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Mindful Masculinity, Conscious Capitalism and Kindness

Mindful Masculinity, Conscious Capitalism and Kindness. An Interview With Jono Fisher

Jono Fisher is the founder of WakeUpProject.com.au, a community of over 100,000 people celebrating mindful leadership and living. He hosts events with Google’s Search Inside Yourself and the annual MindfulLeadershipForum.com in Sydney, Australia.

Over 35,000 people have attended Wake Up events with bestselling authors such as Dr. Brenè Brown, Eckhart Tolle, Marianne Williamson and Dr. Rick Hanson. Jono is regularly invited to speak at the Dalai Lama’s public events.

In this interview Jono talks about how everyday activities can be powerful mindfulness practices. Join Melli and Jono as they also explore the masculine expression of mindfulness and the redefining of what it means to be a ‘real man.’

You’ll also discover the meaning and practice of ‘conscious capitalism’ and mindfulness leadership.

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Show Notes

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Purchase a full access pass to unlock downloads for the full interview transcripts, audio, video and separate audio meditation tracks.

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Purchase a full access pass to unlock downloads for the full interview transcripts, audio, video and separate audio meditation tracks.

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332 Responses

  1. Helena Saray

    Day 4: Thoroughly enjoyed todays dialog with Melli and Jono Fisher’s glimpse of his wonderful life’s journey and all that he said and all that he is doing. Thank you so much.

  2. geoffrey chan

    Thank you for a really wonderful interview that was very moving for me, esp. as a man who is not used to being vulnerable and all that. very inspiring to learn about Jono’s initiative, which is needed more than ever now. Thanks to Melli for organising this summit and for having truly engaging interviews with the speakers. Your warmth and passion really come through.

    1. Hey Geoffry, thanks for commenting! Yeah I thought this was such an important topic aye? mindfulness and masculinity. Jono is to me, a man who walks his talk too. I feel like vulnerability and authenticity is the ultimate show of courage : )

  3. Jessica

    Very grateful for the opportunity to take part in this online summit. The quality and genuine spirit that Melli and her guests bring to each conversation is inspiring. I was especially pleased to hear Jono’s thoughts on the connection between mindfulness and minimalism, and the abundance that living with less may awaken within us. Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada

    1. Chantal Bélanger

      I feel really lucky somebody brought that summit to my attention. I knew about mindfulness from a really good yoga teacher here, Nicole Bordeleau, who lead to Jon Kabat Zin’s work. But the wide variety of guests you have and the content of the interviews make me learn even more. I’ll have a couple books to read this winter. Thank you Melli! Chantal, Montreal, Canada.

  4. Lisa Bradford

    I am loving this summit!! Thank you, Melli!!! I am realizing that I have been living a life of mindfulness in a lot of ways but I also have a ways to go! I’ve always considered my horses and the time I spend with them as my hobby but now I realize they are most definitely my meditation! I can’t wait to continue listening!

  5. Susan moore

    Lovely conversation and insightful as well. The word that sticks out to me is kindness. I long for a kinder world and think this is the way to go about helping the world become more kind. I love the summit so far and can’t wait to see what other lovely things I get to see, hear, experience. Thank you Melli!

  6. Annie

    I have enjoyed and learnt a great deal about mindfulness in these first few interviews. The thing that separated this interview with Jono Fisher to the others was his ability to explain in everyday language and give real life experiences about what ‘mindfulness’ can be. For me to understand such a deep concept as ‘mindfulness’ Jono’s practical explanations mean so much more to me than the theory or generalisations behind it. I’ll be joining the Wake Up community, thank you. 🙂

  7. sandipage@wrk.co.nz

    Deeply moving interview – thank you both so much. So far each talk is creating in me more and more space to gather the forgotten or discarded parts of myself with gentleness and compassion. Thank you for speaking about the tears of sadness and relief Jono, definitely resonated with me and hopefully will free me to be more accepting of them when they flow.

  8. Simone de+Lima

    Very useful
    It just hurt when he mentioned fishing to be a mindful practice. I hope more and more people can be really mindful , i.e. can attend to others with compassion and loving kindness, even if these others are non-human animals.

  9. Jean Pollock

    Day 4. Another worthwhile session. I was drawn to the mindful warrior dialogue. To have immense strength with immense softness This highlights the relationship and gifts brought forth via the practice of meditation and yoga. Thank you Melli and Jono

  10. Jacqui Fenwick

    Love listening to your wise words Jono and your journey. I love the work of the Wake-Up project. The discussion about masculinity is a topic close to my heart and it is great to hear it being given ‘air time’ here. It is clear you practice a mindful approach to life. Thank you Melli.

  11. Teresa Gray

    I would like to thank Melli and Jono for another wonderful 48 minutes. It is the highlight of my day and I loved the calm and peacefulness that came through Jono’s words and face. His explanations were simple but beautiful.
    Thank you again

  12. Michael

    I enjoyed this dialogue because I learned how the world of business and commerce, the world outside of one’s consciousness, is being changed and can be changed by these ideas.

  13. maegen rzasa

    Thank you both so much for this interview. Jono – you so eloquently encapsulated so many concepts in a way that resonated and affirmed things I have thought about and felt but in such a fresh and succinct way. You so beautifully articulated the idea that the experience of meditation need not be one that we associate with this label of ‘meditating’ and can indeed look different to different people – thank you for that! So many of us get attached to and stuck in these definitions and rules (melli I believe used the word ‘rigid’) that it often proves to be the antithesis of the peace we initially set out to manifest. And a crazy timing thing that is so important for me literally in this exact moment is your discussion of the time when you were nannying and you “started to feel way more comfortable with who I was irrespective of what I was doing”. I was literally just having this conversation/realization with my husband in a much more round about, fumbling way and here you are describing this exact thing so simply and perfectly. Your perspective in general is grounded, accepting and REAL. Much gratitude.

  14. Gillian Moon

    Wow, another inspirational interview. Jono your passion for what you do radiates from you. Have already visited and joined wake up project! would love to see something like this in NZ – do you ever ‘hop over the ditch’ to give seminars etc
    and thought it was wonderful that you were mindful to acknowledge and thank Melli for all her amazing work in getting this summit up and running.

    “He aha te mea nui?
    He tangata.
    He tangata.
    He tangata.”

    “What is the most important thing? It is the people. It is the people. It is the people.”

  15. William M+Russell

    Thank you Mellie for your interview and conversation with with Juno, there was alot of honest and genuine quality to your conversation, and spontanaity also. I enjoyed listening to you, juno talking about your disatisfaction of your life and your path of finding the events that lead you to the missing inner qualities. Also your heart felt desire to help the world to appreciate and express kindness and become more aware is quite obvious. I thank you for sharing your story because there is a definite need to wake up and see that we are part of a much bigger pictue, both inside and outside of ourselves.

  16. Dina

    I am continuing to love these daily interviews. This was a gem! Thanks so much once again, Melli and everyone involved — as Jono suggested at the end of your conversation, I can only imagine what goes into this project & it really is such a gift!. I actually hadn’t heard Jono before — he is wonderful — so thank you for including him & introducing me to him & his work! There was so much said that was helpful and thought provoking — I especially liked the idea that being more present has us become more kind and more creative. . .inspiring!

  17. Brigitte Chertok

    Thank you so much Melli for this interview,Jono story was so inspirational. It’s a real gift to be able to hear all your different speakers everyday. I send you my gratitude from California.

    1. Raymond Jacomb

      Thoroughly enjoyed this interview. As a male I enjoyed hearing another male giving his opinion on “masculine mindfulness”. Had not heard of Jono before but I hope to hear a lot more from him in the future. Great effort Melli. Such an interesting and enjoyable experience.

  18. Schalk Lubbe

    Thanks for this teaching, Melli & Jono. It was such a wonderful experience. Just listening to Jono talking almost made me feel like I was meditating!
    Wonderful teaching!

  19. Benjamin J.

    Wonderful job, wonderful speakers, wonderful topics, it’s truly a blessing now to have the opportunity to be part of this Summit, because now more than ever I can see how anyone can benefit from broadening their understanding of what you are doing here.
    Thank you so much

  20. Michele Wilton

    Wow, I was totally transfixed by this interview and really enjoyed it. I nearly didn’t tune in as I thought it didn’t apply to me as a woman, but I’m glad I did. I got a lot out of it. Thanks Jono and thanks Mille for providing such interesting interviewees!

  21. bugda savasir

    Very helpful…Especially the male dilemmas, difficulties in business life, competition..how to let it go…will definitely suggest your organization to my husband who has the emotional honesty, kindness and vulnerability but feels alone in that being. struggles with the arrogance around and of course the mid life existential issues. i

  22. Claire Quinn

    Another fantastic interview thank you Melli & Jono. It’s amazing how much you’re able to cover in such a short space of time – such great questions & answered in such a ‘real’ & down to earth way that anyone can understand. Today I loved the link with animals & nature. I walk my dog daily & it’s my time to breathe deeply, notice the sun rising, the buds forming, the dew glistening – it’s when I feel alive. Also the trust, kindness & unconditional love of animals really opens your heart. Thank you for highlighting the importance of looking after Mother Earth & the animal kingdom for future generations. <3

  23. Poh Lan+Aveling

    I would like to echo Jono’s thanks to Melli, Matt and their team – for their vision and the enormous effort in bringing this whole Summit together. I am truly thankful for the opportunity to learn from and share in other people’s mindfulness journeys.

  24. Jerry

    I really enjoyed the contrast between Jono Fisher & Dan Harris. Two ends of the male spectrum but both with the same message. Mindfulness helps lead a more fulfilling life. Thank You

  25. Pamela Mantione

    This is one of my favorite speakers so far! Thank you for having him and for the very enlightening interview. I can’t wait to watch day 5. Loving the summit, and practicing being mindful of breath… Thank you!

  26. laura_brance5218

    Dear Melli and Jono, this was so far the most touching and beautiful conversation in this summit. It resonated very much with how I and surely many others are feeling, and I’m really thankful for the inspirational story that Jono shared from his own experience in such a humble, heartwarming, simple and open way. Thank you both for all the wonderful work that you are doing!

  27. Leesa

    Thank you, I really enjoyed this interview and have since signed up to the wake up project. I can’t wait to receive my free kindness cards and undertake some random acts of kindness to complete strangers. What a fantastic concept! Very inspiring interview. Thank you.

  28. teresa

    Oh my glob! Jono’s story about being a nanny caretaking of children, and how he felt like he had dropped out/lowered himself on the career ladder etc. when introduced as “the nanny” is soooo true for me as a mother, as many people I imagine who have families when we introduce ourselves as “just a mom.” I find his story so relatable, So happy to hear his story of his mindfulness path to where he is today finding his joy. thank you for introducing and sharing with us this beautiful person Jono.

  29. Silvana Alfieri

    thank you melli for making this summit! I´m from Paraguay and here we don’t know much about mindfulness so this was like a gift for the small community that practice it everyday. I can´t thank you enough for all the inspire and kind words of you and jono, and for being such an amazing examples for all of us. For me this was the most touching interview in this summit. Looking forward to the rest of it.

  30. Silvana Alfieri

    thank you melli for making this summit! I´m from Paraguay and here we don’t have a lot o places to learn more or even to talk about mindfulness so this was like a gift for the small community that practice it everyday. I can´t thank you enough for all the inspire and kind words of you and jono, and for being such an amazing examples for all of us. For me this was the most touching interview in this summit. Looking forward to the rest of it.

  31. Jenni

    Loving these little lessons and re-inforcements!
    Seeing so many parallels that make me realise that I am more mindful than I had thought I was.
    I don’t have to meditate to be mindful, just as I don’t have to go to church to believe in God!
    Thank you for that reminder.
    My walk with the dogs this morning was very mindful.

  32. Giuliana Pareja

    I’m really hopeful that business people, entrepreneurs, politicians, and so on type of people would embrace mindfulness. It is the beginning of a new world, a more genuine, kind world. Thanks for opening my eyes in so many ways.

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