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Jack Kornfield – Integrating Spiritual Life Into Everyday Life

How To Integrate Spiritual Life with Everyday Life

Jack Kornfield is one of the world’s most respected meditation teachers. He has been a pioneer in bringing mindfulness, meditation and buddhist teachings to the West.

He is a co-founder of the Spirit Rock Meditation Centre and the best selling author of several books on the topics of mindfulness meditation and spiritual practice.

In this interview, Melli talks to Jack about how to integrate spiritual life with everyday life.

Jack clears up some common misconceptions about what it means to be a mindful person and shares why he believes cultivating a peaceful heart within is the most powerful way to cultivate peace without.

You’ll also hear how to overcome the biggest obstacle to mindful living.

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Show Notes

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Here is Jack’s groundbreaking online meditation course




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Buy full access pass

Purchase a full access pass to unlock downloads for the full interview transcripts, audio, video and separate audio meditation tracks.

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Purchase a full access pass to unlock downloads for the full interview transcripts, audio, video and separate audio meditation tracks.

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140 Responses

  1. Eva

    I really enjoyed this interview. Thank you so much. Very inspiring. Jack transmit a lot of peace with his words and presence. I feel so grateful and fortunate to be able to do this summit.

  2. Patricia Gordon

    Today my take away concerns love’s embodiment. And again, the mystery of being alive is re-enforced with coloring that awareness with love and compassion for ourselves and then everyone and everything. Thank you

  3. Eugene McCreary

    One of the best sessions. I loved in particular the going out, the extending of awareness he emphasizes to the world and people around us. I have a pretty darn happy life but I took up meditation because I became aware that my responses to my wife were pretty automatic and not nice in some respects. It was a very practical motivation, a desire to change habits of a lifetime in a way; and changing old habits with new habits takes a lot of time and continual practice. That mindfulness, anchored in mediation, has really expanded to just start to touch areas Jack mentions. This summit has given me even more motivation to not let the wonder of this life pass me by.

  4. mary barchiesi

    This summit is truly a gift of connections, resources knowledge and wisdom. Melli thank you for all your hard work you are truly a wonderful host and kind person.
    Thank you thank you thank you

  5. Laura Stell

    This is the talk I needed to hear today!
    The compassion with my own faults and woundedness is essential, so that I can develop and perfect my love (not my self). Then I can be more compassionate with others.
    My calm and inner peace can then affect those around me.
    Making better decisions in my own life, I can then also focus on and more effectively engage in the social struggles which are dearest to my heart.

  6. Gillian Moon

    Thank you so much for this interview. I found it very interesting and really loved the concept of mind/spirit/body not separate entities as our culture can have us divide. Refreshing to hear Jack’s expertise – thanks again.

    Love and light

  7. Jane Alexander

    Jack has a wonderful way of saying things that speak to questions not quite asked. He talks about the practice of mindfulness as a way to perfect the love we already feel, not perfect ourselves. And inspires us to become as expansive in our inward attention to ourselves as we are to expanding our awareness of the world around us. He encourages us to practice mindfulness because we can, because it is a way of expanding our appreciation and love of being human and participate in balancing the bad news of being human.

  8. Vijay B.

    Thank you for such a nice & inspiring summit. Mindfulness has changed my life!! I have a request for you:
    Can you please filter all the audio meditations because there is a huge amount of noise in the background and it is not very convenient to meditate. I am sure a lot of people might have felt that. I would really be grateful to you if could do this simple thing!!

  9. Davidsnami

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