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Mindful Masculinity, Conscious Capitalism and Kindness

Mindful Masculinity, Conscious Capitalism and Kindness. An Interview With Jono Fisher

Jono Fisher is the founder of WakeUpProject.com.au, a community of over 100,000 people celebrating mindful leadership and living. He hosts events with Google’s Search Inside Yourself and the annual MindfulLeadershipForum.com in Sydney, Australia.

Over 35,000 people have attended Wake Up events with bestselling authors such as Dr. Brenè Brown, Eckhart Tolle, Marianne Williamson and Dr. Rick Hanson. Jono is regularly invited to speak at the Dalai Lama’s public events.

In this interview Jono talks about how everyday activities can be powerful mindfulness practices. Join Melli and Jono as they also explore the masculine expression of mindfulness and the redefining of what it means to be a ‘real man.’

You’ll also discover the meaning and practice of ‘conscious capitalism’ and mindfulness leadership.

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Show Notes

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Purchase a full access pass to unlock downloads for the full interview transcripts, audio, video and separate audio meditation tracks.

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Purchase a full access pass to unlock downloads for the full interview transcripts, audio, video and separate audio meditation tracks.

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  1. Jane Parkman

    Thank you Jono and Melli I loved this sharing. I felt a calmness being present with you. I related, as a woman, to the cultural bravado that I feel impelled to present to the world i.e great mum, successful woman, attentive wife, skilled homemaker and community contributer but loved your reflection on the response to the question ‘what makes a man’ but ‘what makes a good ‘human’. I feel tyrannised most day trying to keep up and whilst I believe that mindfulness meditation is the way to escape I find it so hard to break rank from my to do list. Thank you Melli for this series I don’t believe it is a coincidence that I am here.
    Warm regards

  2. Felipe

    Melli and Jono. I’ve been watching all the videos the last days and today I was really surprised with the ease and the freshness of you two. I don’t know if this is because of all the practicing and the other videos, but I got a bit emotional and I couldn’t watch the video without holding a huge smile in my face. I thank you Jono for acknowledging Melli’s work in such a classy and perfect description, and once again, thank you Melli. It’s been a pleasure and a new way of seeing things.

    Once I heard in a yoga class, that the man is the Sun. The sun provides light and warm, and therefore, he gives life to the earth. If we’ (human beings) really are suns, I hope we all share a bit of light everywhere we wander; for as long as we’re here.

    Love from Brazil – even though I’m far away from home

  3. Robbin Davis

    Thank you yet again. The kindness revolution sounds a lot like the “because I said I would.,..” movement here in the States started by a young man to memorialize his father. Random acts of kindness hold the power to change the world and we should all practice it freely. Looking forward to the next interview.

  4. Jamie Armin

    Thank you both for this session! We can be present everyday! Present in my classroom with my students, leaving the education bearaucracy at the door. Mindful as I fold the laundry; very therapeutic. Taking the backroads during my commute & observing autumn leaves on trees. Thanks for bringing me back to awareness 🙂

  5. Ricardo Forbes

    Millie and Jono, Thank you for bringing out the things you are doing and for giving us a clearer understanding of how using mindfulness can help awaken the sleeping giant we never knew we had inside of us. Keep them coming. Ricardo F.

  6. steve wharmby

    Such an engaging interview from start to finish very thought provoking and hopeful. Really related to the meditative presence in the company of a dog (as well as many other aspects). Thanks.

  7. Lucy Gore

    I resonated with practically everything that Jono has spoken about. It’s where I am at in my own personal process and it has brought me faith in the journey that I am on as I have chosen to undergo a hugely emotional journey in order to not live in the constant emotional pain I felt. Mindfulness has enhanced this journey and I truly believe that moving forward with compassion, kindness & forgiveness and a genuine use of this, then a new world of talking about emotions and being honest, can really truly emerge in a world that could really benefit from waking up. Thank you, Lucy

  8. Maria Laptev

    Jono. Listening to you made me feel quite whole and with a deep sense of peace as you and Melli concluded your talk. My journey of a thirty five year career has brought me to a point which you described so very well opening my eyes to what so many of the struggles have been about, where I am at now and the joy of everything that lies ahead. Thank you.

  9. Daryl

    I enjoyed today’s interview. Today I am relaxed and thankful for the inspiration to live authentically. Also, to keep practicing opening up to what is happening and the ordinary moments without needing to labeling them. All easier said than done. My labrador sighed and that connected me to my breath. Thank you Mellli and Jono for following your wise hearts and supporting others to do the same. It is helping me get from my bed to the cushion before all my daily responsibilities kick in. I completes MBSR 8 week student 1 yr ago at Insight L.A. The 31 day commitment is helping me to take that step that make such a difference.

  10. Elizabeth Denniss

    Great interview, I especially loved hearing about nature and animals as elements of living mindfully and bringing mindfulness to our daily round. Meditation is great but taking conscious awareness into our daily activities is equally important. As an equine learning experiential practitioner who has lived, worked and played with wild born horses for the pas 11 years I have had remarkable opportunities to experience just being with the herd, which is powerfully present and beautiful. I loved hearing Jono speak about looking into the eyes of a dog as being a mindful experience!

  11. Shantelle Bates

    Thanks for another great seminar. Becoming aware of how something that seems so simple can make such a difference in others lives, just through the realization that becoming more aware of ourselves and those around us, is just amazing. We just don’t realize how much some things, thoughts, feelings, etc. can impact others. Thanks to seminars such as these I hope we can become a kinder more aware people

  12. Jennifer Sandoval

    This was a really great discussion and I would like to also thank you Melli, for taking the initiative to hold this summit and help so many people to further their understanding of mindfulness.

  13. Greg

    Mindful masculinity, what a concept. As a father I feel an obligation to teach my son this idea, In doing so I believe he will be a more confident man. with more compassion for all of the other creatures he shares this planet with.

  14. Kylie Griffiths

    After listening to the talk, I feel such a sense of contentment and understanding. I cried during the talk as it resonated with me and I truly understood. I’m in the early days of living and learning about mindfulness but I’m so grateful that I’m here. Thank you for this gift.

  15. susan flanagan

    Echoing all above, thank you. I especially enjoyed the discussion of “other” meditative activities. I first found profound peace paddling a kayak. This was 35+ years ago and I didn’t know it then, but it was my first introduction to what it means to be mindful. Thankfully, I am still able to find contentment and joy in nature. With this summit, I’m hoping to see it expand to all facets of my life.

  16. Pamela Lafferty

    I very much enjoyed this interview with Jono..well spoken and from the heart. It was very interesting to hear the male perspective. .and I especially loved the image of the strong back and soft front.i see this in some of the men I know as they further their practices. Thank you, thank you for another gem.

  17. Carol Piros

    What a wonderful experience this summit is. I look forward every day to hear the next speaker and am so grateful to Melli for organizing this. Loved the comment, what makes a good HUMAN, that is the key issue. Also could relate to Jono and being raised on a farm and how the endless wonder of the animals and nature and the slower pace or natural rhythm that goes with that lifestyle does give one, as a child a glimpse of what mindfulness, peace and happiness are. Looking forward to tomorrow!

  18. Sally A+McLennan

    Thanks Melli. You have interviewed 4 fascinating people so far. This interview with Jono strikes many chords with me as I have tried to run our own business, for the last 10 years, with ‘mindful leadership’…..not that I have had the term to call it that. Jono’s comment that the ‘rewards’ are not necessarily what we would see from a conventional perspective is true in my own experience, such as, for example, better relationships with the people who we work with. Having said that our business was awarded the top annual award in the franchise we belonged to for the final two years we owned the business. I have no doubt that mindful leadership played a great part in this success.

  19. Patti Shea

    I loved that you shared your journey. It took courage to leave a comfortable job to explore other possibilities, and your openness to the unknown is inspiring. I’m happy it led you to what seems to me a very peaceful place.

  20. Timothea Goddard

    Jono is such a heartfelt communicator! And brings so much lived wisdom to the forum. Thank you.
    And I was interested in what Jono and Melli were saying about the kind of presence that can arise in all sorts of moments. …such as in nature, fishing, walking the dog.
    Rather than defining these experiences as quintessential “mindfulness” experiences I could call these moments as arising simply from the privilege of having a sane life, with enough spacious unfolding time in it.
    And of course we need to have a mind that is able to be there for it! This is gold, and often the first thing that a mindfulness program like MBSR and MBCT might offer people. We might start seeing that this kind of space is needed to rest, calm and restore ourselves on a daily basis.
    But in championing this kind of experience as the heart of mindfulness, there may be a danger of missing the wisdom aspect which is actually about investigating how one’s own human mind works and getting skilful in relation to that – which hopefully leads to the things that Jono was talking to: being able to work with difficulties in one’s own life and relationships, compassion, respect for others, wise action.
    I do think that these days mindfulness can be many things to many people. And if it means being more present when you are fishing, that is wonderful.
    But different things get cultivated when the practice is a bit more sustained and rigorous, methinks. I agree that this is “not for everyone” but important to remember it is often those of us in more pain, distress etc, that need the formal practice more than less stressed people. It is not just a matter of personal preference in a life full of preferences – which is sometimes what this talk seemed to be suggesting.
    And maybe we could be more careful in not collapsing these things together as if they are the same thing. Perhaps rather than being “rigid” in our definitions, this might be being rigorous in knowing what a path of practice has to offer. I really enjoyed hearing Dan Harris talking about his engagement in practice and it leading to being “10% happier”. This kind of change from anxiety and stress to more peace does not just come about from being in nature. Otherwise, this is what we could recommend to people who have anxiety, depression, chronic pain etc. To make these shifts, many of us would know from personal experience, we really need to examine and investigate how we are processing our experience from moment to moment.

  21. Zoe Knights

    Yes I’d like to echo Emma’s comments above and Jono’s closing comments about being so grateful to Melli and the organisers of this summit for their inspiration and determination in getting it up and running. I feel really fortunate that it’s all freely available to us. What I really appreciate about today’s interview (and those to date) is that it’s great to see so many different personalities and people from different walks of life using mindfulness in many varied ways to improve their own lives and also to do things that others can benefit from.

  22. Stacia

    This really is a gift. Thank you. I have found journalling to be an important part of my mindfulness practice. Has anyone else found this to be the case for them as well?

  23. Barbara marshall

    I so enjoyed this session with Melli and Jono. It seemed to be only a 10 minute interview with such ease. Thank you for allowing us all to be part of this wonderful enlightening journey .

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