me to understand more completely what I have heard throughout my life: you can only give from what you have. In the Judeo-Christian traditions, the great Commandment is to LOVE God, ourselves, and others. “Pausing” helps us to achieve that, which is “the essence of our spiritual path.”
    Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom.

    1. Moira Wilson

      Laura sometimes it takes a certain time a certain place a certain moment or being finally fully receptive to what is being said or heard before deep understanding is met. Tara’s talk was iinpirational indeed and then your simple statement in your response to her, ” you can only give from what you have ” resonated profoundly with me. I am so much more at peace with my self having read those few words with remembrance and understanding of a truth I had quite overlooked and for that I thank you.

      Moira Wilson Scotland

  7. Vineeta Ganju

    This has been one of the most powerful sessions for me so far. I have been stuck so tightly in anger & pain for so long that it is hard to extricate the one from the other. It will be a long catharsis & I have a long way to go, Thank you for starting me on this journey.

  8. Rita

    I’ve just listened and although it was beautiful I feel very sad too. Like full of sadness and regret at all the wasted years and the huge task of finding g out whoI am. Who is my true self. I guess I am still at war with myself.

  9. kiyoko

    Today was a bit of an emotional struggle for me again. Tara’s talk was healing and she has reminded me to be kinder to myself. The simple exercises she suggested helped me real myself in and I’m finally feeling a little more human again… Thank you Tara and the organizers of the mindfulness summit. You all are indeed Godsent.

  10. Veronica Toescu

    Dear Tara , I rejoice in the beauty and simplicity yet profound teachings, bringing the wisdom of your heart and others so that we can all be inspired to live our life’s from the goodness that we are, moment by moment, not only for our benefit but for the benefit of all others. Thank you!

  11. Susan Spriggs

    Truly beautiful! For the first time in my life I can reflect & think ” you know what, I know who I am right now & why I feel the way I do 1″ So thank you Tara Brach I finally have understood what my counselor meant when he said “be kind to yourself sometimes, make time for you in your own life, you deserve your time too, don’t feel guilty, stop judging yourself, be kind to yourself as well as trying to be kind to others” I agree with other listeners who have left comments. I too felt so relaxed that I fell asleep during Tara’s talk & had to start the video again & find where I had got to! I felt the whole session was a guided mediation. In future I will always make “the sacred pause” it will give me the freedom & power to make a better considered choice .Mindfulness practice is teaching me self compassion. Ironically, the words “I see you, lets have tea” were spoken as my loving husband & soul mate brought me a cup of tea as I listened to Mrs Mindfulness Summit, as is my morning routine before getting up & having breakfast !

  12. Tobias Schreiber

    Thank you Tara for your sharing of wisdom and joy. Opening up to noticing and letting go of the ” Not Good Enough Trance”. Helping to develop great compassion for self and others.

  13. maria

    This talk was truly inspirational and beautiful and resonated strongly inside me. Tara has a special gift and exudes kindness and peace with her soothing voice and her wise words and intention. I feel as if my heart is expanding, reaching out and awakening day by day with all the wonderful little bits and pieces that I’m taking and treasuring from all the speakers in the summit…. I feel hopeful that I will be able to persevere and keep on this path of mindfulness and awakening I’ve started…..
    Thank you, thank you Melli for organising and hosting this amazing summit with such grace and wit and to be able to engage such a diverse array of eloquent and well versed speakers and extract from them with your frank and refreshing way of questioning the pearls of wisdom of what mindfulness is about… Namaste 🙂

  14. Joe

    This was a great experience. Thank you, Tara. I loved the entire session, and I especially like the visual of the solid gold Buddha covered up in plaster. What a lovely and powerful metaphor.

  15. Eva

    Thank you Tara. It was beautiful!
    I loved the golden Budha story and the metaphor behind. So much to uncover and to accept from ourselves.
    I did my meditation with my hand on my heart (chest) and I could feel the heat coming from myself to myself as a physical way to practice compassion and acceptance (which is usually very hard for me to do). So, thank you so much for this tip.
    Enjoying the summit everyday and everytime a little bit more.

  16. Cheri LaRochelle

    I appreciate being introduced to Tara. I have seen her name before…maybe quoted by Brene Brown. Her voice and her words spoke quietly and deeply. I plan to learn more about her message.

  17. raphael adjani

    Thank you Tara.
    I have found all the talk/conversations interesting. However yours deeply moved me and inspired me. I connect to so many things that you mentioned and your wonderful warmth.

  18. sally ann

    Just beautiful!!!!! Thank you Tara! The story with the man in the grocery line is beautiful…I have been in situations like that and indeed when u can pause and respond calculatively, the result always resonates so beautifully.

  19. Teresa

    As a therapist myself, I have gotten so much out of Tara’s teachings and have taught client after client the things that i have learned from her. I have recommended Radical Acceptance more than any other book that I have read. This talk was absolutely amazing, I look forward to encouraging my clients to listen to this one as it’s an excellent summary of so many of her basic principles, in a truly cohesive and personal way. Thank you so much for all that you do.

  20. Kumari Delgoda

    Some unforgettable lessons in this talk!Thank you for reminding how we go through life,being tough on our selves, and feeling defficient.What a waste of life.I take the practical tip of tapping our hearts and sending a message.
    The story of the little girl drawing God and the staue of the golden buddha are amongst the few I will remember from this talk.

  21. Nikki Lobwein

    Thank you for your wonderful softly spoken presentation <3 I too wept when I placed my hand over my heart …we beat ourselves up so much in life .learning to show ourselves the compassion that we show others is so important but rarely discussed . It's funny because while i have been joining in of the Mindfulness Summit I have been singing to myself (in my head ) "You are beautiful no mater what you say my words can't bring me down " when ever I am having a negative thought about myself 🙂

  22. Marinilza Lima

    Thank you so much for your words Tara. I have been listening to the Summit talks, but your really touched mu heart and my soul, your words reached deeply and I hope to continue following you on your website. Thank you so much again.

  23. Elke

    Thank you Tara, it really came to me how unkind I am to myself, and I too wept as I put my hand on my heart and gave myself the message of love I normally reserve for others. I am grateful for the lesson.

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