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The Relationship Between Mindfulness & Spirital Awakening – Tami Simon

How Does Mindfulness Relate To Spiritual Awakening? An Interview & Meditation With Tami Simon

Tami Simon is the founder and publisher of Sounds True, a multimedia company dedicated to disseminating spiritual wisdom.

Sounds True is one of the world’s largest publishers of spoken-word spiritual teachings, and is one of the world’s first organizations to operate with genuinely Integral principles, with the emphasis on ‘multiple bottom lines’ of purpose, profit, people, and planet. Tami is also a meditation teacher, specialising in teaching ‘body based awareness’ practices.

Today, join Tami as she describes how mindfulness relates to ‘spiritual awakening’ and how our sense of who we are changes when we become more mindful.

She also offers creative ways to bring the ‘informal practice’ of mindfulness into daily life and work life and she shares how animals and nature can be helpful in reconnecting us with the present moment.

In this video you’ll also be guided by Tami, in an experience of ‘body based’ or ‘somatic’ meditation.

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Show Notes

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Purchase a full access pass to unlock downloads for the full interview transcripts, audio, video and separate audio meditation tracks.

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Purchase a full access pass to unlock downloads for the full interview transcripts, audio, video and separate audio meditation tracks.

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238 Responses

  1. Janet Hudson

    Very energizing and calming. I loved letting the body parts become porous and full of light. I will definitely keep this as part of daily practice. Thank you Tami and Melli for the wonderful session.

    1. Catherine Byrne

      Thank you, Tami, for sharing your personal experiences of mindfulness in such a thoughtful way. I really liked the simplicity and depth of the meditation.

    2. Megan Spencer

      Yes, what an expansive and unique meditation experience! Thank you so much! It has given me much food for thought around meditation practice and its possibilities : )

    3. Marianne

      all the speakers have moved me and expanded my understanding and approach to meditation in so many ways, it will take some time for me to digest it all. I love the summit and am so grateful to Melli for giving us this opportunity Marianne in Toronto Canada

  2. Patricia Johnston

    Thank you again for another wonderful interview. I am particularly drawn to Tami’s somatic meditation and will be exploring this more fully. Patricia from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

    1. Mirjana Latinovic

      Thank you Melli for the wonderful interview with Tami Simon.
      I am big fan of Sounds True and is giving me like a direction(signposts) where to go and what to look at in order to find something that works for me. Thank you for this opportunity.

  3. Sylvia

    Every talk in this summit has been valuable, insightful, interesting and compelling, this one however has been my favorite one so far, Tami Simon I think is amazing, and I loved her insights, her intelligent, profound and meaningful talk in every sense. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to “meet” all these amazing people around the globe.

  4. Helena Saray

    Today’s talk with Tami Simon was amazingly uplifting. She is a wealth of beingness. And thank you for that wonderful guided meditation.

    And thank you once again Melli for your back and forth dialog with the guests. I also love that we are getting a glimpse into each speaker’s journey on this path as well as all the wonderful work they are doing.

    With gratitude.

  5. Craig Lindsey

    I feel a very intimate connection with Tami’s form of somatic meditation. It closely reminded me of my own meditation practice that I would implement while I was going through a series of 100 hyperbaric treatments during an injury I had on my right foot some time ago. I visualized the air coming through the pores of my body were bring healing elements into the inner spaces of the cavities of my body. It was a very powerful and nurturing experience. I shall use it again…Thank you

  6. Schalk Lubbe

    Amazing new insights for a newbie like me. Thank you so much, Tami! And thanks for organising these wonderful learning experiences for us, Melli,
    Schalk from Auckland, New Zealand.

  7. Taghrid

    WOW!! This was a profound and deep experience. I truly loved and enjoyed it. Thank you Millie for this wonderful summit, such a great idea to introduce all these speakers, some of whom I have never heard of. It’s very enriching and enlightening for someone like me who has been meditating only a couple of years.
    Tami’s serene and calm presence relaxed me just listening to her but after she led us through the body meditation I was blown away. I am excited to listen to her podcast and check the sounds true website. My whole body and mind relished this experience. I loved her openness and how each one of us connects differently and there’s no perfect way. I loved the connection to nature and animals as I really experience deep connecting and healing feelings in nature.
    Thank you so much for sharing with us your knowledge, thoughts and experience.

  8. Minerva

    Thank you for organizing The Mindfulness Summit! It is a wonderful effort to drive the global mindfulness movement for an empowered and enlightened life based on the practice of meditation. May mindful meditation be a conduit of peace and happiness for all living beings. 🙂

  9. Helen Noakes

    Tami is a truly inspiring teacher, pioneer and speaker. I love her approach to life and Sounds True is a ground breaking organisation. Thanks for this summit. It’s so important to raise our group consciousness in this every changing world, With love x

  10. Elke

    This truly was an incredible meditation. This is the deepest I have gone for a long time, and as such I felt such peace. Thank you both for your generosity in bringing this to us. I too will be exploring this type of practice e further.

  11. Hollis Johnson

    Loved the somatic meditation. I felt calm and alive at the same time. I also liked that it allowed me to focus on different parts of my body that needed more attention. I also really identified with feeling closer to the Earth by spending time with animals and nature. I have a daily meditative practice of feeding my cats, cleaning the cat box and petting/ playing with them. I never thought of this as mindfulness but I guess it is.

    1. Calm and alive at the same time….I know exactly what you mean!! I have a kitty too. His name is Rumi and I love spending time just being present with him and holding him. I take him out to play in the grass every day and enjoy a time of simple beingness and play.

  12. Enya Onah

    I have never got into podcasts but was quite tempted both by the topic and Tami Simon’s voice, which really touched me. Thank you for stetting up the mindfulness summit. Thanks for making all the interesting interviews available, Tami.

  13. Jo

    Best interview so far! Tami was amazing. I have been subscribing to Sounds True and purchasing their products for over 15 years, and have listened to dozens of Tami’s Insights at the Edge podcasts. It was so good to have her in the interviewee chair! She really does emanate a a very mindful physical presence. Thank you so much!

  14. Shari-Lynn Hiltz

    Another wonderful interview! Your Summit is very timely for me as I focus on healing myself this month. This is a first for me using an online medium such as this and am finding it to be thought-provoking, intimate, and motivating. I look forward to it everyday! Thank you so much for organizing this event for the world to share in.

  15. Thank you Tami for the meditation! I loved the sensation of being full of light. I smiled when you suggested this. I think I’ll use this from now on. I’ve struggled with just focusing on the breath. The light metaphor really connects. 🙂 Great work everyone!

  16. Lou Pea

    RIP jasmine. tami, your story about jasmine and how much she meant to you and helped you to connect with yourself and nature resonated with me so much. i too have spent many a happy, peaceful and grounded time in a dog basket !!!

    in the meditation i got a little mixed up with my breath in terms of i started to worry about the breath in my tummy, and on inhailing through the pours in my body, should my belly have been expanding on the in breath??

    how did other people manage this??

    love and light to all

    1. sylvia richards

      That’s interesting. I found that the right side of my body was cooperating and ” breathing” well but I had to focus on the left side to balance things up!, what a great way to get aligned and ready for the day. Thanks all.

  17. Krisztina Mako

    I am loving the summit and found the somatic meditation resonated deeply with me. I have strayed from the path in recent years and feel that this summit is helping guide me back.

    Thank you, Melli, for your gift of this summit. And, thank you, Tami, for your wonderful work at Sounds True.

  18. Shuang

    Thank you so much for this amazing video. I learned a lot in this somatic meditation. I think everybody has their own suitable meditation method, we just need to find the one that fits each one of us.

  19. Beth Onufrak

    Another amazingly inspiring and memorable speaker in this phenomenal series. Each one is a gift! Tami was so deeply relaxing to hear, so centered and full of peace. I thank her for my major take-away: that somatic awareness is as good (if not better, for me) than breath awareness. With one sentence she expanded my idea of what meditation can be about and generate for me. Thank you Mellie for another great moderation!

  20. Teresa Gray

    Once again thank you to Melli and Tami fro giving us their time.I loved the meditation which made me feel so warm, light and awake. Thank you for sharing with all of us!

  21. Virginia Buss

    Virginia Buss – New Zealand
    Thank you Tami for your insightful approach to meditation and for the personal wisdom you shared, that connects you to aware- ness!
    I am a regular listener to Insights at the Edge and wondered if you had made any audio version of your meditation teachings?
    With blessings and gratefulness!

  22. Samantha

    Tami and Melli, thank you!
    Tami a question around the one minute meditation that you do at the office. Does that mean that everyone is on time? Or may you be in the middle of the minute silence and some people still walk in the door? Curious 🙂

  23. Kay Codd

    A fantastic meditation, will be exploring this in more depth. Have found it very useful to help tackle pain from muscular injuries. Also very energise.
    Thank you very much for the series so far, fron across the ocean in the UK.

  24. christina wat

    My learning I would like to share for Day 6 are :

    1. Taking time to be able to silent !
    2. Go beyond breathing, expand outwardly to infinity and within the body, enter somatically !

    Thank you !

  25. Barbara Thomson

    I really resonated with all that Tami shared in this interview. Thank you so much Tami for your sensitive, honest, open insights. I am in England and Sounds True has touched my life through the online teachings and projects offered freely. They have really helped me and made a difference to my life in so many ways.
    Can you please tell me if it is possible and how I can get a copy of the body meditation that Tami shared with us please? I found it so helpful
    Barbara Thomson
    Canterbury Kent England

  26. Helena Davies

    Thank you both for a stimulating interview and a great guided meditation. As someone who uses meditation partly to manage chronic ill health and pain I found the somatic meditation approach energising and restorative. I shall certainly be exploring this in more depth and feel sure that it will be a really useful additional tool to utilise to allow me to live a rich and worthwhile life in spite of disability. Thank you both

  27. berenice sansone

    I can relate so much with Tami’s experience with her dog. I find myself so comforted and grounded,when I come to my dog’s little world (cuddling in his bed, lying down on the floor with him, talking to him, going for our walks, etc). After Listening to Tami,I noticed, that being at that level with my dog, not only keeps me grounded, but also, brings me those good pure feelings like of being a little girl again! What a magical discovering!

  28. Caroline Leal-Garcia+Brackmann

    Not sure why yet, but when you (Meli) asked Tami Simons what her advice would be to her younger self 30 years ago, there was pure thoughtfulness in the pause and the response, that touched my being. I also loved the story about Tami’s pets. I believe they do make us stop and connect with earth.

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