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How to Practice Mindful Eating – Susan Albers

How To Practice Mindful Eating With Dr Susan Albers

Dr. Susan Albers is a clinical psychologist at the Cleveland Clinic and she is also one of the worlds leading experts on mindful eating. She is the author of six books on the topic including ‘Eating Mindfully’, ‘Eat, Drink & Be Mindful’ and ‘Mindful Eating 101.’

Join Melli and Susan as they explore the theory and practice of Mindful Eating. In this video you’ll Learn…

  • The 5 steps to mindful eating.
  • Simple and practical tips on how mindfulness can create more healthy eating in daily life.
  • How to set up your environment to make mindful eating easier.
  • How to quit comfort eating.
  • A practice of mindful eating.

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Show Notes

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Purchase a full access pass to unlock downloads for the full interview transcripts, audio, video and separate audio meditation tracks.

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Purchase a full access pass to unlock downloads for the full interview transcripts, audio, video and separate audio meditation tracks.

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271 Responses

  1. JoAnn

    This is all new to me, so I am enjoying taking the time for myself. I do hope I can continue to search myself and get a greater appreciation for the world and others that surround me!

  2. Joyce Trites

    Getting ready to tune into Day 5 at 12:15 noon on Oct. 5th here in Canada. I am getting so much out of this summit already. It is giving me not only the gentle push I so needed to get back to my mindfulness practice but also a new wealth of information. Thanks so much for all the preparation work and time that goes into such an endeavour. It is truly appreciated.

      1. margie lutz

        If you want a talk or presentation, go to youtube.
        I happen to appreciate the real life back and forth. Milli asks some great questions
        and the guests responds with their own insights and their experiences.

    1. Dave Morris

      +1 for sure. Your guests are the point of the summit, and should be allowed to take the discussion in their own directions as much as possible. You are a fine active listener, but these are not clients who need reassurance that they are being heard!

    2. Ursula

      Firstly this was likely to be filmed before the summit started. Secondly have some compassion. Thirdly, it’s a great resource and free. Don’t listen if you don’t like it!

    3. Linda Kessler

      Noticing the differing responses that individuals have to the presentation of ideas through an interviewer…some praise Mrs Mindfulness; some are critical. It reminds me of the quote presented by Joseph Goldstein: “Don’t worship the teapot; drink the tea.” The format in which these ideas are being presented are secondary to the ideas themselves. Personally, I especially like that each interview is ending with the same thoughtful question.

  3. Kate Megee

    Love this. Great advice that I will be able to pass on to my clients in my Health Coaching practice. I love that it also allows us to very simply bring mindfulness into our day by being mindful of what we eat.

  4. Marilyn Wiens

    Thanks for this session–wonderful reminders to eat mindfully. Many years ago I read a book called When Food is Love. That book started me on the path of mindful eating and I have from time to time tried to share it with friends, but am glad to see that Susan is continuing this work. She had many good ideas for how to begin. What I have noticed, with practise is that tuning into the body in this way does definitely bring more awareness of our responses and bodily sensations such as satiety that we may have lost for a variety of reasons.

  5. Lauren Sarabia

    I too really enjoyed today’s discussion. Moved me to sign up for the Mindful Eating Summit in November too.

    Each day I have appreciated little nuggets of inspiration for my won practice.

    Thank you.

  6. Lauren Sarabia

    I too really enjoyed today’s discussion. Moved me to sign up for the Mindful Eating Summit in November too.

    Each day I have appreciated little nuggets of inspiration for my own practice.

    Thank you.

  7. Kathleen Rutkowski

    Great session. Food is such an important part of our lives and often in contemporary society our mindless eating habits have serious societal, psychological, and physiological consequences. Dr. Albers focus on Mindful Eating is truly fascinating and hopefully will lead to more research into how this practice can work with people with significant eating disorders as well as those with more common problems of weight reduction or maintenance. Love the five steps and the clever mottos. What better way to savor the moment and focus than with a full sense satisfying bite of food. Thanks to Melli and to Dr. Susan Albers.

  8. Martha de+Yturbe

    Mastering MINDFULNESS has been a lifelong journey for me. Creative new ways of expanding this process continues to enlighten my path. Love sharing this ride with a global community. GREAT JOB!!!

  9. Billy Joe+Uy

    I loved the mindful eating exercise! I was craving for a potato chip but I don’t buy any so it would be always out of my sight(the 4th step in mindful eating), but as I was just imagining it, clearly remembering every sensation and taste of eating, my craving was effectively dissipated. I believe that mindful eating can really help anyone eat healthier and stop cravings/comfort eating.

    Thank you Susan for these gems of ideas and a big thanks to Melli for organizing these great sessions that are making each of my days mindful, fruitful and beautiful.

  10. christine evans

    I’ve been eating more mindfully for a while, and love it. And my question is how to tackle my feelings, experience when I am eating with my partner you isn’t very mindful when he eats. I notice I feel anxious and discomfort, and want them to do it differently and eat more slowly……ha ha….any comments from other would be very welcome. Thank you,

  11. Kay

    Thank you, once again, Melli, Matt and the entire Summit team. What an incredible gift you are giving to the world. I have found each session enlightening in its own way and today’s Mindful Eating offering not only flew by but really resonated with me. I have started to LIVE more mindfully these past few days and am already beginning to reap the rewards. Thank you! Namaste.

    1. Antonette DeVito

      Focus on yourself, not your partner. You cannot change him/her, you are in charge only of your own actions and choices. By doing this, you may be a subtle influence on your partner, but that is not the goal. You can practice mindfulness for your self only.

      1. Mona Choudhary

        Thanks Melli for the summit. I appreciate that you have incorporated the suggestions by the viewers in your interview. I was introduced to mindful eating while doing Online MBSR course about 2 months back. i must say that my eating cannot be said to be mindful yet. but my mindless eating has reduced. just checking with yourself “are you really hungry for food or is it something else” has helped. and here is what many viewer’s would like to hear I have lost weight about 4 kg and 2 inches. Isn’t that great and without doing much modification in my diet. exercising on and off and almost not recently but my 1 and a half year old gives me the running. Infact i am not even eating mindfully. its just that mindless snacking has reduced. and making that decision of having my dinner early, instead of waiting for dinner time and keep snacking in between might have also helped.

  12. Shelagh Garren


    I just have to say what a beautiful job you are doing with these interviews. You are so open and clear and lead the interviews in such a thorough, concise way. This has been a very inspiring way to start my day and I feel so connected with other people all over the world who are practicing principles that can truly improve the quality of life on the planet. Thank you for putting together this amazing summit and please know that all your time and efforts are greatly appreciated and world-changing. Huge!

    With much love and gratitude,

  13. Vinod Kadri

    Truly the session was an enlightening one. I would certainly like to go about the way Dr.Susan described the mindful eating process . I look forward to more such enlightening messages in the days to come. Kudos to Mrs.Mindfulness…Doing a good job..

  14. Lotta Dann

    Found this one really helpful. As a recovering alcoholic I use food to sooty my emotions where before I used booze. I hate it as it leaves me with the same feelings of shame, guilt and low self worth. Maybe mindfulness is the key that will finally unlock this habit! Thanks Melli & Susan X

    1. Helen Morse

      You are on the road to recovery Lotta as you are aware of your feelings.

      Well done Meli and the guest speakers, thank you so much for your help, it has been so thought provoking…looking forward to each day of the mindfulness summit. Thank you

  15. Louise Taylor

    Melli and guests, Thank you very much for these wonderful diverse talks on mindfulness. I really appreciate your generosity with all the wisdom you have shared. Thank you, Melli, for all the work you did to make it happen. May we all be more mindful in our lives. In gratitude, Louise

  16. Joy Allen

    I am really enjoying these mindfulness sessions. The daily tune in, is helping me be consistent with my meditation practice. This is just the boost that I needed. Thank you Melli for putting this all together and offering to the masses for free!! It is truly a gift!! Namaste!!

  17. Linda Metcalfe

    Dear Melli,

    I would like to thank you Matt and the Summit team for organizing such a wonderful experience for all to participate! This a truly been an incredible gift. I greatly appreciate all your efforts to help bring Mindfulness to the world!

    Warm regards,


  18. sally ann

    This was great! Thanks Susan! I try to practice mindful eating most days. It’s truly a great experience that allows you to savor and appreciate the food that you are eating even more.

  19. Avalon Mason

    I post this not to be contrary, but to offer a different opinion. I’m open to being in the minority if that is the case.

    Every day I see people expressing that they do not prefer the format of the summit being conversational. I prefer it this way. Each of the featured speakers is thoroughly published. Accessing their teachings in a lecture or presentation format is already available. What this offers is the novelty and honesty of a conversation with these great thinkers. I think that Melli does a wonderful job of building rapport with the speakers and allows them to unfold their journeys in a way that is more humanizing and interesting than an edited or over-wrought speech.

    I have complete respect for everyone joining me on this journey. Thank you for the opportunity to explore so many facets of mindfulness.

    1. LEC

      Thank you for making this point. I have been wondering how to make it myself! Please count me as part of the minority that is really enjoying the give-and-take nature of the interview format.

      And thanks to Melli and her staff for this beautiful opportunity for people to delve deeper into mindfulness.

    2. Diana Sparrgrove

      i completely agree! I am really enjoying the conversational format and I think Melli asks great questions. All the speakers so far have been insightful and each day I look forward to the next speaker. Thank you to Melli for organizing such a meaningful event.

    3. Yvonne Synnott

      I absolute agree and agree absolutely
      Melli thank you for all your wonderful and time consuming effort to make
      this summit work so well.. It’s working
      Incredibly well. I think you know what your doing and why you are doing it this way and you are not in need of defending, so I commend you instead and thank you
      It’s inspirational and so are you as are so many of the participants , including the author the post I am replying to.. Hope we all manage to make the most of it

  20. Hana Tichá

    Thank you so much for doing this, Melli. I’ve loved all the sessions, but I found this one particularly relevant to what I’m struggling with. I can’t wait to watch the next interview! Greetings from the Czech Republic. 🙂

  21. Jim Bright

    I ended up popping to the shop for some pistachio nuts to eat mindfully ! I only had a few but it was interesting how full I felt. Normally I would eat the whole packet without even thinking. Another good lesson today. As always, thank you Melli & team 🙂

  22. Paula Santos

    Thank you, dr Susan! I enjoyed today’s session too. This will be very helpful.
    I think that a lot of people would like to hear you! 😉 This topic is really very important…

  23. Meg

    Have been loving these videos. I’m a psychotherapist and am getting so many ideas for both my clients and myself! Thank you for putting together such a wonderful resource!!

  24. Hilary Ledingham

    Dear Melli
    So far I have found this summit to be extremely helpful. I have enjoyed every session. I practise yoga and have practised mindful eating but needed a push to get back into gear.
    This must have been a monumental task for you to prepare and I really appreciate your hard work.
    Its a lovely way to take 30 mins to an hour of my day to listen to these wonderful people that you have lined up for this.
    I particularly enjoyed watching the sunrise in the background today as you sipped on what I imagined to be a lovely soothing cup of tea.
    Heres to you and your team. I’m so looking forward to the rest of the month.

  25. Jean McVay

    Thanks so much for bringing this to the world. Have loved every speaker and your very skillful way of talking to them. Your kindness, sweetness and thoughtful ways really come through in your actions. I’m so happy to have “found” you.

  26. maria

    Hi Susan, I am working on this one, and aware that I really need to practice! Thanks for the tips. Question – how do you “savour” when you don’t really like the flavour, but are eating it more for the food value? I’ve tried to convince myself that I like the flavour, but that doesn’t work – so I try to just affirm to myself that my body loves me for giving it these healthy foods and will repay me with vibrant health. Which is the truth, but just looking for some way I might actually enjoy it rather than feel like I just have to “get through the healthy stuff” so I can get on to the part I really enjoy – which is meat mostly.
    Thanks ~Maria

  27. Emily

    I loved her comment about the chocolate being a work of art, and how that opened up awareness of what it took to make it. Perhaps this can be usefully expanded to include anything we eat…what is actually in it…where it comes from…the processing and packaging it has undergone…the people and/or corporations who farm, fish, transport, market, sell, cook, and serve… Food for thought!

  28. charles popov

    Exactly! Eat off your feet. My whole life I have eaten on the run. This mindlessness practice began for me as a 17 year old soldier with a combat engineering unit as a cook. Basically, I spent about 10 hours preparing a meal, and before the troops came through the chow line, we (cooks) had about 5 minutes to eat, serve, and then spend the rest of the shift cooking. So yes, I literally ate on my feet with a bowl and fork in my hand. I have become better with mindfulness eating, slowing down a bit, but still need work breaking my harried behavioral eating patterns.
    Thank you so much Dr. Albers for the reminder and new strategies.
    Chuck P

  29. Jiko McIntosh

    This talk illustrates the first and second steps of the first speaker in the series, namely being mindful of the effects of our thoughts and actions on our constructed personal consuming self. There is a vital further awareness needed before eating and living become liberating and awakened acts that heal this great earth and with it ourselves. It is to realize and manifest our interdependence with the rest of humanity, the biosphere and present and future life on this planet. Whose lives, what soil, air, water and energy are we consuming when we take our luxury wrapped chocolate? How are we offering our own lives back in gratitude for the precious life we receive from it? Please keep courageously opening in wisdom and compassion.

  30. Jenny wade

    This is all new to me too and comes at such a great time for me. So I would like to join you in my thanks for putting the summit together. Every speaker so far has been great and I have taken one or two things from each of them. The overriding feeling I have though is about the language that you all use – its so kind and considered and non judgemental. I am trying to learn to be some of those things and watching you all is inspiring me. Thanks

  31. Susie Arbon

    Hi Mindful Friends,

    This was a big one for me & I’m very grateful to Melli for being so honest & sincere & helpful, & for this opportunity to share.
    like so many i have had a really ambiguous relationship to food & size & shape, linked to self-esteem issues.
    I eat ‘real’ non-processed food largely & adore wholesome stuff but up to now i still eat; on the hoof, far too quickly & overeat on the veg & drink loads of tea cos i know it fills me up rather than makes me too fat.

    I am aiming to treat the food, tea & myself with more respect & sit with the feelings! Feels a bit sad – but that in itself is an opportunity to ‘be’ & accept self more compassionately i guess.
    Keep smiling.
    with love & gratitude. x

  32. Shantelle Bates

    Another wonderful seminar, and extremely informative and helpful. Have done a mindful eating exercise before, the first time one piece of chocolate has lasted 20 minutes, was amazing. So glad to have the extra information and advice to continue a more meaningful and positive experience with food, looking forward to making changes to make my lifestyle better for the better. Thanks again

  33. Patricia Johnston

    Again, thank you! Each session I have listened to has been excellent. The interview today with Susan was was very helpful to someone who has a deeply ingrained habit of reading while I eat.

  34. Darren

    I’m having a real experience of synchronicity since starting with the Summit. Other courses are providing supportive information and ideas, along with receiving material to help with personal goals, are coming my way in a quiet, yet steady way since begging this month.

    This gift is an example. I’ve received now three new sources of information to help with nutrition issues related to my personal recovery plan.

    Thank you both for the interview today.

    Be Well.

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