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How to Practice Mindful Eating – Susan Albers

How To Practice Mindful Eating With Dr Susan Albers

Dr. Susan Albers is a clinical psychologist at the Cleveland Clinic and she is also one of the worlds leading experts on mindful eating. She is the author of six books on the topic including ‘Eating Mindfully’, ‘Eat, Drink & Be Mindful’ and ‘Mindful Eating 101.’

Join Melli and Susan as they explore the theory and practice of Mindful Eating. In this video you’ll Learn…

  • The 5 steps to mindful eating.
  • Simple and practical tips on how mindfulness can create more healthy eating in daily life.
  • How to set up your environment to make mindful eating easier.
  • How to quit comfort eating.
  • A practice of mindful eating.

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Show Notes

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Here is Susans website if you’d like to explore more about mindful eating and check out her books and events http://eatingmindfully.com/




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Purchase a full access pass to unlock downloads for the full interview transcripts, audio, video and separate audio meditation tracks.

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271 Responses

    1. Hey Kristen! How lovely to see you here! Glad you’re tuning in. We can’t wait to air your interview on mindful parenting. It was one of my favorites and I know people are going to love love love all the great tips and heartfelt stories you shared.

      1. Cecelia

        Thank you Susan! I have been trying to eat better these few weeks before this mindful Summit, leasing to your talk was really inspiring and I now look forward to Mindjul Eating something I never thought about until I listened to your interview.
        Thanks a lot.

  1. Alex Wilson

    Great practical tips! I really appreciate how generous the presenters have all been with their time & giving tips that are really usable for everyone. Thanks to Melli for her ongoing work- It’s amazing to me that this event is free- thank you:)

  2. Ricardo Forbes

    Thank you for the mindful eating practices, I am sure that as millie said, I find that when I become more mindful of the things I am doing and my surroundings, I get a lot of benefit from the sessions. keep them coming. r. Forbes

  3. Jenny Hoolachan

    I’ve had a packet of marshmallows sitting beside my kettle for the past few days and each time I’ve made tea I’ve mindlessly eaten a marshmallow or two. When Susan did the mindful eating exercise in the video I used a marshmallow. Guess what I discovered? Marshmallows are really sickly sweet and I really didn’t enjoy eating it! It’s crazy how you taste things differently when you tune in! Lesson learned!

    1. Susan

      I love this example! I am not really a fan of marshmallows either. Only when they are melty and I’m making S’Mores. It’s a good example of how texture can make a huge difference. You are exactly right! When we start paying closer attention and tuning in, it’s surprising how different food tastes and we become much choosier eaters. Thanks for leaving this comment and doing the exercise with me. Mindfully yours, Susan Albers http://www.eatingmindfully.com

  4. iija

    I really like the idea of mindful eating, I only wish I could do it without feeling embarrassed chewing my food so deliberately. Watching Melli eat the chocolate was as good as eating a piece of chocolate myself. Thank you for a very enjoyable moment of mindfulness.

  5. Thank you for introducing everyone to mindful eating a great introduction!, it works so so well. No guilt, No diet, a way to put food in its rightful place as a fuel for life. A very enjoyable experience! ????????????

  6. Thank you for introducing everyone to mindful eating a great introduction!, it works so so well. No guilt, No diet, a way to put food in its rightful place as a fuel for life. A very enjoyable experience! ????????????
    I also enjoy the preparation of food a lot better when doing it mindfully engaging all the senses! Thank You again!

  7. Mary Mulhern

    Eat, Drink and Be Mindful, fabulous last words! Thank you Millie, love listening to your calming voice. Thank you for your great answer, Susan. The world would indeed be calmer and more compassionate if only this insightfulnesss went more mainstream.

    1. Chantal Bélanger

      I so agree with gour comment Mary! And Susan, I love too the phrase Eat, Drink and be Mindful. I am so glad I discovered you through this summit Chantal. Montreal, Canada

  8. Mona Choudhary

    Thanks for this interview. I have a question for Dr. Albers. I have a 18 months young son who is very active and keeps running around. we often switch on TV so that we can feed him. That makes feeding easier otherwise it is difficult to feed him. Can you give some practical suggestions on how to follow mindful eating with him. Thanks.

  9. Eva

    I discovered eating mindful in the wonderful book ” the art of Mindfulness”thich nhat hanh, which was my very first reading about Mindfulness and I felt in love. The description of how to eat an orange mindfully is just wonderful.
    Thank you for remaining me to eat that way.

  10. Claire Comery

    I am providing training to teachers on attachment and trauma in a few weeks. To ground everyone when they arrive i am going to do a minfulness eating excercise. I had planned to use raisins as a healthy option but im now going to use chocolate and add in the imaginary chocolate option too. What a great idea and it really works. Thanks for sharing x

  11. Megan Harvey

    That was so helpful. Comfort eating has been a real problem for me, so to learn to apply mindfulness to it is great. I didn’t feel Dr Albers was at all judgemental about food, which you often come across with people researching in this area. So enjoying the summit!

  12. Hey everyone. I’m so glad you’re enjoying this one. I was excited to air it because Susan just give the most simple and practical advice here. Plus to be honest I am just delighted in got to eat chocolate before sunrise! he he he

    Did you guys do the mindful eating practice with us? How was it for you?

  13. Darlene Melchitzky

    A very helpful and insightful interview. I’ve noticed the feeling of gratitude rising up in me while doing the mindful bite exercise and I think that is also an important concept to consider. I’m so happy I decided to take part in this entire summit.

  14. Corrina Alchin

    Really enjoyed this interview as many of the points made around comfort eating hit home. I look forward to putting the practical exercises and steps to practice so that I actually recognise and acknoweldge the food that I’m putting in my mouth. Thank you

  15. sylvia richards

    Ithanks .i enjoyed learning how important it is to slow down and enjoy food. I’ve always known that I eat more than I need and you have given me easy tools to manage better.

  16. sharon minzer

    I made a donation for the opportunity to have access to these things in the future. However every time I try to download transcripts every message is that they will be available in 24 hrs and they aren’t. Every time I try to download a video the session just plays and no icons to download. Please help Also the downloads don’t go in the download file but basically disappear somewhere on my computer.

  17. liz Caruso

    Thanks Mel! Lots of Great information and a nice reminder to slow down and enjoy your food more. Thanks for everything your doing for us…we need more people like you in this world. x

  18. Cassie Dupras

    This was a wonderful talk and is so perfectly timed for me. I struggle with my weight due to chronic illness and a history of eating disorder, but it is very important for me to have a healthy weight because I have RA and a family history of type II diabetes. I’ve been doing a bit better, but I crave carbohydrates all the time. Maybe this will help me be satisfied with less.

  19. Laura

    Great interview! Thankyou so much Susan for sharing these simple yet profound insights into mindful eating. Much gratitude to Melli for making this summit accessable to us all! xo

  20. Pam Swiderski

    Thank you for the wonderful tips. I have recently become ill and I have started the journey to becoming more mindful of how I treat myself. Part of my journey has been to slow down. Your mindfulness eating tips could have not been timed more perfectly. My boys and I practiced your tips this evening and we really enjoyed ourselves.

  21. Lucy Nielson-Jones

    Interesting to listen to … I was hoping to hear more about how to the help people with anorexia. Anorexics already analyse their food to death and so did not find this helpful at all. It seems that there is a lot of emphasis generally on “LOOSE WEIGHT, DIET” etc and not helping people at the other end of the spectrum.

    1. Jacqueline McCarthy

      hi Lucy I am not anorexic , however I am in rare category of being under weight (without trying)….. genetics seems to be the answer based on what I know about my birth parents. Yes, all emphasis is on weight loss these days, between my employer & insurance companies, and those blasted emails or flyers in the mail sharing how I can lose weight, well over weight has been and will be a much focused topic on now and in future. Most say I would love to have ‘your problem’. No matter what side of the scale we fall on, our mindfulness journey will help, Sharing Understanding and Love, Jacqueline

  22. pixie miller

    Melli, how can I download the initial 3 meditations (Mindfulness of Breath and Body, etc.) that was emailed out? I want to be able to listen to them through iTunes.

  23. Tina Thomas

    Very good interview and great information! It actually took me longer than my husband this evening to eat dinner! Turned off the TV and enjoyed my food! Thank you so much for reminding me to enjoy!! We rush through so many things!

  24. Kerry Brennan

    Another excellent topic and presentation. I’m just back from a parents week-end visit at my daughter’s university and brought up quite a few homemade meals for her – which I really prepared with mindful presence on Friday. I thoroughly enjoyed mindful meal preps, and was definitely in the “flow” experience. My daughter is enjoying the homemade treats mindfully too – with savoring and using regular dishes instead of paper. I think mindful food preparation is a component of the whole mindful eating experience. I just love this summit – thanks so much!

  25. Colleen Young

    Thank you both for a new look at eating. Mindful anything benefits us by keeping us in the moment. I enjoyed the information provided by Dr. Albers and again, thanks, Melli for your thoughtful questions.

  26. Lindsay Peckham

    I am really enjoying the Summit. Everyday has been so interesting! I must admit, the idea of mindful eating did not initially appeal to me. I’m not even sure why except for the fact that I just naturally eat very fast and felt that eating so slow and deliberately would be difficult! However, I loved Susan’s practical, easy tips! I definitely plan to give it a try!!!

    Thanks again Melli & Susan!

  27. Ngaire Ashdown

    I so needed to hear this interview today! Comfort and mindLESS eating has been a problem for me on and off my whole life. I can now use Susan’s tips to help change my habits (and habits of family). Sitting at the dining table instead of in front of TV will be a good place to start.
    Thanks again!

  28. Ann Myers

    Great practical tips for such an important part of mindful living. Learning to be less impulsive and honoring the sustenance we are fortunate to enjoy… I try, too, to think about the processes and people who have brought the food to me, and honor them as well.
    Again, gratitude for the summit and for your dedication to humanity. Namaste!

  29. Fabiana

    I did the practice with the last piec e of chocolate I had and unlike other times I didn’t need another bite to feel satisfied!also I was thinking about the next time I have to go and buy food, ssomething will be different for me, I hope ! Thank you both forma such a nace experience

  30. Jean Pollock

    Day 5. Another wonderful session. The comments about pace and being aware of not only your own speed of eating but of those around you was so insightful. What a practical tip. Chocolate anyone ?!

  31. Tony Pantaleno

    So now I will look at my pepperoni pizza as my friend! We can enjoy a slow and easy lunchtime together instead of my inhaling three mindless slices, and I promise to do more sitting, savoring, and smiling. Thank you ladies:)

  32. Jacqueline McCarthy

    I am that 1% being extremely under weight vs over weight and able to share honestly I am not anorexic or bulimic, I just have little interest in food. Disappointed at 5:44 of webcam there was mention by Susan all aspects of eating would be covered: yes I actually was looking at time to check how much time I was spending listening to something of which I had no comprehension of. Mindfulness had me listen after the time check with open mind to listen, and mindfulness had me say to self after this is not what I was expecting or (hoping) for; Four days ago I would have shut Susan webcast down fast and moved on to something else, mindfulness learning over past four days has brought me to a great and open space and I am thankful to self for listening tonight and I Thank You for the enlightenment I have gained. I look forward to the rest of our journey together

  33. Chitra Krishnamurthy

    Very good dailogue. I feel inspired to follow the simple five steps. I also liked the idea that mindful eating habits can bring about mindfulness in all other aspects of living. Many many thanks.

  34. Daranee Serametakul

    Thank you for special tips of eating mindful by Dr.Susan. I used the 8th tip to slow down my meal, by putting my fork down between bites with mindfully chew. I hope that this way will help me to improve a problem from gastroesophageal reflux. And, thank you for the great Mindfulness Summit.

  35. Rebecca Ryan

    What a fun interview. Thanks Melli and Susan. When Susan mentioned about keeping healthy food visible I remembered that I had a special chocolate that I had put aside and had been saving. I had already retrieved it before you suggested we get something to bite mindfully! Great timing.

  36. Diane E+Baumer

    Continued thanks for the wonderful interviews. I’m looking forward to doing some more reading on mindfulness now that we have all the great recommendations from the summit speakers.

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