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The Relationship Between Mindfulness & Spirital Awakening – Tami Simon

How Does Mindfulness Relate To Spiritual Awakening? An Interview & Meditation With Tami Simon

Tami Simon is the founder and publisher of Sounds True, a multimedia company dedicated to disseminating spiritual wisdom.

Sounds True is one of the world’s largest publishers of spoken-word spiritual teachings, and is one of the world’s first organizations to operate with genuinely Integral principles, with the emphasis on ‘multiple bottom lines’ of purpose, profit, people, and planet. Tami is also a meditation teacher, specialising in teaching ‘body based awareness’ practices.

Today, join Tami as she describes how mindfulness relates to ‘spiritual awakening’ and how our sense of who we are changes when we become more mindful.

She also offers creative ways to bring the ‘informal practice’ of mindfulness into daily life and work life and she shares how animals and nature can be helpful in reconnecting us with the present moment.

In this video you’ll also be guided by Tami, in an experience of ‘body based’ or ‘somatic’ meditation.

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Show Notes

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Purchase a full access pass to unlock downloads for the full interview transcripts, audio, video and separate audio meditation tracks.

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Purchase a full access pass to unlock downloads for the full interview transcripts, audio, video and separate audio meditation tracks.

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238 Responses

  1. Am

    I have been subscribing to Tami’s ‘insights at the edge’ podcast for several years and have learnt so much from the interviews with so many spiritual teachers. I highly recommend that you all subscribe to the podcasts.

    1. Mark T

      “It’ll be over before you know it.” she said regarding her life’s practice… I’m reeled into that comment as such a Western/American mindset…. seems out of character/practice for the guru of somatic awareness… hmmmm…. how should I not judge this ego comment?

      1. John Andrew+Wesley

        I totally disagree with you on that Mark. I think it’s about savoring each precious moment and being thankful and having that sense of gratitude because life as we know it can be over in an instant. There is nothing Western or Ego about that.

      2. David Tate

        In response to Mark, What a potentially useful question for yourself that you ask:) It is interesting to observe how we can hear things differently. Tami’s observation that “It’ll be over before you know it” reminded me of Thoreau’s invitation to discover “the bloom of the present moment” as he had at Walden Pond, where he lived for the better part of a couple of years, “simplifying” his life , because as he wrote, “I didn’t want to get to the end of my life and realize I hadn’t fully lived it.” Thanks for the reminder Tami!

        On a related note, I want to thank you, Tami, for the remarkable contribution you have made to the “awakening (and all that that means;) ) of innumerable people, including myself, through your life’s work of making available such valuable resources through what you have published at Sounds True and through the live events you have hosted, several of which I have been blessed to attend. To be exposed to and supported by,such excellent teachers, including yourself (my favorite interviewer as well) has been such a great gift to me and my family! Thank you, also, for blessing us with this offering through this wonderful Mindfulness Summit!!!

  2. Sharon Fierro

    Most extraordinary experience..thank you, Tami and Melli! So peaceful, insightful, and deeply moving. I feel inspired and have a sense of expanded awareness. The space that was created during this hour was huge. The somatic meditation approach makes so much sense to me at present. Thank you for an awesome learning and pracrice experience. With gratitude, Sharon PS–Melli-It was so cool to see the sunrise in the background!! It was as if we were physically present throught the meditaion..very Nice, indeed.

  3. Avalon Mason

    Oh gosh! I never know how long these will be to schedule time during my day! Oh well, this was a particularly wonderful Speaker, thank you for the opportunity.

  4. Pete Sims

    Excellent. Very authentic and sincere practitioner and teacher! I truly loved the body awareness and breathing meditation and will be looking at this in more depth.

    Thank you, this is a truly wonderful summit and I’m very grateful that you have put this great opportunity together for us.

  5. Sharon Fierro

    Hi Tami & Melli- The link to Tami’s upcoming events does not show any current events..are there any planned events in the remainder of 2015 and in 2016? Thanks.

  6. Hilary Ledingham

    Wonderful talk and meditation. And lovely once again to see the sun rise in your space, the shadows that slowly appeared, and the sounds of the birds calling good morning!
    Thank you both.
    Hilary from Ottawa Canada

    1. John Andrew+Wesley

      Hilary- I absolutely loved visiting Ottawa last year. What a peaceful and beautiful space 🙂 You might know Teresa O’kane that is my dear friend who lives there. Hope you’re having a great day!

  7. Alauria Corbin

    What an amazing session! The whole body breathing was amazing but it was the genuine, heartfelt advise to her beginning self that was so moving… “Enjoy every moment, it will be over all too soon.” How often that is true!

  8. LEC

    Melli, thank you for another amazing conversation! For me, that was a very MOVING interview. And the practice Tami led was so calming and grounding. Many thanks to you and to Tami for bringing this into my (our) day. Take good care!

  9. Adrian

    Thank you Melli and Tami. What a beautiful interview. Love Tami’s voice, It’s so soothing and calming. I loved the whole body breathing meditation as well. It was very powerful. I had a very interesting experience during the session. When the breath reached the neck area and I continued to relax my shoulders and neck, by head started to bob gently and this continued and became stronger and more palpable. I continued to stay with it even after you ended the session until I reached a point when my body had experienced enough of the bobbing and stopped on its own. What a profound experience! Thank you. This was really an eye opening experience. If anyone else had a similar experience, please share it. Thanks.

    1. Janet Hudson

      Adrian, this has been happening during some of my meditations for decades. I still do not know why these pulsations happen, but it is definitely an energy experience, and usually very spontaneous.

  10. Nathaniel Granger,+Jr.

    Thank you Tami. This has been very useful for me in that it allowed me to pause into the physicality of my being. I have been under the weather these past few days and taking the time to not focus on my illness but on my totality was quite rejuvenating.

  11. Patricia Gordon

    I was lead to Tami Simon’s Sounds True at a time where I think I had lost all sense of me. I loved being able to connect the first time Tami thought “That sounds true” Thank you

  12. www_stressfreeliving_org_uk6383

    Very interesting experience. I entered a space where I could see other meditators. One of them, a Buddhist nun gave me such a sweet smile. Another woman I met years ago seemed oblivious to me. I have a question, though. It’s this really body-based awareness, as I was not really bresthing through thepores of my skin. Is it not more of an experience of mental formations rather than a somatic experience?

  13. Anupama Kondayya

    The somatic meditation was so transformative! I think I actually felt my entire body inside out for the very first time, and it made me understand what Dr. Simon meant by ‘a felt experience’. Thank you so much for this session and the entire summit. My husband and I are absolutely loving being participants of this summit.

  14. berta

    I’m really enjoying this summit Melli. Each interview has touched on important reminders of shared human experiences and loved today’s interview with Tami. I’ve been a supporter of Sounds True for many years and great to hear a bit of Tami’s personal journey as well as some of the wisdom she has gathered on that journey.. The guided embodiment experience has reminded me not to ignore this vessel, this temple I occupy … in all of its dimensions. Thanks so much to all who are coming together to create this wonderful summit. I’m listening from Nova Scotia, Canada.

  15. Jennifer Eriksen

    Tami’s narrative about what brought her to meditation and her description of her 30-year practice has been one of the highlights of the Summit for me thus far. I’m incredibly thankful to Melli for bringing these inspiring teachers to us. We’re only on day 6 with so much more to learn.

  16. Tucker Rogers

    Tami rocks! Today I had to try really hard to remain “tapped in”, despite the daily practice and my mind and body especially seemed to have a certain tightness about them and it was difficult to “shake” at times. Perhaps that’s a good thing, as I seemed to have no shortage of tools to work with 🙂 But your interview really touched me and helped to listen with a different ear and to breathe the way I needed to. This meditation was quite powerful. thank you.

  17. Jessica Raintree

    What an awesome space you have created! I have loved every one of the talks. Every day I come away with a practice I can integrate immediately into my daily life. I wake up excited about what the day will bring and have been experiencing so much joy in a regular formal minfulness practice as well as so many beautiful moments throughout the day. Xx

  18. Carolina Corthorn

    Wow! What a fantastic meditation! I felt my whole body actually vibrating! It really felt like something my body already knew and i was just reconnecting to it. Thank you so much, i will incorporate this to my practice.

  19. Patti Shea

    I think what resonated most with me was when Tami spoke about the connection she has with her dog friends. I have never actively sought a dog, and yet I have three in my life right now. I find great peace and comfort in simply cuddling with them or holding them on my lap. When I broke my kneecap last winter, and had to sleep on my reclining couch, my dog laid on the couch with me. I really feel he helped me heal spiritually from my injury, and even made the physical healing progress more quickly.

    Thank you for the deeply relaxing meditation. My toes started tingling immediately when you suggested that I allow them to breathe. They were ready for this! When I began the meditation, I was tired. I would now describe how I feel as present and relaxed. Thank you so much for sharing your gift.

  20. Ivan

    The meditation was completely transformative. I’m looking forward to working on breathing through my whole body more in order to have a deeper “felt sense of being.” Thank you Melli and Tami!

  21. Len Moskowitz

    This interview was way too Buddhist.

    I’ve been meditating for more than 25 years and I see that the Buddhist concept of impermanence is incorrect. Also clinging can bring success and awareness, rather than suffering.

    Why are you promoting Buddhism over other mindfulness and meditation paths?

  22. Jean Pollock

    Day 6. Thank you Melli and Tami. This was so calming yet unexpectedly unusual. The body breathing exercise was fascinating. Such a new experience. I am so happy to be a part of the summit!

  23. Lilliana Chavarría

    Thank you so much forma this wonderful interview with so many insights to truely consider in everyday life.
    I particularly cherish the advice Tami gave to her younger self “enjoy every moment, for it will be over way to soon”.
    Thank you again for sharing!

  24. Colleen Young

    I loved Tami’s meditation and her decades long meditation practice truly shows in how she views herself and her world. Her answer to Melli’s question to all interviewees was truly the best in answering how would the world look if the greater masses of people were mindful. Thank you again for a calm and enlightening evening for me.

  25. Andrea

    By the time we got to the shoulders I wondered how I could possibly breathe any feeper. On the next breath I felt a huge release and by the end felt literally cleansed. Thank you for this technique and this summit.

  26. Marilyn Snow

    Thank you Tami for being a part of the summit. I have listened to you interview others for years and have truly enjoyed your wisdom and style – including the 10 plus hours with Ken Wilber. This was a great privilege to learn more about you. Thank you for sharing. The body based meditation was a very unique experience for me since I spend a great deal of time tuned out of my body.

    And Millie, you continue to do a great job interviewing a wonderfully diverse group of participants. Thank you. I find mysel looking forward to the next day of the summit each morning.

  27. Jan

    Hello Melli….thank you for offering this summit. Each day I look forward to the next teacher and the learning he/she brings. I am grateful for the effort you put into each conversation. I enjoy the question and answer format.
    Jan from Ontario, Canada.

  28. Daranee Serametakul

    Thank you for the way suggested by Tami. I feel like refreshing my brain, mind, and body after practiced with Tami and you, Melli. I will use this way to relax my body and mind during work hour. Thank you again for this session of the Mindfulness Summit. Thank you Melli &Tami.

  29. deb rushworth

    What an interesting lady! I really enjoyed the somatic practice. Each person needs to find what is right for them in terms of practice and development, I think I have just relocated mine 🙂

  30. Susan moore

    I really enjoyed this conversation with Tami and you, Melli! It’s wonderful to see other types of what could be called mindfulness. We are not all the same so we each have different things which work well for us and things which don’t. You can see that simply by looking at the comments which followed the conversation. Thank you both for an awesome hour!

  31. Nicole Wasylkiw

    Amazing body breathing meditation. I actually felt a light illuminating my body as I took deep breaths. Love learning these different forms of meditations to awaken, to become more mindful. Thank you for this.

  32. Marta Knowlton

    I have loved Tami’s voice for a long time, and wondered who spoke so richly in her interviews. And here she is! Thank you so much, Tami and Melli, for this deeply moving time. Melli, you create a safe space for us, too. I was quietly attuned to all the other listeners as I followed the meditation; we were One purpose, One thought, an expanding feeling of Oneness with each other and into the world. I will follow up on Tami’s somatic meditation classes. This is powerful. I am so grateful to you both.

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