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Being More Mindful & Home Practice – Shamash Alidina

Practical Tips On Being More Mindful & Setting Up A Home Practice

Shamash Alidina is a bestselling author, speaker and mindfulness teacher. He is the author of the international bestselling Mindfulness for Dummies series and The Mindful Way Through Stress. Shamash runs courses and workshops on mindful living and speaks on mindfulness at conferences around the world. He has been teaching the benefits of mindfulness to both adults and children since 1998 and now is also a mindfulness teacher trainer.

In this interview and meditation session with Shamash you will explore…

  • How to create a strong foundation for your mindfulness practice.
  • How mindfulness brings the realisation ‘you are not your mind.’
  • Important attitudes to embody as you practice mindfulness.
  • How letting things be as they are brings us peace and serenity.
  • Advice for those who are just starting up a home meditation practice.
  • How to be creative with your own mindfulness practice to see what works for you.

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Show Notes

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Buy full access pass

Purchase a full access pass to unlock downloads for the full interview transcripts, audio, video and separate audio meditation tracks.

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Purchase a full access pass to unlock downloads for the full interview transcripts, audio, video and separate audio meditation tracks.

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269 Responses

  1. Genaro Zenteno

    I have many of Shamash books and they are wonderful: very well written and quite inspiring. In fact I knew about Mindfulness in the first place reading his first one from the Dummies series. Congratulations for this interview and greetings from Colima, Mexico :o)

  2. Jo-Anna Roberts

    Thank you so much. I loved this interview. What a smile Shamash has! And a very infectious energy. I found myself smiling the most ‘attending’ the summit today – and laughing with your both too! I love this perspective on mindfulness and your conversation really brought it alive. Thank you.

  3. Diane Soffe

    This summit is just wonderful. Thank you so much Melli, for all you are doing to bring these speakers to so many people. Each one adds to,or re enforces, what others say. I’m also realising that by listening to you and the speakers each day, there is huge value in consistent daily practice. 11 days in, and I can feel the changes in me already. It’s also joyful to know that people all around the world are sharing these same experiences. What a great feeling of community. Thank you again.

  4. Katja Fleck

    I really enjoyed this talk! Thank you!
    What a wonderful story Shamash told us about that mindfulness seems to spread to people who are not (yet) practising mindfulness! This is truly motivating on the journey to a more mindful world.

  5. Helane Abramowitz

    As a newbie to Mindfulness I am finding myself becoming increasingly absorbed and taken in by your speakers.
    Shamash resonated with me in a very powerful way. I was actually able to experience letting go and a sense of
    tranquility after practicing with him. Thank you so very much.

  6. Tonny Hojmose+Meldgaard

    Absolutely fantastic! Im overwhelmed by todays chat. Absolutely my favourite chat so far. 😀 Thanks Melli and Shamash from the bottom of my heart! xxx (Copenhagen – DK)

  7. Margaret Lottridge

    Thank you Melli and Shamash for a lovely Sunday interview and presentation. The number of positive comments speak volumes for today’s talk. I am so grateful to be able to participate in this Summit.

  8. Bernadette Gildea

    Thank you so much. I love that you are sharing not only the information, but the practice. Wonderful to have a smile on my face and put down the heavy bags and be in the MOMENT. Thanks

  9. Mike Fox

    There seems to be a problem dpwnloading the mp3 audio version of Shamash Alidina’s interview – it is a .com file, not .mp3; we would be grateful if you could check that out because Sunday is a difficult day to fit this in.

  10. Maria T+Calva

    I love this Summit. Very interesting speakers. Today was so delighted. I loved the way Shamash explained several things. I loved his energy. Thank you to being and sharing!!

  11. Taghrid

    Absolutely refreshing, fun and I love the freedom that Shamash brings to meditation and mindfulness. He makes it easy for anyone to do it and I think that’s a great achievement. That’s how it can easily spread to become mainstream. What a wonderful thought that is.
    Thank you so much Millie for bringing all these amazing and fantastic speakers, Many of the friends I invited to join are loving it.

  12. betsy morrison

    My absolute favorite video speaker so far! Thank you for your kindness, humor and as a beginner mindful meditator, I finally enjoyed the entire process.. You showed me how to like both mind and body and be friendly toward my circus antics mind…

  13. Carol spratt

    Really enjoyed this talk… It’s the one that has had the most impact and truly resonates with me. The mindfulness practice gave me such a sense of freedom… Laying down the bags and letting go felt wonderful. Found it easier to remain with the practice as I could cuddle up on sofa to do it, what a difference that made! Didn’t want it to end. Thank you so much.

  14. Jan Hafner

    What a lovely experience I had while listening to you, Shamash. I am SO happy that lightness and delight and humor can be a part of a mindful / meditation filled life, as it is such a large part of mine. I felt those two heavy bags and the instant lightness upon letting them go – ahhhh, such a lovely feeling of release. Thank you so much for your time and effort today, and Melli Thank you as well! This Mindfulness Summit has already surpassed my high expectations and it’s only day 11! 🙂

  15. Sharon Fierro

    Loved it! I am left with a smile on my face..and in a relaxed place!! Very easy going, very nice, light hearted..and powerful!! Both of you being in the state of present awareness throughout this interview was awesome..and contagious. Also love your sense of humor. While on retreat last year at Blue Cliff Monastery, I experienced the power of practicing and being with Thay’s community..I learned and felt so much through silent observation and being in the presence of the monks and nuns..I, too believe, the ripple effect of being mindful is changing our world, as we compassionately care for ourselves, each other and our planet. With gratitude, Sharon

  16. Kirsty

    My favourite so far. Great energy. Loved the idea that sleep is not failing. I was standing in a huge park during the meditation bit. I could watch clouds while I listened. Thank you all so much.

  17. Shantelle Bates

    Thank you for a wonderful and insightful seminar today. So much helpful information delivered with joy and an enjoyable spirit, just itching to get on with the day now, to experience each and every moment. Thanks :o)

  18. Ilka

    What a wonderful refreshing approach! Personally my favourite lecture so far. Thank you for providing all these amazing insights and talks, it’s been a great journey so far and I’m looking forward to what is about to come for the remainder of this summit. Thank you 🙂

  19. Barbs

    I loved his relaxed approach to Mindfulness! The smile, bringing kindliness and friendliness, it was really refreshing and made it seem possible to achieve! Thank you Shamash!! 🙂

  20. Bec Haynes

    Wow. That was lovely. What a great guy. He was a pleasure to listen to and I found myself smiling and laughing on several occasions. My favourite interview by far. Thanks x

  21. Allison

    I look forward to this summit everyday.today was great because I could forgive my self for the usual uneasiness and discomfort I feel when sitting crossed legged . This was a fun interview. Thankyou both

  22. Alexandra Doroftei

    Loved it! One of my favourites till now! I’m very grateful to the speakers and specially to the organisers for this summit! I’m learning a lot a demystifying some beliefs! Thank you!

  23. h foster

    In total agreement that this session was one of my favorites! He nailed it on the head about some of the challenges we can face during efforts to start and maintain daily meditation practice as my mind still wanders being so accustomed to years of multi-tasking and OCD type behaviors. It reassured me that I was not the only one and his suggestions were excellent. Thanks again for all your work arranging this series.

  24. deb rushworth

    Once again thank you Melli for introducing another inspiring human to my understanding of mindfulness and its practice. Shamash was just delightful! Authentic, humorous and kind-really enjoyed this segment immensely.

  25. Debbie Cook

    I loved it – thank you Melli & Shamesh! I’m a relative newbie to mindfulness. I do have the free audio files from Mindfulness at Work for Dummies on my computer at work. They provide great short breaks when I truly need them. This summit has been wonderful.

  26. Helena Saray

    Magnificent! Today’s dialog with Shamash Alidina was so inviting; from the heart, refreshing, and authentic, brilliant speaker and a brilliant mind. Loved it! Thank you so much!

    Melli thank you for the valuable group of speakers you have gathered. Loving the dialog; no matter what level, path, or journey any of us may be on…it’s all so nourishing!

    1. Rebecca Marin

      I tried unsuccessfully to access today’s interview with Shamash many times today. Is there a way I can see it, hear it or read a transcript of it? I’ve had no difficulty doing so all of the previous days, and don’t want to miss this one.

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